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Enrique Vera & Derek Caravaggio

Longfellow was right, “Into each life some rain must fall”, so why not make the best of it? The cherries shared between Enrique and Derek at the start of this episode show this was a summer scene. It was filmed in a Budapest Apartment by Marty Stevens. Enrique wants to head out to see some of the city but there is an approaching thunderstorm. Inclement weather oddly makes Derek horny and he would rather be showered in his buddy’s cum than Mother Nature’s rain. Always the one to go with the flow, Enrique acquiesces and demonstrates why he has the reputation of being one of the best cock suckers at BelAmi. Derek returns the favor, swallowing the whole of Enrique’s long fellow. The two boys continue until they are both ready to rain cum. Derek is typically a top, but the somber sky has put him in a sultry mood for bottoming. Both guys give an energetic performance as sweat runs down both their cheeks. It culminates with Derek shooting a very thick and creamy load.

Enrique Vera
Derek Caravaggio
h********* - 08/24/2020 6:53:03 PM

Beautiful scene, other than the wasted cum shots. These two hunks certainly love all aspects of gay sex. Enrique is amazingly horny and sweaty...very erotic. Derek is such a cockhound, and his furry legs and ass are to die for. Thought for sure Enrique was going to do some serious armpit worship, but alas, that didn’t happen. Hot scene.

D************* - 01/08/2020 1:44:47 PM

Derek Caravaggio is so handsome, sexy, and cute! I love his face. And I would love to eat his ass. I have a thing about a young man with a cute face, who has a hairy butt. Put Derek in with Jim Durden and make a film with them together. Jim has a way of bringing out the best in other models and actors.

d******* - 10/19/2019 10:28:57 PM

Derek is simply so gorgeous with those lovable lips to kiss and such a smooth body to feel and kiss. Love you Derek.

S****** - 09/08/2019 10:46:36 PM

Derek's hairy ass is just fine. Men are usually naturally hairy, and that's what makes men gorgeous. Keep the hairy ass, Derek, you are gorgeous!

b****** - 07/21/2019 3:22:24 PM

Enrique is a superstar and Derek is very attractive but the hairy ass is a total turn-off for me and a deal killer.

g******* - 07/19/2019 1:39:20 AM

So much to like. Loved the way Enrique played with Derek's beautiful ass cheeks and the gradual exposure of his sexy hole. The mutual enjoyment with the fucking and the glorious Enrique cumshot erupting from his sweaty cock. Yum, yum.

P******** - 07/19/2019 12:29:45 AM

Fantastic scene. Derek is really great, and Enrique is just perfect! Thank you

V************ - 07/18/2019 2:31:34 PM

Nice scene, Would have liked to have seen Enrique fuck Derek on the table. But then, maybe that table wasn't the best suited for fucking. Interesting. No post cum cock sucking, and minimal re-entry by Enrique after coming.

a***** - 07/17/2019 8:59:24 PM

WONDERFUL scene!! I would love to see much more of Enrique and Derek!

b***** - 07/17/2019 4:34:25 PM

Enrique and Derek are amongst the most sensual models with BA/FM and this episode underlines that. Lovely scene, al lot of intimacy and great chemistry between the models is making this episode stand out, it will be great to see more of Enrique and Derek, together or being paired with others!

R************ - 07/17/2019 3:02:15 PM

Vorrei tanto fare un pompino a Derek.

m******** - 07/17/2019 3:51:06 AM

Enrique + Derek = FIRE. Derek one of best bottom ever. Enrique always OK. Derek & Maori Mortesen would be amazing !

w********* - 07/16/2019 1:40:47 PM

The sublime meets the sublime!

s******** - 07/16/2019 12:56:06 PM

mais oui c'est un grand baisez sauvage that was friggin' WHOOOOOOOP!!!! amen.

a***** - 07/16/2019 11:24:00 AM

A glorious sweaty,sexy, fuck...thanks Derek and Enrique đź’•đź’•

P************ - 07/16/2019 9:35:47 AM

I like to fuck Enrique and Derek is a great botom

o****** - 07/16/2019 9:30:19 AM

A true delight!!! Love both Enrique and Derek… but together… WOW!!! Derek's hairy ass is so inviting… and Enrique's cumshot is terrific... and that cum re-entry..No words!!!.

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