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Dylan & Aidan

This scene has a different feel than the other two scenes as it has a guest director Vlado Iresch. Our occasional director also has an occasional model, Aiden O’Shea. Aiden is the twinkiest of twinks here, this scene being filmed just a couple of months after his 18th birthday. And is there a better present then a belated birthday bang from our full-time fuck machine, Dylan Maguire? We - and Aiden - certainly don’t think so. Dylan demonstrates, again, that he is an accomplished lover. He instinctively knows how to pace his lovemaking so that he and his partner gain maximum pleasure, starting out slowly and working up to a fast, deep fucking as he crescendos to a creamy load which he fucks back into his buddy’s eager hole.

Dylan Maguire
Aidan O’Shea
w****** - 07/23/2019 11:21:58 PM

I like Aidan. Get Torsten to restyle his hair. It could make a good intro to an excellent scene.

D***** - 07/23/2019 9:21:44 AM

Aidan O’Shea is very sexy!

t***** - 07/15/2019 7:41:22 AM

I really enjoyed this Dylan was brilliant and Aidan is adorable bless him and he is only 18. Dylan really made the man angel cum.

S****** - 07/14/2019 6:24:02 PM

I agree with a number of the other comments - Dylan 5 stars, Aidan 1 star. Sorry.

R************ - 07/13/2019 3:23:58 PM

Scene troppo eccitante per non farsi una sega in loro onore.

l******* - 07/13/2019 8:18:50 AM

Always a pleasure to see Dylan - lust that lad bigtime!

g******* - 07/12/2019 2:45:50 AM

Aidan is a sweet young thing and Dylan sure ravaged him much to Aidan's pleasure. He rewarded Dylan, himself and us with an amazing cum shot.

B****** - 07/12/2019 2:26:03 AM

Dylan directed this performance with a master hand.I loved when Dylan had his partner enjoy, he knew how to enter this captivating presentation which was announced very ordinary.

V************ - 07/11/2019 3:59:04 PM

Dylan does a great job here. Aiden on the other hand is just not my cup of tea. He is way to skinny and not all that attractive. His skinny ass which goes with his skinny body adds nothing to being a BA model. His only redeeming factor was his cum shot which was shown three times at the end. I assume Aiden could not keep a hardon while being fucked which is why we never saw his dick until the end when it is his turn to cum. Dylan is a great kisser and certainly does his best to work with what he has got in less than stellar partner. Aiden seems like a sweet enough boy but just lacks the assets to be a BA model.

H************** - 07/10/2019 2:20:12 AM

Dylan is always perfection!

b***** - 07/09/2019 9:44:06 PM

The start of this episode is rather slow and both guys take a long time to explain this is a training session. For a training session it didn’t go too bad and there were some very good elements in it. I don’t think Dylan’s butt has ever looked better (would have loved to get an even better view of it), his kissing is still very passionate (when you are into that much wet tongue 😉), and the finale where Dylan jacked Aidan to a cum explosion was marvellous. Would like to see that more often, it is great to see that the one model finishes the other off by hand.

x****** - 07/09/2019 7:08:14 PM

Dylan is, indeed, a fuck machine, and Aidan is lucky to feel how that fuck machine works in his ass.

a******** - 07/09/2019 3:47:50 PM

Very hot scene :)

j***** - 07/09/2019 3:21:24 PM

Aidan is in no way suited as a Freshmen model. But Dylan is always a great model and enjoyable.

o****** - 07/09/2019 10:32:02 AM

Strange but interesting contrasted pairing! Same scenario again, no newbie coming while fucked, but here with Dylan's "sexcellential sexpertise" as said sinjin123 ! Dylan's tongue works wonderfully! Great kissing, rimming, nippleplay...He is peculiarly gorgeous here in his sex Madness, but very attentive to his young partner! Partner cute in its own peculiar way… He enjoys a lot powerful Dylan and his cumshot on Dylan'face is spectacular! Great pink gaping hole too! That's the grand week of gaping hole!!!

s******** - 07/09/2019 9:16:45 AM

Dylan Sexmeister always lifts the arousal level of his scenes to a 7.1FQ (fuck quotient based on comedian George Carlin's joke that a "71" is a "69" with 2 fingers up your ass). Aidan is the lucky recipient of such sexcellential sexpertise.

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