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Dean Cooper

Here we are offering you the interview and solo with Dean Cooper, filmed during our last Africa trip. I must admit to a little hesitancy when it comes to Dean, but I feel obliged to introduce you to him here on Freshmen so that you may pass your judgement upon him.

Dean Cooper
p************ - 03/01/2018 6:33:15 PM

Beautiful man, I really like him

C************ - 02/07/2018 8:17:55 PM

He's hot, but not hot enough for BelAmi

t****** - 01/24/2018 7:33:08 PM

This is about as bad as it gets. Dean is one of the least appealing guys previewed on the freshmen site since launch. It’s a ‘never’ from me. ★☆☆☆☆

J***** - 01/23/2018 5:01:33 PM

He's a "Hell Yeh" from me!

e***** - 01/15/2018 2:59:33 AM

He is a definite KEEPER! Absolutely stunning.

m***** - 01/12/2018 7:55:12 PM

Yes, more of him, please!

S******* - 01/11/2018 12:29:44 PM

I'm in love, totally and openly: what a boy, what an eyes, what an eyelashes, what a smart, witty sense of humour, what a bright and appealing personality! Who the hell needs to be a classical beauty, with such a priceless charm?

o****** - 01/11/2018 7:15:27 AM

Nice guy! Clever, comfy and confident! Beautiful eyes and greedy mouth! A very sexy unusual body with great chest and nipples, very appealing hairy cross, arse, thighs and legs! He has to maintain his shape but stop to develop his muscles too much. Nice load he tastes with greediness. I like him!!!

t*********** - 01/11/2018 1:16:00 AM

Delightful Dean! Handsome, nice body, relaxed, confident personality. And I like that he's not clean-shaven down below. Dean may not be superstar material, but he has the potential to be an excellent member of the team whom I'd like to see regularly. I think the "Physique" magazine George refers to is "Physique Pictorial," which was published by Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guild in the U.S. during the 50's and 60's. There were lots of attractive guys in posing straps and silly costumes - the obscenity laws were restrictive about full frontal nudity, and the costumes provided "artistic merit" so it wasn't just smut.... How times have changed.

b****** - 01/11/2018 12:04:50 AM

I'd suggest passing...

r*********** - 01/10/2018 9:41:33 PM

S'OK. Unlikely to make my A list.

c***** - 01/10/2018 8:46:12 PM

I was not sure if I was going to like Dean when I first saw his preview last week. Glad to say that I do, and I am looking forward to seeing more of him!

D********* - 01/10/2018 5:15:07 PM

Gorgeous! Bring him on! He'd pair well with Lars or Nils!

n***** - 01/10/2018 3:20:15 PM

GD...Dean has all the qualities needed, great physique, outgoing personality and driving passion for sex. Welcome aboard Dean. Please George.

g******* - 01/10/2018 2:30:48 PM

Dean is such a wonderful addition. Please bring him back...

h******* - 01/10/2018 10:39:42 AM

How could you possibly feel unsurely in introducing a hunky, hot and masculine young MAN. Very attractive, infinitely more so than the young, petite cute boys who regularly adorn here. MORE< MORE< MORE< MORE

i****** - 01/10/2018 10:23:37 AM

Hesitant? Why? Lovely very sexy guy with wonderful hairy lower body. Engaging and fun. I want to see more so stop hesitating please. As you imply it is your customers.' opinions that count. Thanks for showing him. and, please, stop passing judgement before you hear our views.

s******** - 01/10/2018 3:49:29 AM

Dear George: Although we, the refined voyeur porn gourmets who have been engorged at your feasting table for many years, might be asked by you to pass judgement, we know that it is you who blesses the cross to beatify (Kinky Angels - Kevin Adam Jack Adam Johan Paulik) or wields the sword to sknight (most of new Freshmen - especially Peter, Hoyt, Jerome, Helmut and the Magyarteers) or simply sanctions as having a porny presence (we see once or twice such as Kirk McCartney or Lance Thurber), Nonetheless, delivering a dignified Danke Duroy your way for letting us think our opinions might really matter much.

L*********** - 01/09/2018 11:58:51 PM

A bright, friendly and intelligent guy, wonderful eyes, a sexy body - oh yes, more of it please.

S******* - 01/09/2018 10:55:52 PM

Totally sexy! Much more please!

g******* - 01/09/2018 8:28:46 PM

Lovely hunky body.

g********* - 01/09/2018 7:44:08 PM

He looks much better in the cover photo than in the interview and solo. I like him and shall be happy to see the scenes in which he bottoms.

D******* - 01/09/2018 7:24:20 PM

Dean has great thighs...... I think he would make a hot bottom, does he like it? he should learn to like it..... he could turn into a power, all-purpose bottom.

t******* - 01/09/2018 6:58:59 PM

George: On the positive side, I like his name, and he does clean up well.

r***** - 01/09/2018 6:45:51 PM

Not a typical BA guy! Thanks God! He destroyed the BA uniform! BA is opening for new style, for new types, for more variety. Bravo! Dean is super.

b***** - 01/09/2018 6:03:49 PM

Dean is a charming guy and not bad to look at either. I am interested in watching him in action with other models (and I will keep him to his promise of being talkative during sex, which I like).

s******* - 01/09/2018 5:50:48 PM

This is case in which the attitude look more important than the physical appearance (which is not bad at all, of course!). I like his personality very much and think he'll be a winner in sex scenes. We can expect a lot from him

N******** - 01/09/2018 4:40:54 PM

Nice guy - I'd be happy to see him in action to judge further.

c********** - 01/09/2018 11:37:33 AM

He is self assured because he has a beautiful face, body, cock and ass...and a winning personality...

w******* - 01/09/2018 10:38:10 AM

I think the hesitancy might come from the fact that he has slightly unusual facial features. The pictures don't quite do him justice, but he comes across much better in the actual video. I'd love to see more of him!

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