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Derek Caravaggio


Like fine wine, Derek Caravaggio gets better with age.  When Derek started with us, we had difficulty motivating him to stay in shape.  As he matured and came to learn how admired a tightly toned body is, he became disciplined. Now he is always in tip top condition.   If you live in the United States and see someone who looks just like Derek, well, it might be Derek.  He is currently touring the U.S.  with his buddy, Elio Chalamet. 

Derek Caravaggio
G********* - 06/13/2024 9:24:25 AM

Out of focus and his face is cut out of frame just as he comes. And as other comments note, it just drags on too long. It shouldn't be too hard to shoot a mere jack-off scene, but Bel Ami's incompetent videographers, directors, and/or editors do not seem up to the task.

M********* - 02/11/2021 12:45:07 PM

Wow! That's all I can say. What an amazing Guy.

a********** - 11/13/2020 6:41:22 AM

Derek is absolutely beautiful and what a smile he is super sexy and you could kiss those lips all day long

h********* - 08/24/2020 1:49:02 PM

Gorgeous young man with perfect body and killer smile.

a******* - 02/15/2020 9:07:57 PM

Derek is a fave

s******** - 02/03/2020 7:50:45 AM

That was hot and you are self cleaning love that part. And you liked it...

C************** - 02/02/2020 9:04:38 AM

Cute guy, beautiful eyes, hot body! A joy.

d******* - 02/02/2020 2:00:17 AM

Derek so very handsome with sweet lips to kiss, lovely dark eyes, dark hair to run your fingers through, getting so muscular too with gorgeous body, lots of hair around his sweet hole too. His cum is so nice and thick as it would please anybody but he needs bed partner like Elio C. as they would be so cute together

V************ - 01/31/2020 5:15:04 PM

Derek is indeed a handsome young man and seems to be growing in his performance skills s exhibited here. However, I agree with comments below that this seemed a bit long for just a wank. The best part, the way Derek scoops up his own cum and puts it in his mouth and swallows. Though some models might put a drop or so on their tongue I have never seen a BA model so boldly scoop up as much of his own cum and clearly swallow it with apparent pleasure. I also agree that BA cameramen utterly fail to satisfy viewers who enjoy full ass views of their models, with few exceptions.

J****** - 01/30/2020 7:14:25 PM

Juste magnifique Derek est un bijou, une étoile, un des meilleurs solo à ce jour. Je pourrais admirer Derek des heures et des jours .Amour et passion pour ce beau garçon.

R************ - 01/30/2020 1:34:19 PM

Derek è un ragazzo fantastico. Impossibile non farsi le seghe immaginando di averlo tutto per te!!

d******** - 01/29/2020 10:12:24 AM

Derek is gorgeous. So is Elio. Why not put them together, that would a fantastic coupling.

g******* - 01/29/2020 5:51:46 AM

Elio and Derek separate bedrooms?

b***** - 01/28/2020 11:51:47 PM

I like to look at Derek but find this solo disappointing, there is no motion in this picture. Fourteen minutes of one-dimensional wanking just isn’t that inspirational to me, and who has been directing this episode? Derek has such a cute and beautiful butt but we saw nothing of that, bad, bad, bad. A wasted episode on a beautiful model, a real pity.

D************* - 01/28/2020 10:32:51 PM

Derek Caravaggio put on a great show. I loved it and I love Derek. I love the smiles and facial expressions. Also outstanding filming, lighting and location. I would love to see Jim Durden given such a chance to perform with this same location.

w****** - 01/28/2020 8:44:43 PM

Much as I like Derek, I found this very tedious. I expected it to be more than just a fourteen minute wank.

P****** - 01/28/2020 3:43:03 PM

I'd say he's in pretty nice shape. And as someone who lives in the United States, I'll start looking for him right away. Why not tell us his tour schedule? There's only 3000 miles coast to coast.

a********* - 01/28/2020 2:21:25 PM

An intimate black fur paints the male with a touch of elegance, for an intriguing party evening.

g********** - 01/28/2020 1:17:43 PM

Beautiful! Fabulous! Gorgeous, adorable Derek is totally ravishing, incredibly sexy and certainly knows how to put on a show. Lots more of him please!

i******* - 01/28/2020 12:59:28 PM

I agree alocam, I can never get enough of Derek's ass either! I love me some Derek! More please!

a***** - 01/28/2020 12:14:06 PM

Seriously who is the dumb fuck cameraman?? You have in front of you one of the finest bums in all of BelAmi for a 14 minute video and you can’t spend but a paltry minute and thirty seconds on Derek’s ass???????? That stupidity aside, Derek is fantastic. He’s maturing from a very cute boy to an amazingly handsome man 💕💕💕 One of my absolute favorites

6***** - 01/28/2020 11:59:55 AM

Delicious...I'd like him for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack!

a********* - 01/28/2020 10:34:07 AM

Che bel ragazzo !

R********* - 01/28/2020 9:57:47 AM

In Carrvagio and Michelangelo's time this boy was certain a model for his painting;.What a gorgiousness !

o****** - 01/28/2020 9:17:43 AM

Derek I'mdying of Love for You!!!

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