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Derek Caravaggio & Cristiano Cruzo part 2

The urban dictionary defines “flip flop” as “When two guys are having sex and they both take turns being the bottom.” While this may be so in real life, porn world works differently as we generally film these over two days with the boys alternating roles each day. So, we rejoin Derek and Cristiano the morning after their first tryst. Cristiano surprised us and Derek when he took on the role of top. Now it is Derek’s turn to show the newbie how it’s done. For now, we believe Cristiano is better as a bottom than top. However, given his eagerness to top, we feel he’ll get better and better. There’s a lot of guys wanting to get a taste of his big fat dick that are hoping this is the case.

Derek Caravaggio
Cristiano Cruzo
b******************* - 02/28/2024 2:26:31 AM

Cristiano and this scene is one of the reasons I've subscribed. Wow!

D************* - 03/17/2021 11:10:43 PM

Derek and Cristiano compliment each other. I love them both! They are both handsome and beautiful. I hope they stay with BelAmi/Freshmen as long as they can.

t********* - 03/02/2021 4:18:23 PM

Cristiano is cute and hot. Great scenes and pairing with Derek

d******* - 01/10/2021 3:04:22 PM

Very nice with kissing and fucking with Derek enjoying screwing Cristiano. I had no problems with sound must be computer.

R***** - 12/30/2020 3:39:08 PM

A sexy duo sucking each others stiff cocks. Cristiano seems to enjoy getting his ass licked by Derek; before being fucked Doggy Style. I loved seeing Derek creaming Cristiano's freshly fucked hole; then having cum spurted on to his tongue; before sharing another creamy kiss. I', looking forward to seeing more of sexy Cristiano.

N***** - 12/04/2020 1:58:36 AM

One of the best scenes in a long time! Very beautiful boys, amazing! Very realistic and sensual, also good camera work! My compliments!!!

R************ - 12/01/2020 10:23:57 AM

Bello il finale col bacio pieno di sborra.

V************ - 11/28/2020 5:33:50 AM

Not the best scene in my opinion. Not sure what was going on with the sound, as a it kept fading out and then getting really loud. Derek seems pretty chunky to me, but I realize that is just his build. Not a lot of passion here inmy opinion. Pretty mechanical.

A********** - 11/27/2020 1:33:23 AM

uahuuu !!!! 5 billion stars or more !!!!!

g******* - 11/26/2020 11:39:53 PM

Christiano is very sexy indeed and Derek did him justice. Would have loved to see Derek lick up some of the cream and feed it to his young lover.

b******* - 11/25/2020 8:44:54 AM

I thought this a very promising debut by Cristiano. Sure, he lacks experience before the camera, but he is clearly no stranger to gay sex and performed confidently. He has a good body without being too muscular, and a gorgeous cock. It was a joy to see these two boys together, with a healthy amount of body hair. I just hope Cristiano does not shave his pits in future, though as he has already left the company, I guess it's too late to advise him.

M****** - 11/24/2020 11:38:28 PM

I like wakeup sex scenes. I'd prefer that two part episodes like these appear in separate issues months apart, thus providing greater variety from week to week. Part 2 isn't much different from Part 1. "My dick in your ass" again; there are other phrases to use. Derek rimmed well and the sight of Cristiano's pink, wet hole is exciting. Cristiano will benefit from more thorough direction on what to do and how to perform. He has the physical gifts to succeed and I hope his performance skills will match. Derek's face is his greatest feature: more, please. Camera work, editing, lighting all fine.

w****** - 11/24/2020 9:48:44 PM

These two scenes make this the best Freshmen offering in a while. Many thanks to both.

c********** - 11/24/2020 5:00:58 PM

Derek very attractive asalways. Boy, would I like him to top me!

s******** - 11/24/2020 4:20:52 PM

Uno BELLO BUENO BUMSEN...Derek delightfully deeply dicks dude's delicate derriere due to Christian's cock-calling Cruzo-culo casting a particular patina for passionate pleasure...

h********* - 11/24/2020 2:43:11 PM

More really hot sex by two hot young gay men. More great wet kissing. Love Cristiano as a bottom, he is clearly no newbie to gay sex. Would tell him to let his natural body hair grow. But his nice hairy legs are sexy. Too bad the top came first in both scenes, but still very arousing and boner inducing.

a***** - 11/24/2020 11:14:23 AM

I hear you said that Cristiano is not submissive right? But after seeing him riding a dick in Czech summer school, I hope someone manages to fuck the submissive job out of him! Glad to know he's better at bottoming. You guys said he shoots for a year right so he has stopped shooting but I hope you ahve plenty of his bottoming scenes waiting to us. Can't wait to see how these eager to top boys find out what bottoming is all about. I hope Derek teach him well.

o****** - 11/24/2020 10:22:21 AM

Nice pairing! Funny to see Derek topping! Love his solid hairy thighs and legs! I prefer Christiano as bottom! Storyboard is the same with top coming first! Pretty scenes though!

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