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Derek Caravaggio & Bruce Querelle

To quote the great philosopher Ray Davies, “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world” and this is true especially in the porn business. For instance, would you ever expect someone to leave the French Foreign Legion and immediately start on a porn career? That’s the “mixed-up” path Bruce Querelle took in arriving at BelAmi. We were a little “shook up” when Derek expressed an interest in following Bruce’s path in reverse- going from porn to the Legion. Our concerns were abated when we found that Derek wasn’t interested in the job’s risks and perils but in the sex life of the guys in the legion. After all, the cutest boys and the hottest sex is at BelAmi and Freshmen, right? Then our fears were “muddled up” when Bruce became the ultimate “recruiter”. Soon this Army of One deployed strategic sucking followed by relentless rimming that left Derek craving Bruce’s “assault” with a friendly weapon. After the soldierly shagging received, we’re half expecting Derek to be on a train to Paris tomorrow along with a battalion of sexually satisfied hotties “recruited” by Bruce.

Derek Caravaggio
Bruce Querelle
s********* - 09/22/2020 7:05:49 AM

I agree with haroldc686: not enough attention to sexy armpits! And belami has a whole stable full of them. And Derek has an absolutely gorgeous body. And Bruce! Soon as I find him, I'm going to ask him to marry me.

h********* - 08/13/2020 3:43:21 AM

What possessed Derek to reduce his pubes to stubble? They look awful. Nice shot of Bruce shoving his cock into Derek’s already gaping hole. If I was Derek, at 15:05 I would have been face first into Derek’s hairy pit. We don’t see hardly any of that erotic play. Nice cum eating and sharing. Hot!

V************ - 07/01/2020 4:54:14 PM

Two dark haired beauties that are enjoyable to watch. Bruce does an amazing job of eating and fucking Derek's ass, but for some strange reason does not like to deep-throat which I don't get. Derek on the other hand does an excellent job of deep-throating Bruce's cock. Overall I thought this was well filmed but I just do not understand what BA cameramen have against the a well sculpted male ass. Bruce has an amazingly beautiful ass, but when he is fucking Derek while standing at the end of the bed we are given plenty of shots from underneath but ZERO shots giving us a view of Bruce's beautiful ass as he fucks Derek either from underneath or behind. Why is this? Lastly, why dose Bruce just barely take Derek's cum covered cock into his mouth? More evidence of Bruce's aversion to oral and to getting cum in his mouth. Lastly, why Does Derek feel the need to constantly be jacking his cock when being fucked? When he wasn't jacking it, Bruce was. Sometimes we just want to see his cock laying there as he is being fucked.

a********* - 06/28/2020 2:15:35 PM

The very slow famous director of drastic editing is lost as always in the second part, during the fuck and his motionless and cumbersome camera remains motionless and distant, as often, while the cumshot takes place in the ass. Have a good sleep.

D************* - 06/21/2020 8:18:38 AM

Derek Caravaggio has the most innocent, lovable, boyish face that I love. Derek has so much to offer in physical attraction. Highlights include that tight, pink hairless scrotum sack; Hairy feet, ass and legs; a perfect boy pussy that needs to be eaten out every chance I could get. I love how passive and cooperative Derek is with his partners, but I would love to see him top, just once! Put him in with Jim Durden and that will shake things up a bit.

R************ - 06/20/2020 6:35:35 PM

Splendidi ragazzi che sanno concludere nel migliore dei modi una scena di sesso cioè con la sborrata in bocca ed il bacio seguente suggellato dallo sperma. Bravi.

w****** - 06/17/2020 10:51:32 PM

Given what Bruce has said in interview about his experience in the foreign legion it seems he was a little economical with the truth here in order to get his end away with Derek. However, Derek's feigned interest in the foreign legion seems to be a ploy to achieve the same end, so it all ends happily for both. Or is this just another daft story line dreamt up by George? In any event, many thanks to both for a great scene. Just one small quibble:- Bruce didn't even try to hit the bullseye.

t********* - 06/17/2020 9:31:58 AM

Really hate these mutual jerk off endings. Not even Bruce and Derek can save that.

P********* - 06/16/2020 11:34:12 PM

I can't take my eyes off Derek. And there is something special about his legs...

x****** - 06/16/2020 7:05:12 PM

Derek is an absolutely Sex Dream cum true. Love seeing him in erotic action!

W****** - 06/16/2020 5:29:43 PM

Great scene with two of your finest. Always loved Bruce and my appreciation of Derek has soared since his stint in the AloneTogether house. His good looks, laid back personality and love of sex combine to make a first-rate bel ami model. A flip-flop with these two would be nice.

N***** - 06/16/2020 4:51:23 PM

Derek has been an absolute favorite of mine since the scene where he accosts Joel and begs for his big dick. I went back and watched all of his videos after than. 5 stars from me for the pairing.

g********** - 06/16/2020 4:35:35 PM

Great to see the adorable Derek again. Cute face and beautiful thighs! I am sure the men of the Foreign Legion would welcome him with open arms, not to mention other parts of their anatomy! More Derek, please.

d******* - 06/16/2020 3:18:22 PM

Derek and Bruce make any porn terrific with those good looks and very sexy Derek who could resist ?"

w********* - 06/16/2020 1:36:28 PM

Derek always gets 5 stars for showing up. And even more stars for doing something!

o****** - 06/16/2020 9:59:20 AM

What such a pleasure! Dream pairing!!! Who is the sexiest the most gorgeous? Both are! Bruce's smiles are irrésistibles! A pity he shoots first! But his cumeating is hot! Only the kissing is a little bit superficial!

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