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Derek Caravaggio & Jeroen Mondrian

Derek’s excuse for cancelling his date with Jeroen- that he had to try out his new washing machine- is admittedly a little lame. Apparently, when you’re as cute as Derek you can get away with anything. Instead of reaming out his boyfriend’s ass for missing a date, Jeroen decides he’d rather have his own ass reamed instead. While Jeroen is more accustomed to bottoming, how can he say no to such a fine derriere? Jeroen unloads first and though Derek is an easy-going boyfriend, he’s a bossy bottom who insists that Jeroen continue fucking him- using his own cum as lube- until he also shoots his load.

Jeroen Mondrian
Derek Caravaggio
d******* - 11/15/2020 7:39:19 AM

Derek, like Elio will always be my favorites. Derek has sweet lips to kiss, lovely body with nice cock to suck. Jeron nice curve with lovely eyes.

R************ - 10/30/2020 5:22:07 PM

Questi due ragazzi mi hanno fatto godere da morire ed anche l'amico che era con me ha schizzato oltre il divano! Fantastici ragazzi! Bravissimi!!!

N***** - 10/22/2020 12:57:22 AM

Derek is truly a beauty pur sang! Fashion model! Nice couple to play with each other!

T******** - 10/18/2020 8:03:13 PM

I think Derek's original haircut was MUCH cuter'

V************ - 10/16/2020 5:35:14 PM

Very nice scene! Jeroen does a great job of topping and Derek also does a great job throughout. I loved that Jeroen got a good amount of cum in his mouth and it was clearly shown. So often when a top hovers his mouth over the top of a partners cock he gets little to none but Jeroen made sure to lap it up and enjoy it. Jeroen also planted a healthy load of cum on Derek's ass. A very well filmed scene. I didn't like Derek's haircut though. Looked as though he were going for the Mr. Spock look from Star Trek.

g******* - 10/14/2020 1:25:57 AM

Sexy Derek and handsome Jeroen make a great combination.

x****** - 10/13/2020 8:24:13 PM

Derek is such a hot dude! And Jeroen is the consummate lover.

g********** - 10/13/2020 7:51:13 PM

Derek is adorable and Jeroen one of the best BA models.

h********* - 10/13/2020 3:55:47 PM

Derek is super sexy, nice body, ready cock, greedy hole, and all that black hair (not a fan of his pube and crotch stubble). Inviting pits, too. He’s become a champion cocksucker, great at deepthroating.

H***** - 10/13/2020 9:49:43 AM

Great scene, just would be hot to see the butt of the top too when he sticks it in the air, would make it perfect! But that is very diificult at Freshmen!

o****** - 10/13/2020 9:32:07 AM

The perfect couple for sex and love!!! Two great favorites of mine! Just a pity Jeroen came first but the cumeating is very hot! Thanks a lot both!!!

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