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Dario Martinez

Our Colombian solo today is with Dario Martinex. Dario is full of classic Latino sexiness. We’re confident his full lips, mysterious dark eyes and lovely big dick will win some fans. We chose Dario as we needed a boy with bigger dick to compensate for Sven in the photo section here ;-)

Dario Martinez
m******* - 08/28/2021 9:40:43 PM

This Colombia dude Dario martinex is my all favorite. His smooth body and huge cock and hangling balls are amazing hot. Bring Dario back on stage soon again as this video was from 3 years back. Want to see him as a TOP soon...

V************ - 11/24/2018 7:07:43 AM

Nothing special here in this young man. Had to fast forward through most of it.

L****** - 07/07/2018 8:27:36 PM

I really want him pounding my as se! !!

F******** - 05/17/2018 11:22:21 AM

Wowww, super hot man, more from him please.

t****** - 05/03/2018 4:03:10 AM

Well the bar has been set pretty high with the local flavours, still Dario is nice-looking. The cold sore (or cut) near his bottom lip is a bit of a turn off though.

h********** - 04/13/2018 11:07:09 AM

Waiting to see Dario in a sex scene. But, as wrote below, Mateo solo was one of the best I had the opportunity to see (Model and camera work).

b***** - 04/12/2018 2:12:05 PM

I agree with Geoffrey.

C********* - 04/11/2018 11:00:22 AM

Beautiful Dario should be a regular on FM and BA....his dark Latin features and awesome cock and creamy cum shot are all BA quality....bring him and Mateo back to CR and let them fuck their way through the boys.....

g******* - 04/11/2018 1:15:39 AM

Random guy wanking off with a nice cum shot. We learned nothing about him.

g********* - 04/10/2018 11:18:07 PM

Dario is OK, but Mateo is simply in a different league

s******** - 04/10/2018 2:45:44 PM

dario is super hot with a fantastic boner. wish the same were true of the camera used to shoot this. looks like it was shot on a smartphone. blurring, with fuzzy focus. dario must be even more amazing photgraphed with a real camera.

L*********** - 04/10/2018 1:47:04 PM

Dario is a very fine exotic guy, it´s very nice to watch him. And I agree with the comments below what about this combination of "dark meat" and his natural body hair - that´s a great and hot mixture!

w************ - 04/10/2018 12:17:58 PM

Love solos but this guy is not for me

N******** - 04/10/2018 11:46:47 AM

I'm not a great fan of solos.

J****** - 04/10/2018 11:30:22 AM

Sorry, not for me. A little bit too exotic.

o****** - 04/10/2018 11:13:48 AM

Dario is sexy as hell! Absolutely I agree with comments below. His great dick and load are a delicious greediness! Love his natural body hair. Delightful!!!

a***** - 04/10/2018 11:02:40 AM

Mmmm Dario feels the O 👍

a****** - 04/10/2018 10:38:12 AM

Love Dario’s dark meat ... there’s plenty of it! Love Dario’s jizz... there’s plenty of that too! Love all the pubes. He is so sexy and hot. Hope you filmed some scenes with this worthy guy!

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