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Derek Caravaggio

Derek’s interview today will be in English. So, we will keep this description brief and let you enjoy his shower followed by his chat with George. You’ll see Derek next month in his first scene with Bastian Dufy.

Derek Caravaggio
a***** - 11/24/2020 11:18:52 AM

It's interesting how I never really cared for Derek before, until today I saw a little bit of his scene with Ariel and decide to come here and watch his interview first. Honestly I'd like it much more if it the interview is in (Czech) because I like the language and Derek will be more natural. I think I've seen his first scene with Serge but it wasn't attractive, we'll see what happens when I watch the Africa one or his scene with Kieran, his other favortie then.

h********* - 08/24/2020 1:36:55 AM

What a sexy young godlet! My goodness, he is a hot dude. Very comfortable with his body. Another hunk where I could spend a day between those furry jock legs. He has the build of a hockey player, thick thighs and muscular ass. Hot!

A******** - 05/06/2020 3:39:29 AM

Fantasitc. There are no subtitles so we get long, loving views of the cute boy naked while he talks with the interviewer. If only all Belami interviews were done so intelligently.

a******* - 02/15/2020 9:09:19 PM

Derek is a fave

t********* - 01/30/2020 1:30:51 AM

English subtitles

d******* - 01/18/2020 11:51:10 PM

Derek is very dreamily sexy with lovely body, nice sweet lips to kiss, gorgeous dark eyes, dark black hair. Derek just makes you dream as he is so romantic as he is a doll.

p************ - 07/10/2019 3:35:28 AM

He was so comfortable in his own skin, so apparently comfortable and unselfish-conscious. I find him charming.

e******** - 07/02/2019 3:58:09 AM

English subtitles.

R************ - 06/30/2019 6:12:01 PM

Vorrei bere tutto il suo latte denso e profumato.

1****** - 06/12/2019 5:04:57 PM

CC please.

V************ - 06/05/2019 11:17:38 PM

Like already pointed out below the sound quality of this interview was absolutely horrible. So poor in fact that I didn't enjoy it at all. I wound up fast forwarding through it because it was so difficult to understand. Only two stars from me even though I really like the models' looks and enjoyed the shower part. Please do a better job of ensuring quality sound in these interviews. Otherwise it is just a waste of time.

w****** - 05/21/2019 10:47:31 PM

It is great to hear an interview conducted in English but somehow the sound level and quality makes it difficult to follow and I missed important details of the conversation. I see that many other commentators mention the same problem. As for Derek, before this shower scene I didn't notice how chunky his thighs were.

b***** - 05/21/2019 5:35:08 PM

Derek is a lovely guy. I like it that he has two models that I like very much as his favourites and I am very much looking forward to his scenes with them. His English is very good so that part of the interview was easy to follow. The questions were very difficult to understand though, I think that when you have an interview completely in English the sound should be very crisp, that wasn’t the case here.

N******** - 05/21/2019 12:42:11 PM

His scene with Basti should be hot!

p***** - 05/21/2019 12:36:17 PM

This was a nice interview but I just wish the sound quality was better. Even with the volume turned way up I found it difficult to hear George.

a********* - 05/21/2019 12:00:57 PM

these unfinished videos without "enjoyment" are the festival of austerity, an ode to restrained hands!

m******* - 05/21/2019 10:19:50 AM

very different from the patrol of blondes but absolutely sexy, very male, with a solid body and well built, nice cock, nice ass, beautiful face, the demonstration that the choices in this company are always right and varied, for all tastes, except rare exceptions, but this is part of my personal tastes

o****** - 05/21/2019 9:29:03 AM

Well I can write and read English but I've difficulties with spoken English… So I lost a lot the interview… Nevermind it was a pleasure to watch this adorable boy I love! Love his Caravaggio face, solid hairy thighs and legs! Alas the shower was too short… A solo next time?

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