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Ennio Leone & Zane Belville

Ennio Leone is back with us this week for a really hot encounter with his friend Zane Belville. Ennio takes advantage of the calm morning for some stretching but Zane has another physical activity in mind. Convincing Ennio to do something more erotic than yoga isn’t exactly difficult so pretty soon, Zane is enjoying a deep and intense blowjob. Ennio’s butt is about to take Zane‘s cock but before that, he is rewarded for his oral skills with a blowjob and a rimjob. Without changing positions, Zane suddenly feels the tight embrace of Ennio’s hole around his cock. Right from the start, the fucking is deep and intense, the two boys bringing the best out of each other. The energy between them is simply electrifying and the creamy end is inevitable. We are sure this isn’t the last time that Ennio will get a visit from his „boy next door“.

Zane Belville
Ennio Leone
G********* - 06/06/2024 1:36:54 PM

Ennio is great (agree he HAS to fix that horrible haircut, which it appears he did, at least adequately, in his scene with Jim Durden). This scene isn't nearly as good as that one, doubtless because Jim is an infinitely better scene partner than Zane. There just doesn't seem to be much chemistry here. When Ennio comes, it seems more desperate and forced than arising out of genuine passion or the moment.

D********* - 05/28/2024 6:28:46 AM

I love both boys. Ennio is a hot boy with a nice juicy ass. However, a nice bush of pubic- and armpit hair would make him even hotter. Zane, feel free to keep your glasses on, it looks perfect on you.

g******* - 05/26/2024 11:59:26 AM

Two cute boys in their own way. Nice orgasms.

b****** - 05/24/2024 11:08:55 PM

Other than the unfortunate tattoos, Ennio is very cute and has a great body. I can't say the same for Zane, not appealing, at all, to me.

J****** - 05/22/2024 2:55:54 AM

Ennio is absolutely hot - please more of him !!! Agree with BritbearUK: please pair him up with Jorik (I really, really hope, that Jorik is not gone - that would be a big mistake). Zane is not my favorit - sorry.

B********* - 05/21/2024 6:59:59 PM

Twink-tastic! Ennio looks so seductive in those white CK's (hi-res photoset PLEASE?)! Would love to see him paired with Jorik (if he is still on the roster?)

H***** - 05/21/2024 5:11:19 PM

Just Love Ennio with his hot butt. Can't get enough of it. More please...!

g******* - 05/21/2024 5:06:06 PM

I love watching Zane. I think his glasses make him very sexy and nerdy.

a***** - 05/21/2024 2:02:10 PM

I really feel like I need to watch Zane fucked just a little bit more

e********* - 05/21/2024 1:54:15 PM

Ennio's slender and ripped body is really delightful to watch . This boy is sexy and should be paired with hot , well endowed, experienced fuckers from your roster, J.Birkin Jack Harrer etc....(for instance) This boy requires bigger and slightly older guys and above all his cute little asshole needs big, solid shlongs to stretch it. .

M*************** - 05/21/2024 1:41:19 PM

such hot young men pleasuring each other especially their delicious cocks. When I spotted Ennio's ink my breathing became rapid and I could no longer keep from shooting. hot boys!

J******* - 05/21/2024 9:34:13 AM

I see we have a new ink twink. Ennio could be cute but went for some ink to trash it up. No thanks.

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