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Elio Chalamet & Riff Dornan

It’s not easy when our boys speak different languages, but fortunately today’s couple share an understanding of English, as well as the “language” of mutual lust. Riff begins his seduction of Elio with a slow and gentle massage eventually rolling him over so he may take care of his dick as well. Though Elio enjoys the attention, he feels he will enjoy his buddy’s thick cock even more and returns the favor. Elio decides his hole has not been properly cared for and offers it up to Riff who promptly gives it a vigorous “massage” with his tongue and cock. Elio is so turned on that his normally tight hole offers no resistance as Riff slides the entire length of his cock deep inside.

Riff Dornan
Elio Chalamet
V************ - 09/11/2020 7:51:50 PM

Not a great scene at all. Not well filmed, or performed in many aspects. No deep-throating; nothing exceptional int he ass eating, and thought he fucking was ok, Elio is one of those models that feels like he has to constantly be jacking his cock while being fucked which is not good. This kissing was really superficial with lots of lip smacking, but that is about it. In my opinion Elio is really cute and has a lot of potential if he could overcome his jacking and learn to really kiss and deep-throat. Rif on the other hand is not nearly as good looking. Elio could stand to thin his eyebrows a bit as they are really thick.

a***** - 09/06/2020 8:30:11 PM

These two are great together... it's a shame all of the cum was wasted.

R************ - 09/04/2020 10:27:52 PM

Due fantastici ragazzi ma avrei preferito delle sborrate in bocca!

A********** - 09/02/2020 1:11:31 AM

5 billion stars !!!! Absolutely perfect for me : I love Riff (the most perfect cock and top from BA) and also love Elio : THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND PLEASE SHOW RIFF AND ELIO many many many times !!!!

h********* - 09/01/2020 3:54:44 PM

Love Elio, he’s a sexy young blond hunk. Hope he lets his natural body hair grow back. This was a rather dull scene, with a fake massage, and less than a minute of rimming...really!? It ends with two wasted cum shots. Little chemistry with these two.

H***** - 09/01/2020 2:47:07 PM

I expected more of this scene, but the massage was a dull thing as well as the rimming a rather very brief licking. Elio has a hot butthole which I realy would have loved to see some longer and detailed. O.k., can't have all. Maybe next time better pairing!?

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