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Ennio Leone

Ennio Leone is back with us this week and keen to demonstrate his bottomless appetite for sex. After his first photo set, we are happy to present this lusty young man in his debut solo appearance. Ennio grabs a large dildo and it's not hard to guess what he gets up to when he's alone. In this appearance, it's clear that he loves sex, especially when someone is watching. So let Ennio give you a taste of what he is capable of. And don't worry, he's not going to be on his own for long.

Ennio Leone
A******* - 04/28/2024 8:41:44 AM

Very, very nice

S****** - 03/09/2024 6:50:43 PM

Very cute guy. But please change that haircut.

a******** - 03/07/2024 6:36:14 PM

An absolutely beautiful boy . . . and you actually let us see what he looks like for a few seconds at the beginning of his douche.

s****** - 02/19/2024 10:51:39 PM

Je sais pas ousé quié pren leurs models mais maudit qui sont beaux !!

s******** - 02/14/2024 7:27:31 AM

how bout more shots of him and no more of that very creepy dildo

g******* - 02/14/2024 12:14:12 AM

Bring this boy on soon!!!

j********* - 02/13/2024 11:54:59 PM

OK, criticism first - Please get Ennio to a hairdresser and sort out that dreadful mop on his head! Other than that, I like this young chap. He's clearly fit and I love the shaved balls and ass (or arse, as we in the UK call it). I liked the dildo use and clearly so did Ennio. He was clearly hard all through the ass-play. More please with a really experienced top who will take him to paradise.

e*********** - 02/13/2024 11:46:21 PM

I don't like dildo but Ennio is beautiful.

j******* - 02/13/2024 11:22:36 PM

Ennio --- wow well what a HOT new amazing in the mold of other cute actors with FM ... cannot wait to see you pair him as a bottom with one of your large c*ck top guys.

u***** - 02/13/2024 10:45:35 PM

A typical nice, acceptable solo. I thought that with the prostate stimulation, the cum shot would be more explosive. It's difficult to rate any solo after watching (frequently!) the solo performance of Timothy Blue which I consider to be the best on the site.

H***** - 02/13/2024 10:32:38 PM

Don't like dildo's in a scene. Prefer to watch his hot butthole.

M********* - 02/13/2024 6:53:09 PM

Delicous guy, can't wait to see him bottoming.

b******** - 02/13/2024 4:41:07 PM

great to see a guy pleasuring himself with a dildo. We need more toys in scenes as well as more nipple play and fingering

z****** - 02/13/2024 3:38:56 PM

It is so much fun to see one of the boys play with a toy. I love it. It would be great to see one of them try out a cock ring and sounding rods sometime as well.

J****** - 02/13/2024 2:39:34 PM

Wonderful hot and sexy new boy with perfect body and face. Can't wait to see him in action with the other boys. Please don't make us wait too long :-)))

v******* - 02/13/2024 2:00:48 PM

Just great! What a beauty! Great scene, hope to see much more from him!

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