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Derek Caravaggio & Jon Kael

It’s a wonder we get anything done around here. Luke sends Derek on an errand: go to the storeroom and get a replacement for Luke’s dead battery. Simple, right? Not when there’s a horny Jon Kael in the vicinity. The only “charging” he is interested in is into Derek’s supple ass. While we’re not sure if we would have risked Luke’s ire in not complying, it is understandable upon viewing Jon’s perfect physique. Though Luke didn’t get his battery, there was plenty of electricity generated in the scene- and none of it static. The sex is energetic and vigorous with excellent oral as Derek sucks on Jon’s spectacular balls which leads to deep, satisfying fucking. Jon cums first, pushing his creamy load back into Derek’s ass. After such a vigorous workout, Jon is hungry for a protein supplement, so he hungrily swallows all that Derek gives him. Electrifying!

Jon Kael
Derek Caravaggio
h********* - 08/24/2020 7:13:06 PM

Amazing Derek. And Jon is a great lover. Wonderful scene.

P********* - 06/01/2020 8:43:53 PM

We need more Derek! Derek&Justin would be really nice...

a******* - 02/15/2020 9:02:22 PM

Love Derek

D************* - 01/08/2020 10:25:39 AM

Derek Caravaggio is one of my favorites. I love Derek very much. But this film lacked energy and enthusiasm. There was nothing special about this film I am sorry to say. As much as I love Derek, I did not get turned on! Jon Kael does nothing for me. A perfect mate for Derek would be Jim Durden. Jim has a way of making any situation fun and exciting!

d******* - 10/21/2019 11:09:42 PM

Derek very handsome with gorgeous dark black hair, lovely dark eyes, soft smooth skin, sweet kissable lips and that luscious cock to suck on.

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:07:27 AM

Di fronte a questo video impossibile non farsi una sega!

b****** - 09/08/2019 7:12:16 PM

UI do think these 2 are in the tradition of Freshman action series.

w****** - 09/05/2019 10:41:13 PM

I love Derek's lovely hairy legs, bum and belly. Please keep the shavers well away from him.

B********* - 09/05/2019 7:23:10 PM

Why no shots of Derek’s hot hole as Jon fucks it open? Tops like me don’t want reasons. Just more hole shots going forward. Hot holes turn us on. (Gee, why?) As when Bastian Dufy is fucking Derek. Find it in Freshmen. The hole shots there are great. (It’s only the “hairy” Bacchus bit I don’t get.) Watch. At the 21+ minute mark Bastian pulls out. Now if Derek were a “nice” straight boy,” his toilet-trained sphincters would close up at once (to keep any poop from soiling Mommy’s sheets). But Derek’s a “naughty” gay boy who’s “cleaned out” already. And years of secret ass-play with fingers & dildos as a teen have re-trained his involuntary sphincter muscles to stay relaxed & open in case more cocks want in. And Bastian’s cock returns 7 X right then—without Derek’s hole ever closing. WOW! Tops I talk to love these fucked-hole shots. Ho about making BA the “top” site for hot holes and creampies online? After all, tops do comprise a large minority of male porn consumers worldwide.

J****** - 09/04/2019 12:52:23 PM

Fantastique, j'aime ces deux gars et ce qu'ils font ensemble une perle de scène...

m******** - 09/04/2019 4:16:38 AM

Derek is so fuckin hot ! looks like the young Superman ! 19:39 yummy !

A********** - 09/04/2019 1:18:59 AM

1 billion stars !!!!! Absolutely perfect for me,,,,,,,, so awesome, wonderful, hot boys in love..... One of the best from BA history. Congratulations and thank you veeeeeery much !!!!!

m***** - 09/03/2019 10:36:36 PM

I am speechless. Perfect guys, perfect scene! Thanks a lot!!!

x****** - 09/03/2019 6:03:00 PM

A scorchingly sexy session with cutie Derek and "bouncing balls" Jon! Loved seeing Jon push his cum back into Derek. Wish more scenes included this hotness! Bravo, guys!

a***** - 09/03/2019 5:45:26 PM

What an AWESOME scene!! John and Derek are both gorgeous and great performers.

b******* - 09/03/2019 11:58:35 AM

What a beauty Derek is - that cute, pretty face and those delicious hairy legs!!!

o****** - 09/03/2019 9:39:47 AM

Scorching pair fucking hard! Derek is a marvel! Delicious face and splendid hairy thighs, legs, crack, belly… Love when he fucks himself against Jon's powerful dick! Jon who rims, licks, sucks wonderfully! His cumshot with re-entry is great! Love his body, peculiarly his superb chest and nipples! His low hanging balls that Derek "swallows" greedily! Great filming with awesome angles and close-ups!!!

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