Sex scene

Derek & Kirk

Derek will be here in a hardcore scene in 2 weeks, but next week, we have this solo gem from one of the cutest of our Freshmen.

Kirk Gauguin
Derek Caravaggio
S****** - 01/18/2020 10:24:19 AM

Oh my! This promises to be amazing!

A********** - 01/15/2020 12:53:27 AM

Wonderful partners: nice promise for next week. I hope one of the best sex scenes from BA history !

x****** - 01/14/2020 9:58:18 PM

I'd love to invest my stock with Derek, with his hairy ass and legs as collateral! :)

m***** - 01/14/2020 8:59:39 PM

Fabulous, Kirk and Derek are so hot...

t********* - 01/14/2020 4:31:38 PM

Beautiful casting! But, agree with my friend otrebor and nicasa1990: please, guys, when will we see Kirk bottom again and please let him cum first as he is still being fucked, not the mutual jerk off ending please?

b***** - 01/14/2020 2:50:29 PM

Kirk and Derek make a cute couple, I am looking forward to this scene!

D******* - 01/14/2020 10:58:54 AM

Derek is superb, and Kirk is hot too !

o****** - 01/14/2020 10:47:25 AM

Yes you right nicasa1990 ! But for this scene I cann't wait… I adore both!!!

n********* - 01/14/2020 10:20:08 AM

We need Kirk to bottom again. SOON!

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