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Elio Chalamet & Serge Cavalli

We begin with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the “dorm room” our chat boys sleep in. It has a “Summer Camp” feel but the boys enjoy it that way. The disadvantage is a lack of privacy as demonstrated in this scene as Serge brings his “date” to this love-pad to find Jason Bacall using more than his allocated time. He must evict Jason and his paramour before they can get started. Perhaps the added wait increased their sexual tension as the scene includes vigorous rimming and fucking. Elio climaxes while being fucked and Serge shoots his substantial load all over his buddy’s ass. One can guess this isn’t the first time Serge has brought Elio here for a good fucking. For your information, the boy with Jason is Ashton Montana and you’ll see their scene when he is introduced in November.

Serge Cavalli
Elio Chalamet
g******* - 08/15/2019 3:50:50 AM

Elio is an absolute sweetie. Serge did a good job and looked after his lover well overall.

B********* - 08/15/2019 2:54:43 AM

Why is Serge shown living in a bunk-bed flophouse with Kieran? Why then have Serge go to this upscale shared apartment and proceed to throw out Jason and Ashton, so Serge can have sex alone with Elio? How is any of that erotic? Why don’t Serge, Jason, Elio and Ashton all have sex? Or just Serge and Kieran in the upscale bed? Start there. Kieran knows how to fuck and be fucked with the best of em. Elio is still “in training.” Serge fucks him 7 ways in 10 minutes. And Elio does cum by Position #6. Then Serge rolls him away from the camera in what I call the “enema” position till he shoots a load over Elio’s closed hole. It’s all so mechanical. Want a lift? I just re-watched all of Serge’s scenes. The best by far is Andrei Karenin enthusiastically slamming Serge. OMG! Andrei pounds the living cum out of him! And Serge stays rock-hard as Andrei fucks on till he builds up a humongous load to blow in Serge’s face! So much cream!

b***** - 08/14/2019 4:32:31 PM

Positives first: it is wonderful to see Ashton in action for the first time (albeit fully clothed) and with the very handsome Jason. Now that is a scene I would like to see in full! Having a glance at Kieran is always a treat. Serge is cute as ever and really is trying as a trainer. Then for the not so positives: I am afraid that this is the second time I have to write that I find Elio’s performance a bit disappointing, he for sure has the looks, both face and body, but he is not very responsive to Serge’s actions. You could call that a ‘quiet bottom’ but at some points the word ‘lazy’ crossed my mind instead. Well, this is still an early scene for him of course so there is plenty of room for improvement, but I have seen newbies with a steeper learning curve. Three stars overall.

m******** - 08/14/2019 5:02:14 AM

Elio so tender ! a perfect bottom !

B****** - 08/14/2019 4:10:47 AM

Elio has all it takes to seduce.I think serge should have put his partner more prominently, I would have liked him to enjoy in the end instead of letting him masturbate. I really like Elio.

m******** - 08/13/2019 3:35:09 PM

(add: very good edit. I love when they don't cut position changes) Great scene. Very well filmed, really dynamic scene. Very beautiful dynamic. Love to see Kieran even for a little "hello". Serge and Elio worked very well. Highlight for Serge beautiful erection. I only regret because I prefer cumshot on their faces, at least one, but nothing that spoil the scene.

j***** - 08/13/2019 12:34:21 PM

Oh my, what a thrill it is to see them together. Elio is so sweet and cute to behold!

o****** - 08/13/2019 10:02:37 AM

Another delight! A grand week on Freshmen! Serge is both a powerful and tender lover! Like as he pays attention to Elio's dick! Elio is so pretty, sensual and sexual in spite of his nervousness!His shoot was not great but nevermind...The opening scene is hot and funny, Ashton Montana with Jason will be a great moment I think… Good direction!

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