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Elio Chalamet & Jim Durden part 1

Though Elio and Jim may appear heavenly, they are human. With human desires that can’t always be controlled or contained. This is especially true of their desire for each other. Not only was this scene filmed at their request, but they also insisted on filming a couple of other scenes as well. Who are we to deny them their pleasure or you the thrill of watching it? Part 1 sees Elio collecting his reward for helping out Jim by fucking him, but as we all know Elio's preference is on the bottom, so in part 2 he get's all his wishes fulfilled.

Jim Durden
Elio Chalamet
G********* - 06/04/2024 2:38:14 AM

Nice view of Jim's face as Elio jacks him off to a typically intense orgasm. But why no view of Elio's face during his? Why is the top guy's face almost ALWAYS left out in that regard? Do you really think we want to see headless torsos and disembodied cocks ejaculating? Orgasm happens in the brain and the face is the window! If you deny us a view of the face, you're denying us any real view of the orgasm! You used to know this! Many of your older classics showed faces during orgasm! Somehow this has been forgotten.

u***** - 04/05/2024 2:40:31 AM

Jim is such a ravenous, passionate lover. Who wouldn't be with Elio?

N********** - 06/02/2022 1:41:40 PM

This was beyond perfection! Delicious.

m******* - 08/22/2021 5:30:02 PM

Very hot scene PRT 1, with my all favorite man Jim Dirden, love Jim he is horse hung. Jim his cock and big hanging balls are huge ! He is a hot TOP to please his friend ELIO Chalamet to fuck him the very hard way. Was a pleasure to watch Jim Durden in this hot fucking scene. Bring him back with his friend Elio Chalamet in another bareback scene soon !

M****** - 12/08/2020 12:24:15 AM

Jim's superb flexibility allows him to become a pretzel on his back, presenting his asshole so beautifully for rimming and fucking. The sight of a beautiful man spreadeagle like that shows vulnerability, openness, and enthusiasm about being penetrated. I was really turned on as Elio rimmed Jim and the way Jim's hole twitched and puckered in response to the wet tongue.

V************ - 06/25/2020 4:39:20 AM

Elio is really cute, and Jim is in excellent shape here, but I am just not a fan of fast and furious sex. For that reason I give it three stars.

b****** - 06/20/2020 11:23:42 AM

Really an amazing Scene. Soooo cute boys

n********* - 06/15/2020 8:56:46 PM

both guys are stunning! ­čśŹ

w******* - 06/13/2020 12:13:09 AM

what a fantastic lovemaking session and the deep throat wow oh wow

D************* - 06/11/2020 5:22:05 AM

Jim Durden and Elio Chalamet had me convinced that they are in love. Now that is great acting! What a perfect match-up. Jim Durden continues to be the best, most talented, enthusiastic, and motivated porn actor of all time. I am still his biggest fan. Elio Chalamet also has such a handsome and sexy face.

J********** - 06/11/2020 12:40:35 AM

I love Jim Durden so much!!!!

m***** - 06/10/2020 11:13:26 AM

Sexy Jim with his great body and magnificant cock and cute Elio with his sweet butt in a flipflop:. Bel Ami at its best!

A********** - 06/10/2020 2:37:47 AM

5 million stars to Elio : he is absolutely perfect ( I do not like Jim Durden)

g******* - 06/10/2020 2:12:03 AM

I mean this was fabulous. The enthusiasm, the beautiful kissing throughout and the delight in each other's beautiful bodies. Elio's orgasm, Jim's cumshot and then the little lick at the end followed by beautiful kissing were all wonderful. Real boner territory.

w****** - 06/09/2020 9:36:18 PM

Although Jim's deepthroating of Elio is impressive, I was a little disappointed he didn't manage to take in his balls as well. I haven't called him it for a while but "Duracell Jim" seems to fit him more and more. Elio is growing on me and this scene must be one of the hottest and most realistic of recent times. The editor can't have had much to do. Many thanks and love and kisses to all.

J****** - 06/09/2020 8:07:30 PM

Absolutely hot! simply perfect! Many thants for this hot scene witht two of my favorites - please more of Jim, please more of Elio! So hot to watch Elio on top!

x****** - 06/09/2020 7:45:16 PM

What a sexiliciously hot pairing of cum hungry guys!! Love Elio & Jim.

s******* - 06/09/2020 7:12:26 PM

Surely I won't ask Jim his opinion about philosophy or other sciences, but about sex he has nothing to learn from anybody! He's perfect in kissing, worshipping every inch of a human body, affectionate, passionate and naughty at the same time, verbal at the right point. I've never seen Elio so increasingly involved. Bravo to both of them! 5 stars!

g********** - 06/09/2020 6:46:43 PM

Really great scene with two first rate models giving us a magnificent performance. Elio just gets better and better (very impressed by his debut as a Top) and Jim was wonderful too. Thanks, BA.

f****** - 06/09/2020 5:16:42 PM

High Energy with two great models. About as good as it gets. 5 stars

P****** - 06/09/2020 2:26:21 PM

What everyone else said.

d******* - 06/09/2020 2:14:12 PM

Elio showed Jim he is very nice to make love to as Elio fucks him well with his nice big cock, their hot kissing in part 1 so now Elio gets his wish to get fucked by Jim. How can you resist Elio's beautiful body ?

p***** - 06/09/2020 12:44:47 PM

Jim is simply wonderful! He is in fantastic shape and his unrelenting enthusiasm and the positive vibe he exudes are irresistible.

a********* - 06/09/2020 12:26:30 PM

(partially positive comment) What a beautiful story! What beautiful boys! How much friendly and sexual complicity! A pleasure for the eyes, in both the videos part one and part two. In both the first ten minutes where the action is in the hands and mouths and the tongues perform, the sex is spectacular and well filmed. Then the remaining 9/10 minutes when the fuck starts, it is not clear what is going on down there ... elusive the camera runs on the expressions of the faces and here I stop in my judgment ... I would not want to irritate someone.

R************ - 06/09/2020 11:54:30 AM

Splendidi ragazzi, splendidi buchi di culo e splendidi cazzi peccato che non ci siano sborrate in bocca.

s******** - 06/09/2020 11:51:37 AM

Sexplosive desire!!!...ein Rein RumpRomp!!!

o****** - 06/09/2020 9:32:35 AM

A delight! What such an handsome and sexy pairing! A great pleasure to watch Jim being fucked pasionately! Just it would be exciting to see Elio's ass while fucking! Jim cums first helped by Elio! Nice Elio's shoot too with hot re-entry!

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