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Derek Jenkins & Nino Valens

When we release the casting video with Derek Jenkins last year the reception from some of you was rather lukewarm, and the usual anti-tattoo prejudice was on full display. The result was that we only filmed a couple of scenes with him and then discontinued the collaboration, which is a pity as I consider him to be very nice with a fairly exotic look which we seem to see a lot nowadays in fashion models.

Despite the fact that we only have a few scenes, I decided to include this one here as it is with Nino Valens and also of course I would like to see your responses now that you have seen him in a scene. Not that there would be any way to get him back by now. Sadly if you insist on us avoiding every tattooed boy, we think we are going to miss out on a lot of talented, 1st class performers.

Nino Valens
Derek Jenkins
G******* - 04/03/2021 2:20:59 PM

This is actually a great video, Derek is super hot. The tattoos may be stupid but who cares? I say release the videos you shot with him and prove all the nay sayers wrong!

a***** - 01/21/2019 7:13:25 PM

You shouldn't listen to those whiners who throw a fit over some tattoos. Unless the tattoos are hate based, or there are way too many of them, people shouldn't care.

b***** - 05/15/2017 3:12:11 PM

Tatoos? What tatoos?

J********* - 04/12/2017 2:43:02 PM

Derek is fucking hot. And a great performer with a fantastic cock. What a shame that he is gone.

x******* - 03/30/2017 5:41:47 PM

Perfect scene! Derek's gonna be missed(two tattoos. two freaking tattoos and people couldn't see the sheer beauty of this guy for two minor tattoos?! Seriously?!!) He's got some amazing talent delivering the cock and I loved his lean body and tight facial features! Teaming him with the exotic perfection that is Nino was a stroke of wonderful genius!!

t****** - 03/28/2017 1:24:21 PM

I dunno what the fascination is at Bel Ami with the process pull out and rush to the face. If it's a sucking scene, that's one thing. But a fucking scene? Well...I needn't say more. But they are a hunky duo. :>)

N******** - 03/27/2017 5:14:17 PM

Derek was the star (!) of this scene - great enthusiasm and skill. I've no problem with tattoos (as long as they don't cover large parts of the body) their presence should not be a factor in deciding whether a model makes the grade.

p****** - 03/25/2017 10:42:51 PM

Well, I hope the "Anti Tattoo Brigade" is not getting too vocal, getting too much air time with GD, and resulting in some pretty hot eye candy being let go. For every one persom who writes a negative comment about tattoos, there are probably MANY other viewers who can't be bothered writing comments and find that model (and all of his other attributes) really attractive. The good thing about diversity is that there is something for everyone. It's really simple, if you don't like some aspect about a particular, then don't watch them ... there are so many others that you can watch. But if a great model gets let go just because os tattoos, then all those who couldn't care less about tattoos have lost out. One thing that really surprises me about this site is how nagative so many viewers are ... about tattoos, about body hair etc. I don't expect the models all to be Academy Award winning actors, I don't expect them to all look like cyborg clones of body builders, and I don't mind some inexperience and awkwardness as that can actually enhance the sexual experience for me. And by the way, I loved watching these two ... and with Derek's great body, great face and eyes, great cock and great fun personality, I could not care less about tattoos. Just my opinion.

t****** - 03/25/2017 8:41:17 AM

Tattoos are one thing But then halfway thru the scene he gets this awful haircut? No thank you

A********** - 03/25/2017 12:56:18 AM

Awesome: very hot, sexy, nice models.

d******* - 03/24/2017 10:54:40 PM

I didn't understand the problem with tattoos. There are so many models at BA have some. I like them all and didn't want to miss one of them. The current model generation is the one with tattoos. So where is the problem?

r***** - 03/23/2017 11:58:50 PM

I don't believe that you fired Derek because of his two small and handsome stars on his chest. Compared with Kevin and other first class models his tats don't matter. There must be other reasons you didn't tell us. Derek is a first class porn star. It's a pity that you let him go to another company...

p***** - 03/22/2017 7:59:54 PM

An excellent scene. My God, Nino is so HOTTTT. I can't get enough of Nino. Derek is a good & experienced top. I didn't really notice his tats at all.

R*********** - 03/22/2017 2:08:27 PM

Great scene - and what about tattoos? He looks cute and is not inked all over his body- so where is the problem?

o****** - 03/22/2017 10:11:39 AM

I'm absolutely mad about these two Hungarian beauties! "Fantastic" โ€“ as Nino says โ€“ scene! So voluptuous and energetic, sweet and wild! Great osmosis betweeen Derek and Nino on their lovemaking! Talented filming of this passion for love! George bring Derek back please. I loved him from the beginning and I love him as Nino! The great scene of Freshmen!!!

r****** - 03/22/2017 7:22:06 AM

What are the ages of the anti-tattoo crowd, 90? Just about everybody has a tattoo these days. You're right about losing many, many models if you go tattoo less.

k********* - 03/22/2017 3:49:42 AM

In your opnion of course. No need to bring Kevin into this.

a***** - 03/22/2017 2:41:20 AM

If you dropped Derek for tattoos, then you should have fucked Kevin and dropped him for his tattoos. His are far more annoying and ugly to boot. Derek is delightful fucker ๐Ÿ˜

d****** - 03/22/2017 1:22:21 AM

So, you liked Derek but discontinued working with him because commenters here didn't like his tats? Grow a pair and hire him back! You are never going to please everybody and will lose talented performers in the process!

