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Derek Caravaggio & Jean-Luc Bisset

Those of you who are not fans of Jerome and Helmut should skip the intro here, as they are at it again. Both boys are hungry for cute twinks and our determined to join in on the fun Jean-Luc and Derek our having. When you’re as tall and gorgeous as Helmut and Jerome, you’re used to having your way. So, they’re confused at being rebuffed at every advance. Joel rescues the cuties, distracting the libidinous duo long enough for the two twinks to find a place where they can enjoy each other’s company without distraction. Twink lovers prepare for the highlight of your week as you enjoy two cute guys, excellent sex and the rare chance to see Jean-Luc top!

Jean-Luc Bisset
Derek Caravaggio
N***** - 10/22/2020 1:18:56 AM

What a super beautiful scene this is! Jean-Luc and Derek are a very sensual couple !! This sensuality is super beautiful and hot to see! Jean-Luc is always very sensual, so I can never get enough of him and hope to see him again in new movies! Jean-Luc together with the new Nikk seems insanely horny! And I'll say it again, how beautiful is Derek!

h********* - 08/24/2020 3:00:19 PM

One of the most erotic pairings in a long time. These two young hunks are totally versatile, with often-bottom JL topping Derek, leaving nothing to the imagination. Love the hair on both guys’ hot bodies. Nice cum shots, and great cum eating. Wonderful scene.

d******* - 07/01/2020 5:32:35 PM

This was fantastic, all of it, hairy ass and big thighs, love you Derek, you turn me on so much.. sweet kisses

P********* - 05/31/2020 10:17:19 PM

A sheer delight!

d***** - 02/25/2020 2:22:48 PM

One of the most amazing scenes on this site! I love both of these guys. Watching this makes me so grateful I’m gay.

D************* - 01/09/2020 9:16:42 PM

Derek Caravaggio and Jean-Luc Bisset are a good match. I loved the chemistry between the two. But it is Derek that I am in love with. Derek is just so sexy and lovable. I love Derek's boyish face, but such a man's body. I marvel at his hairy ass and pink hole. WOW! What a turn on for me. I think putting Derek in with Jim Durden would make for a great film. I would love to see how Derek deals with Jim Durden's energy and enthusiasm.

L****** - 05/31/2019 12:13:21 AM

I want to see him as a top!!!

b******* - 04/18/2019 5:21:22 PM

A fantastic scene with two of the most beautiful boys around. It was good to see the slender Jean-Luc take charge of the more well-built Derek and fuck him while Derek's sold hairy thighs were opened wide.

b****** - 04/11/2019 8:29:11 PM

I failed to add keep DEREK.

M****** - 03/22/2019 2:48:59 AM

This scene highlights a pattern I've been noticing in BA/FM scenes, and that is a decrease in full face shots where we get the sense of eye contact between the , models (what in Hollywood they called "over the shoulder" shots or, more blatantly, closeups. We get lots of profiles, lots of images with eyes closed or downcast, but relatively few where we can feel the intensity of the partner's gaze. I think what made me hyper-aware of that was the surreal facial beauty of Derek and how rarely I got to see his eyes. One camera setup that is frequently used is the kneeling blowjob, with the cocksucker gazing up at the standing recipient -- it's perhaps overused, but is also a great chance to show lust and desire of the boy with the cock in his mouth. I'd like to see that same type of framing used more often, interspersing it throughout the scenes.

C************** - 02/21/2019 3:17:41 PM

Derek is very cute here. Nice fucking angles and good facial at the end.

V************ - 02/20/2019 8:25:11 AM

Agree with most of the comments below. Stupid beginning, ware of time. Loved the full ass shot od JL fu king. Awesome cum shot and the way Derek took it in the muoth a d the kissing afterward.

n******* - 02/17/2019 4:31:50 PM

I couldn’t agree more with the negative comments about the silly two clowns Jerome and Helmut, who disrupt an otherwise beautiful scene. Get rid of them pronto!

g******* - 02/14/2019 11:44:21 PM

It's so evident that they both enjoyed this. Derek is a great addition to the team while JL is a hero (of mine). Just adore him - those lustful eyes as he sucks cock. Luke gave us some great ass views as he fucked Derek and then the glorious cum shot all over Derek's beautiful face. Fantastic.

C******* - 02/13/2019 8:29:44 PM

The beginning of the scene would have been great without the disturbance by Jerome and Helmut.

t****** - 02/13/2019 1:34:01 PM

Fabulous! Jean-Luc was a self described top when he was first introduced. The amazing cumshot here proves it! Or perhaps it was induced by his handsome young partner Derek Caravaggio, who could arouse even a Chinese Panda!

b***** - 02/12/2019 11:28:33 PM

Beautiful scene (well, apart from the rather silly introduction) with two beautiful guys. I like the contrast in body types, Derek firm and sturdy, Jean-Luc elegant and slender. I like the intensity of the sex and their passionate kissing. I like the view of Jean-Luc’s butt while fucking after Derek came. I like the splashing finale with Derek’s face covered in Jean-Luc’s love juices. More of Derek please, and more of Jean-Luc, I think both of them are amongst your best performers.

J****** - 02/12/2019 7:51:54 PM

Enfin DEREK, bellissime splendide à vous faire tourner la tête. Une riche idée d'avoir associé Jean Luc et Derek. Une belle réalisation en ce début d'année sur Freshmen un bijou de vidéo!

S****** - 02/12/2019 3:21:15 PM

Both are statuesque beauties. And, yes, the cum shot on Derek's face is stunning indeed!

P****** - 02/12/2019 1:39:41 PM

J-L's cum splat in Derek's right eye is worth the price of admission. Derek isn't very well-endowed (which doesn't really bother me), but he's a total cutie. Skip to about 3:00 to get past you-know-who.

N******** - 02/12/2019 11:34:21 AM

Both boys are beautiful. Nice scene, but a work in progress. I'm not yet convinced by Jean-Luc as a top (we know where he really excels) and would like to see Derek get fucked some more before I decide if he's going to make the grade ( I hope he does though).

o****** - 02/12/2019 9:34:12 AM

Derek at last!!! The beauty of this couple is without equal! Jean-Luc is a master top now! Perhaps he gets never so pretty! His cumshot is stunning! Hot cum kiss at the end! What such a pleasure to watch!!!

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