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Derek Caravaggio

This seems to be turning into 'Derek week'. As well as his solo and interview here today, he has joined Giulio on BelAmiOnline as our 'model of the week'. We will let the model do the talking here today and hope that you enjoy his performance.

Derek Caravaggio
V************ - 04/02/2021 6:06:19 PM

Derek has become a good performer and is attractive. But this was not a great interview or solo scene . Unfortunately his down-turned cock, like Mario's, results in a lot of blur when he is jacking and cumming. He is also an oozer as opposed to a shooter so his orgasm is not all that interesting. But as I said, he has really grown a a perfomer and I have enjoyed his scenes.

t******* - 04/01/2021 8:39:04 PM

Really LIKE the casual "day in the life" interview style where Kevin follows Derek on his morning wake-up routine and engaging him in a revealing interview while he does his thing. Nice to see the changing venues with some of the additional characters, but it would have been nice if the interview had continued in the pool, rather than focusing on naked Kevin for a minute (although he is nice to watch). MUCH BETTER than the tired interview on the couch with the same bored questions and answers, then the model reluctantly removing his clothes, preening for the photographer, then sitting back down and jacking off and spewing on his stomach. Oh, and, yeah, Derek is a total sweetheart - great lips, nice smooth bod, perfect dick. Seven stars.

R************ - 03/29/2021 11:18:07 AM

Derek è un ragazzo da succhiare con bevuta di sborra!!

S****** - 03/28/2021 1:29:33 AM

Krandy123 is correct, and his words should make us all think. I too have been annoyed by Kevin's insertions, and will try to keep an open mind the next time his silly interruptions come up. As for the boys being taken advantage of - YES, they are all definitely being taken advantage of. The suicide rate for gay porn stars is HUGE. I hope Mr. Duroy has the decency to set up a pension fund for these boys. One day, their physical beauty will pale, and what will be left for them? Drugs? Prostitution? Suicide?

K******** - 03/25/2021 12:10:16 AM

Let's all remember that Kev was the second cumming for Bel Ami, just when they badly needed it. He was a financial Ridgestone for them. And, while they take in more money than any one person can ever be allowed to know and remain alive, they probably spend twice as much seducing, coddling, and bilking their bodily fluids out of them until they dry up, than all the other adult entertainment film companies combined. I think about that every time I tune in to turn on, and encourage the handful of their models that I correspond with to make sure that they are treated with respect and paid as much as possible ---because we all know they will never be paid what they are actually worth to the Russian/Ukranian/Latvian mob, I mean global conglomerate. I'm sure it's why they give him such latitude. He's a gorgeous sex machine, and I'm encouraging him to negotiate a retirement golden parachute before he has nothing to negotiate with. And finally, we should all try to keep in mind the severe psychological damage that is done to these boys when they decide to make a deal with the devil. All of you who have been complaining about Kevin know it, and see it, but don't consider pulling any of your punches when you rail about him. And I truly believe that what is happening to him, because he wanted a truly human life as opposed to the life he was dealt, is what would have happened to me and, I dare say, to each of you, had you been born into the life he was born into, and had only one weapon with which to fight your way out: unadulterated, breath-catching physical beauty. Unfortunately, it is pathetically rare that anyone who 'watches ' him ever SEES him, and even rarer that they see his soul, in spite of the fact that it is right in front of them.

h********* - 03/24/2021 2:04:27 PM

Derek is one of my favorite young men. Handsome, nice body, great smile, and all that wonderful natural body hair...pits, bum, pubes, and those amazing jock legs. I’m really tired of the continuing insertion of Kevin and Adam.

i****** - 03/24/2021 9:30:34 AM

I don't like criticising cameramen etc but just a bit too much messing about here. Nice model (not my type but nice)

a***** - 03/24/2021 6:50:46 AM

Love Derek! He's gorgeous and a great performer with a good attitude! Please, feature him often.

w****** - 03/23/2021 10:11:00 PM

I thought we were going to get some more questions in the pool but no, it was just a minor ego trip for Kevin. Kevin, beware of ego trips, you never know where they might take you. The fragmented nature of the whole interview made it difficult to learn very much about a very much loved young man.

t****** - 03/23/2021 6:24:34 PM

Nothing against Derek, but not a great solo by any means. 🥱

P****** - 03/23/2021 1:33:16 PM

Agree with otrebor. Can't Kevin and his camera ever get out of the way?

o****** - 03/23/2021 12:03:15 PM

Too many boys... and Kevin again...The interview is not very interesting but love the solo of course what such a beauty!!! Solid hairy thighs and legs are stunning! Love Derek so much "LIVING ART!!"! YES!!!

d******* - 03/23/2021 11:53:26 AM

I think he is exquisite with beautiful body, fine cock, lovely lips and those gorgeous brown eyes. What more could you ask for as he is so sweet too. He makes me dream, dream, dream! Derek I love you you are a doll

s******** - 03/23/2021 9:30:32 AM


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