J****** - 03/22/2017 1:12:45 AM

What a workout of mutual desire. Those two tattoos (not really that extensive) are not a deal breaker as far as I am concerned. These boys are totally "into" each other. I loved it that they both came twice (ah, youth!) and that Derek came because being rimmed while he masturbated was just too much for him to control himself. Derek fucks like a horny mink. Please bring him back if possible. Nino can stay as long as he wants!

g******* - 03/21/2017 11:43:04 PM

Crazy, crazy. A couple of inoffensive tattoos. How many starts we love have them: Helmut, Kevin, Nate +++. Derek is a great fucker, he loves guys and he performs with enormous enthusiasm. Of course, Nino is an absolute star but to see Derek go is a great sadness.

b***** - 03/21/2017 8:35:39 PM

Nino is fabulous, as he always is. Does his dick ever go soft, I don't think so. Derek is a very good partner and I would be very much interested in seeing more of him: GD shouldn't listen to us and trust his own judgement ๐Ÿ˜Š

m********** - 03/21/2017 7:01:08 PM

Absolutely remarkable scene. Amazing pair. Nino is always spectacular, Derek was awesome.

x****** - 03/21/2017 6:55:05 PM

I'm sure there are many, many talented, first class performers who would love to be a part of the BA stable. While I know there are some BA boys with tattoos who are exceptional in their gay sex performances, most don't choose to ruin the appearance of their bodies with the ink. To me, tattoos are a desecration of the male body. For others, some like them, and that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nino? Absolutely YES. Derek, for me, no.

m******* - 03/21/2017 6:37:49 PM

lose Derek for two tattoo is criminal with his beautiful eyes, his ass and cock you see the tatto? mah i hope that return in Belami, anyway great scene with cute Nino and energetic Derek

a***** - 03/21/2017 5:36:01 PM

Great scene! Loved Derek's energy and agressive fucking! Please, bring him back.

r*********** - 03/21/2017 5:35:01 PM

My word, I'd forgotten what a really juicy thick cock Nino has. Derek, for me, underperformed and did only what was asked of him while I feel Nino went many extra miles. During this movie I couldn't help thinking of George's comment on Nate's bio about Nino, and what a pleasure it must be to be gay in the BA environment - though I imagine emotions must play very strongly in gay guys who perhaps feel emotions for their partner before merely doing a job and creating a fantasy for us.

H***** - 03/21/2017 3:33:11 PM

All the stars there are to give for both Nino and Derek! This was super boys!! Thanks!

r********** - 03/21/2017 3:23:49 PM

I love exactly what others call "bad boy/gangster" look. He is hot, he is looking a bit fierce and has sparks in his eyes... He is absolutely great. Would love more of him or of his kind.

M********* - 03/21/2017 2:51:11 PM

Nino has one hot cock! Great body too. Derek sadly has that "bad boy/gangster" look with those ever-distracting tattoos. Would love to have seen Nino with his large thick cock give Derek the fuck of his life for having those God-awful looking tattoos.

s***** - 03/21/2017 12:06:57 PM

Iโ€™m crazy about Nino, massively sexy! Nino is stunning and amazing. Derek is hot and a good actor, still I find it difficult to get past those foolish tattoos, and Iโ€™m not disappointed that I wonโ€™t be seeing those two stars too much, to say it lightly. However, still a โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… scene.

S******* - 03/21/2017 10:46:56 AM

If I could rate this nuclear bomb of a scene a million of stars, I'd do it gladly, for it was a Magyar lovemaking in all its power and glory, - hungry, loud, wild, uninhibited, unrestrained, sultry and fiery passionate. I don't worry about the Budapest studio of BA, you know, - the Hungarian sexual traditions seem to be unbreakable: generations are changing each other, but Hungarian models keep remaining the hottest lovers of BA. Wild boys, I love you! :))))))))))))))

a********* - 03/21/2017 10:30:33 AM

Hard to believe, and it would be pretty sad if the collaboration was interrupted following the opinions of some members. I thought there was an artistic staff for choices. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

d******* - 03/21/2017 10:30:06 AM

Yes, George, please bring Derek back. He is, as you say, an exotic Hungarian beauty and the tattoos don't matter that much. I am not a huge fan of tattoos but when they are light and well done, don't mind. How many other BA stars have them and much more ugly than these?- Kevin and Helmut to name but two. what matters most is that Derek is a great performer, as Nino says, wild. Also fun and clearly loves the sex. What's not to like about him? So, re-sign him, if he is still around and willing, is my advice.

s******** - 03/21/2017 10:08:52 AM

Hot molten LAVA LUVIN'...das war a way cool GeilerBaisez...please please get Nino in that final fuck position again with Derek fucking on a beach and a blanket in the woods and on a haystack...these two have impeccable chemistry THAT RINGS TRUE very much like Jack&Kevin who in their heyday as the #1 BAKAF twink lovematch and like Jeremy&Helmut the current top BAKAF twink lovematch...definitely one could feel Derek&Nino's palpable mutual lust, attraction, respect and fuckenergy

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