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Derek Caravaggio & Cristiano Cruzo part 1

This first taste of newcomer Cristiano Cruzo breaks our own rules. This flip-flop double day special with Derek comes prior to his official introduction which you will see early next year. This is still an early scene for him, as well as his very first flipflop.

Cristiano is not submissive, however he does like to take guidance from more experienced guys. Derek is happy to oblige. Derek planned to be the top for the first part. However, once our eager newbie began to eat his ass, he became willing- even eager- to change his plans as Cristiano gently slides his dick in to start fucking. As this is Cristiano’s first outing, we’re keen to hear your thoughts on our hunky newbie.

Derek Caravaggio
Cristiano Cruzo
G********* - 06/11/2024 8:03:56 AM

Shitty videography yet again wastes two really beautiful models who have nice chemistry here. If we can't see the guy's FACE during orgasm we can't really SEE the orgasm, which happens in the brain so the face is the window!

b******************* - 01/31/2024 7:25:13 AM

Cristiano is one of my favorites!!! Hope to see more of him.

M********* - 12/03/2023 7:31:58 PM

Wow, what a sexy pairing, with so beautyful guys playing so lustful. I can rubb my dick for ours for that.

g******** - 08/30/2023 9:59:08 PM

For me this was perfectly shot, with great lighting and close close-ups which were long. Respect to your cameraman ! And Derek and Christiano are 2 sexy sexy guys. I adore this video ........... More looong close close-ups Please !

2******* - 12/16/2021 7:32:07 PM

I melt for Cristiano...his face is a an angel...more videos with him and different actors please

D************* - 03/17/2021 8:04:51 PM

Wow! Derek and Cristiano make a great couple. I love them both! Cristiano has a great set of lips and a beautiful tongue. And so does Derek! I hope they both stay on with BelAmi/Freshmen for as long as possible.

R***** - 12/30/2020 3:32:09 PM

Cristiano is a very sexy newbie and looks great fucking Derek. I also loved Cristiano's sexy lips smeared with Derek's thick spunk; before sharing a tender, creamy kiss.

N***** - 12/04/2020 2:15:07 AM

Bravo! absolutely super sense and good video work too! Very cool!!!!

b******* - 12/03/2020 3:46:56 PM

I thought Cristiano was very convincing. He clearly enjoyed being sucked by Derek, and he constantly looked into Derek's eyes while rimming him; while fucking him he also pleasured him by sucking his nipple and masturbating him..

R************ - 12/01/2020 10:22:05 AM

Un video che ti costringe alla masturbazione!

c****** - 11/27/2020 7:32:10 AM

Cristiano is kind of perfection. I'rather like him not shaving the armpits, though.

A********** - 11/27/2020 12:58:37 AM

Absolutely PREFECT FOR ME. 5 billion stars is not enough to show how much I love them !!!!!

x****** - 11/25/2020 6:00:17 AM

Oh, my love, my Derek, I hunger for your kiss, a long, lonely time......

g********** - 11/25/2020 2:04:07 AM

Derek is adorable, but he has become a bit flabby round the midriff. Wish he would recover his waistline, because he is still gorgeous.

g******* - 11/25/2020 12:42:42 AM

Lovely. Our new boy has a lot of potential and his body is muscled and he has a very sexy ass.

M****** - 11/24/2020 11:09:03 PM

Handsome Cristian looks at Derek with such desire when he walked in. More full shots of Cristian's face needed; too much profile here. Both boys seem reluctant to touch one another. "I want your dick in my ass" is overused. Remind both boys to keep their eyes open (esp CC). Kissing: more tongues, please. Cristiano looks good and should get better with experience. Camera work, lighting, editing all fine.

V************ - 11/24/2020 9:51:58 PM

Derek is the star here whereas Cristiano has a long way to go before I would consider him worth watching. The one thing they both did well was the kissing and Derek does a great job at oral and bottoming. Cristiano on the other hand doesn't do much for me. He is not entirely unattractive, but also dose not have the classic beauty of many BA models, so unless he can make up for it by being outstanding in his performance there is not much reason to watch him. He lacks oral skills and his dancing tongue ass eating (ass light, if you will) was not effective at all.He had a nice cum shot but it was partly hidden by his hand over his cock and the angle was poor (not his fault). There was no re-entry and when it came to Derek's cum shot Cristiano barely got a drop in his mouth and then barely went down on Derek's wet cock. Add to that that the camera was too close at that point to make it worth seeing. So, I would give Derek 4 stars and Cristiano only three at the most.

W****** - 11/24/2020 4:39:39 PM

Simply superb. For me this two-part scene is freshmen at its best. I hope you’ve offered the gorgeous Cristiano a long-term contract because I want to see much more of him. Very impressive performance from two top quality models and very well filmed. Superb.

s******** - 11/24/2020 3:57:03 PM

Proud preening prick pleasurably pounds posterior. Derek deeply enjoyed getting Cruzo'd.

f********** - 11/24/2020 2:28:55 PM

This is what keeps me coming back for more !!

h********* - 11/24/2020 2:28:50 PM

Oh, WOW! From the initial greeting kiss to the final cummy kiss, this was incredibly hot. Two truly beautiful young men, turned on by each other’s sexiness. I’ve always loved young hairy stud Derek, and new model Cristiano is a wonderful discovery...nice body, ready cock, lovely hairy jock legs. The kissing alone is boner inducing, something missing so often. Oh, to be between Derek’s furry legs, sucking his hard cock, licking that furry butt and crack. Cristiano let loose with a geyser of cum. Derek, however, managed only a dribble, but Cristiano took it and shared it with Derek in a wet, cummy kiss.

r*********** - 11/24/2020 9:37:11 AM

Awesome in every respect. Dark-haired, down-cocked Caravaggio is a worthy owner of the great Baroque Italian painter.

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