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Derek Caravaggio & Olaf Mortensen

A change of plans doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Derek Caravaggio and Olaf Mortensen are left alone in Yannis Paluan’s apartment and how better to pass the time on a rainy day than with a great sex session? Olaf Mortensen is famous for his bottoming skills and Derek’ finally gets to experience why. Olaf savours Derek’s cock deep inside him in every position. Finally Derek flips him over and takes full control of the situation. This blond and brunette pairing enjoy every moment of their time together and we can only hope that Yannis will not mind too much when he returns to find his couch covered in cum.

Derek Caravaggio
Olaf Mortensen
A******** - 08/12/2021 7:49:05 AM

Much better camera work than ususal - not so much time wasted on close-ups. The wrong guy got fucked but still a decent video.

R************ - 04/20/2021 4:45:17 PM

Bei cazzi!

V************ - 04/16/2021 5:45:01 PM

Derek has developed excellent kissing and oral skills. Of course, Olaf is to be complimented as well on his kissing and oral skill though Derek outperforms him orally. Unlike aquarello, I thought this was a relatively good scene in an attractive setting and well filmed with good lighting and a variety of shots. Sometimes too much time is spent on overly close shots. Derek's reentering after cumming on Olaf's ass was well done though.

p********** - 04/15/2021 2:03:23 PM

Love Olaf's furry buttocks and hairy legs. Would love to fuck him!

D************* - 04/14/2021 11:52:06 AM

Derek keeps on getting better and better. I love the innocent, boyish expression on Derek's face while he is fucking the shit out of his partner! I also love Derek's shorter around the sides haircut. And yes! I would love to see more foot massages and foot worship scenes as well.

g******* - 04/14/2021 5:35:53 AM

Lovely hunks. Wish we could see Derek's fabulous ass as he fucked.

k********** - 04/14/2021 4:01:14 AM

The foot massage was great! Please do more of this! Your Models have so beautiful feet!!!

w****** - 04/13/2021 9:32:30 PM

For years I have been watching scenes in which the boys enter a flat and immediately remove their shoes and leave them by the door. I had come to assume that this was some sort of Eastern European social convention. However, this did not happen here and also Yannis' shoes were a long way from the door. I have come to admire Derek's many talents but here he has impressed me even further. He managed to remove his shoes and socks at the same time as he was removing his shirt. Impressive! This may all sound a bit negative but that is not the intention. I just like to have a bit of fun if the opportunity arises and I love both Derek and Olaf. Many thanks to both. I would dearly to see Olaf take on Nolan.

d******* - 04/13/2021 6:38:27 PM

A wonderful scene with two great guys Derek and Olaf showing their affection for each other. Derek kissed Oaf well and really fucked his hairy ass. Derek is a go getter!

h********* - 04/13/2021 2:07:44 PM

Two hot guys in an ok scene. Nice to see mostly unshaved bodies, unlike the other two scenes from this week. The ending was a dud, with the trademark two wasted cum shots. Bummer, that.

m******** - 04/13/2021 1:58:59 PM

I love how Derek doesn't overdo his performance. I really don't like it when they overdo it. Leave it to the American companies. Derek is awesome! Go Derek!

p***** - 04/13/2021 1:12:22 PM

Olaf really is a marvelous, insatiable bottom. He is wonderful to look at, a great kisser and his overall enthusiasm stands in some contrast to Derek's somewhat cold and expressionless performance.

a********* - 04/13/2021 12:43:11 PM

The production choices published in this Issue 236 in all three scenes are disheartening. Scene 1 takes refuge in the usual boring shots from the basement of the ass-fucking that drives the "tired" camera. The other two scenes are little more than a casual ordinary home style. Rating: 1 star to be divided by three. For me it is better to forget.

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