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Eluan Jeunet & Ethan O’Pry

Even though we saw Ethan perform as a top just a few weeks ago, this is the first video he ever filmed. Ethan’s physique and appearance could be described using only superlatives and the same goes for his talent in sexual interaction. His sex drive and evident lust are a huge turn-on for his partners, in this case, Eluan Jeunet. After a hot blowjob session, Eluan moves on to fucking Ethan’s ass. Ethan loves to bottom, especially for such a big dick. After a few different positions, both shoot nice creamy loads.

Eluan Jeunet
Ethan O'Pry
k***** - 05/01/2022 8:14:00 PM

Looks like Ehtan can't take the whole in his hole :)

S******* - 10/14/2021 12:23:58 AM

Ethan is so cute with his tigt ass. Enjoy to see Eluan big cock give him a bit of pain.

d******* - 09/12/2021 9:30:50 PM

Really enjoyed this video as Ethan and Eluan were wonderful and the kissing fantastic!! Ethan seems very sweet and loving.

S******* - 09/07/2021 9:49:02 PM


s************* - 08/23/2021 6:40:59 AM

Enjoyed this video, immensely! Newbie Ethan is pure joy, super sexy! And the kissing between these 2 young men is electric!!!! 5 stars!!!!

w****** - 08/20/2021 11:25:51 PM

Although Ethan's moans are more of pleasure than of pain it seems to me that Eluan's big cock is too ambitious a challenge for his first bottoming video, especially since he clearly can't take the whole length. Still, lots of love from me.

G******* - 08/20/2021 11:03:40 PM

Torn here. These guys are great, but why this ending? Eluan should have fucked him much harder and deeper, Ethan clearly wanted it... More of Ethan bottoming please!

g******* - 08/20/2021 5:27:29 AM

So hot. Ethan is a total spunk and that doesn't take anything away from the gorgeous Eluan. While the finish was a bit passe, watching Ethan's amazing muscles as he wanked himself off was a real treat.

r******** - 08/19/2021 6:39:03 AM

Two beautiful men having great sex until that absolute waste of side by side jerk off to cum. Literally the most disappointing way a scene can end.

v******** - 08/19/2021 6:35:06 AM

for mr this is one of the very best b a movie the two blonds are perfect

d********* - 08/18/2021 10:28:25 AM

Great chest with some hair at last and Ethan moans beautifully…..stunning ❤️

a***** - 08/18/2021 9:01:22 AM

Eluan and Ethan are both gorgeous and this could have been a great scene! Why the half penetration? A side-by-side JO is the worst way to end a scene.

B***** - 08/18/2021 12:31:11 AM

Ethan is perfection. His long hair is perfection. Everything about him is perfection.

h******* - 08/17/2021 5:29:47 PM

Ethan is near perfection. Please continue to show him with his beautiful body hair! Great pairing!

J********* - 08/17/2021 2:06:30 PM

Utterly Amazing!!! Off the charts hot! One of the best videos of 2021! Thank you for making my week! :)

D************* - 08/17/2021 1:58:04 PM

Ethan O'Pry would be a big turn-on for me if he would just get a short haircut. I can't get turned on by a guy with a woman's hairstyle.

t********* - 08/17/2021 11:23:23 AM

I would have preferred that Ethan have cum as he was still being fucked by Eluan rather than this mutual jerk off but the sex before the end scenes was hot. So, maybe next time Ethan bottoms he might cum while still getting fucked?

r*********** - 08/17/2021 10:03:54 AM

This is a pairing made in heaven. I see Ethan has had a haircut now on their trip to Spain, so enjoy it now - he and the buff Eluan make a fabulous pairing in this movie.

s******** - 08/17/2021 9:40:13 AM

Hot scene. Disappointing no cumming on a hit asshole or licking it up and snowballing.

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