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Danny Defoe & Liam Efron

Liam is horny and no one is safe. His hunt for dick encompasses the entire house, desperate to find someone who is not busy working or otherwise occupied. His desire even has him giving the production staff a go. Finally, he finds Danny Defoe whose hefty hunk of Hungarian man-meat is enough to satisfy Liam’s dick desire. The delayed gratification serves to make Liam even more insatiable than normal as he gets all that he wants from his Magyar friend.

Liam Efron
Danny Defoe
j********* - 07/10/2023 4:56:40 PM

This scene features on this month’s Freshmen calendar and I thought it would be nice to re-visit it. Poor little Liam, desperately needs a fuck and everyone’s too busy for the cute little chap. (I find it so hard to believe that anybody would ever be that cruel, or stupid.) Thank goodness the altruistic Danny is just hanging about with nothing to do, freshly-showered and ready to go. The rest of the scene is just too wonderful. The only downer is that horrible BA hissing and sucking of breath through gritted/clenched teeth. Yuk! Both boys are so cute and the fuck is really good. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

C*********** - 11/16/2021 2:25:27 AM

Fuckintastic! Perfect pairing, I love both of them. Liam is really one of the hottest, most natural cuties I've seen on this site. Exactly my type :) And what's that bs in his profile, about him being "hyperactive"?? I totally adore how energetic and outgoing he is, being totally authentic and in the moment, enjoying himself and his partner. Boyfriend material right there!! :)

d******* - 11/19/2020 11:14:03 AM

Liam, Danny D. just awesome!!

d********* - 06/20/2020 5:29:05 PM


B********* - 04/01/2019 5:39:10 AM

This is a well filmed scene. The lighting is absolutely lyrical. But the scene has major flaws. Like Liam's 3 rejections. How are they erotic? And if rejections are not erotic, what are they doing in a porn firm? Watch Lukas Stories again. "Even guys who were big with the girls" are ready to fuck each other like our bi bonobo cousins. That's the magic of porn. Screw reality! And rejection too! What did either ever do for you? Want something much hotter: Watch Liam's scene with Jim Durden here in Freshmen. He really makes us feel what he feels when there's big thick dick deep inside him.. But then.. HE DOES SOMETHING WITH MIKE'S CUM I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN A BEL AMI FILM. As Mike shoots a huge load, LIAM SCOOPS UP THE CUM INTO HIS OPEN HOLE WITH HIS FINGERS! It makes my dick ooze just thinking of it!.

M****** - 03/21/2019 4:15:43 PM

Close to perfect. Liam's such a delightfully slutty, bossy power-bottom. The missionary finale was sublime, especially seeing Liam spread wide to present his hole and a moment for Danny to apply some saliva before penetrating. 2 tips: remind your tops that slow, deep thrusts can be as sexy as fucking as fast as possible. Also, lighting or exposure seemed slightly off in this. Acceptable, but a little washed out when they moved to the sofa.

s************* - 03/13/2019 2:03:06 AM

A match made in heaven! Love BOTH these young men, so much!!! Didn't want this scene to end! Pure heaven! Thanks BA! : )

V************ - 03/01/2019 3:09:12 PM

Two really skinny dudes engaging in frantic sex which wears me out just to watch. Shot in a beautiful setting but with poor use of the light at times which washed out the models. The best part of the whole scene was Danny's cum shot at the end with his cum ricocheting off of Liam's tongue and splattering all over Liam's face. Not really my type of sex scene as everything is such a blur due to its fast paced frantic action. Overall 3 stars.

w******* - 02/24/2019 1:49:07 PM

Liam is one of my fave models - what a passionate performer and while some call him skinny I like his lean muscled body - no body fat and his abs are wonderful.

C************** - 02/21/2019 3:45:19 PM

The winner here is Liam for being fucked by the seriously hot young hunk Danny and copping Danny’s big cum load on his face. Liam needs to fatten up. He looks under-fed.

N******** - 02/21/2019 12:20:39 PM

Looks as though Liam has been taking over-acting lessons from the three clowns. Whilst there is certainly enthusiasm in this scene it rather leaves me underwhelmed - not sure why, it just didn't really do anything for me.

D****** - 02/20/2019 8:04:46 PM

I hadn’t expected Liam to bottom, so this was for me a most enjoyable scene since he did so so passionately. One of the best scenes in a long while!

b***** - 02/20/2019 10:15:36 AM

Any scene with Danny in it is good and this one makes no exception. As could be expected this pairing with Liam is a bit more wild than we are used to wit Danny, but I think Danny handled Liam very well. I definitely prefer true passion over frenetic and Danny knows how to bring Liam’s tumultuous approach of sex down to an acceptable level (Liam may be the loudest rimmer in the BA stable though). I loved the finale. The well-furnished outdoors setting of Castle Kinky Angelo is a treat, as always.

g******* - 02/19/2019 11:36:50 PM

Electric! The scene deserved all its stars. The irrepressible Liam with the gorgeous Danny. The talk during the sex, Liam's total enthusiasm and Danny's amazing cock fucking a really willing hole. Then Liam's orgasm straight into Liam's hungry mouth. No spitting the cum here - he took all he could get. Liam may not be on an exclusive anymore but please use him as much as possible.

u*********** - 02/19/2019 7:33:20 PM

More video whit Danny please !! Fantastic!!

m******* - 02/19/2019 7:22:50 PM

honestly, this sofa has tired me like these scenes outdoors, but I can not do anything unfortunately (it's my problem even if I'd like to know if someone thinks like me) Liam and 'the usual hungry for cock, you see that does not pretend, he likes it and Danny is as delicious as ever, cute, tender, passionate, very beautiful, the cumshot in the voracious mouth of Liam, a beautiful scene that on a nice bed would have earned many points more

t****** - 02/19/2019 12:47:02 PM

Danny gets sexier by the day!

o****** - 02/19/2019 9:35:23 AM

Wild youthful sex! Skinny and cute Liam, mad of sex, is more eager than ever! His face while he is coming and drinking Danny's great load is stunning! Danny more and more sexy and gorgeous gives him all he wants with a great energy! Funny opening with our favorite boys!

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