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Derek & Giulio

Given the abundance of riches that is Freshmen, it is very tough selecting just three to be included in the Freshmen of the year special. In this case, we choose Giulio Pasolini as a contrast to the two blonds featured in our hardcore scenes. His partner for this photoset is fellow brunet Derek Caravaggio. These pictures were taken by Eliot in our Bratislava studio and we hope you enjoy them. If you’d like to see this pair in action, they have a scene together from last month at BelAmiOnline that also features the seductive Andrei Karenin. You can expect to see more of our “Freshmen of the Year” recipients in the next months both here and at BelAmiOnline.

D************* - 03/20/2021 12:34:43 AM

Two of my favorite boys: Derek and Giulio. The photos taken by Eliot Klein: one of my favorite photographers. The magic was there for these photos. I love to see Derek smiling so much. I have a feeling that they love each other in real life as well as on camera. I hope that is the case because they are so beautiful together.

d********** - 01/21/2021 9:05:22 PM

Derek and Giullio are a well matched pair of guys; they appear to be in love and I'm in love with both of them. They are a couple of attractive lads with gorgeous cocks, neat asses and, always a turn on for me, hairy thighs. Ignore those who are unable to get off on photos; that's their hard [soft] luck. Although it's always better to see youths in sex action, some of us still appreciate decent [or indecent] photographic well.

S****** - 01/01/2021 12:03:45 AM

I said it before with their sex scene on the main site, and I will say it again here. These two cuties are absolutely adorable together. I love them both. I hope we continue to see more scenes involving these 2 sexy darlings together.

d******* - 12/26/2020 11:48:54 PM

It is too bad this is not a sex scene as both young men so adorable and sexy.

b******* - 12/04/2020 7:59:25 AM

So adorable! And yes, they could be brothers, true, true.

c****** - 12/03/2020 4:35:25 AM

I agree with topdog - these two look like real brothers - the hottest two in Bratislava - wherever that is.

w****** - 12/02/2020 8:49:55 PM

Two equally lovely young men but I think Derek's ass just edges it.

t********* - 12/02/2020 5:47:20 PM

These two do indeed look like brothers but I think my favorite is Guilio. In Guilio’s first scene’s, he was too white and I like that he has a tan in his recent scenes. Makes a big difference. Not a fan of all the butt hair and certainly dislike the hairy legs but the cute and tan face and chest outweigh the disappointment.

J******* - 12/02/2020 5:53:09 AM

"Please tell me there is a video to accompany the photos..." Take the hint from the description and check out the pictures from "Derek, Giulio and Andrei" over on BelAmiOnline. Same haircuts, same room, they just changed the sheets and the "color temperature" setting on the camera and only shot the bottoms.

x****** - 12/02/2020 12:50:38 AM

No wonder that Derek is smiling in many of these photos. Who wouldn't be smiling if he had Giulio in his arms?

J****** - 12/01/2020 11:51:28 PM

I'm dreaming of a hot FlipFlop scene with these two hotties. Especially I hope to see mutch more of Giulio !!!

D****** - 12/01/2020 10:46:09 PM

I agree totally with Jasper. I haven't gotten off to photos since I was 17

b********* - 12/01/2020 9:13:42 PM

Please tell me there's a video to accompany the photos .... : )

6***** - 12/01/2020 6:19:25 PM

Sorry Jasper 2020 for being outdated but I love the photosets, its a perfect way of appreciating the beauty of these young men. Why can't we have both.....the more the better don't you think. Belami is known for its photo quality!!!!

a***** - 12/01/2020 4:54:47 PM

Super sweet and sexy Giulio!

W****** - 12/01/2020 3:52:05 PM

Great photos of a very cute couple who look so good together. Please schedule a flip-flop with these two gorgeous guys for early 2021 (or whenever you’re able to start filming again).

h********* - 12/01/2020 3:44:18 PM

Spectacular photos of two of FM and BA’s sexiest guys. As MDindon says, they could indeed be cousins. Incredibly beautiful faces and bodies, amazing smiles, and all of that natural, yummy body hair. Giulio’s gaping hole is a treasure. Picture 17 begs for some armpit worship. Good thing I wasn’t in the same room with them, as I’d passed out from excitement.

P****** - 12/01/2020 2:18:36 PM

Both hot enough to make one want to move to Greece, but I would love to see this encounter in video too.

M****** - 12/01/2020 1:52:37 PM

Delicious pair. They could be cousins. I love the silliness and boyish charm expressed in these pix. It's unusual to see this side of Derek, but I can understand that being around Giulio might get one excited. And with respect to Jasper2020, still photos are great at capturing a moment and can be wonderful. BA's still photography is the best in the business. That said, I much prefer wanking to action video, but my porn collection includes plenty of both formats. I also adore the videos of still photo sessions which, to my knowledge, are only featured at BA.

J********* - 12/01/2020 1:32:07 PM

I don't understand photo sets. Why feature them anymore. They are a distraction during filming sex. And then you get a set like this and no video? what is the fucking point. Who looks at photos anymore? Seems so outdated to me.

b******* - 12/01/2020 10:30:04 AM

A suberb set of photos. No 16, with Giulio's lips around Derek's penis, is pure art.

r*********** - 12/01/2020 9:29:13 AM

I ADORE Derek's heavy thighs - and we have had a lot of them in the past couple of weeks. Giulio's hairy buns in photo 6 are a major turn-on - a classic case of "less is more!" This is a great photo set which captures the animation of two very sexy, dark-haired young men.

s******** - 12/01/2020 9:19:28 AM

May the gargoyles of St. Vitus swoop down to take Derek and Giulio up to the cathedral belfry to get fuck-lessons from these two future porn legends and re-learn the meaning of being rock-hard.

o****** - 12/01/2020 9:16:20 AM

What such a wonderful couplie! That deserves a full scene video!!!

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