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Danny Defoe & Ryan McKenna

Language and logistics are two L words that constantly plague us. For instance, in this scene we couldn’t employ our usual practice of having the two models get to know each other prior to starting as they do not speak the same language. This problem is exacerbated by the failure of our interpreter to show up. Fortunately, these dual problems are ameliorated by two other L words: Lust and Libido. All we had to do was get these two boys naked together and nature took over- no instruction needed. Today Ryan is on the receiving end of Danny’s big dick. At the end, their contented sighs and sensual kisses indicated their satisfaction far better than words ever could.

Danny Defoe
Ryan McKenna
b****** - 02/21/2019 5:30:14 PM

Nothing pleases me more than repeating myself greatr scene from both!

t****** - 02/03/2019 1:50:11 PM

They make a superb pair!

V************ - 02/01/2019 3:53:23 PM

I disagree completely with NuSound85. I absolutely loved the pace of this scene and the sensual kissing. Considering the language barrier I thought it was well done. Danny is so very cute and he had a great come shot. It would be wonderful if he could do some upper body work to ad some definition to his chest and abs, but he even is still a very cute model and very sensual. 4 stars.

N******** - 01/28/2019 9:54:33 PM

Dull and mechanical. No sense of passion at all.

t********* - 01/28/2019 6:00:58 PM

Want to update my strong agree comment with otrebor and bwjant — I went through all of Ryan’s scenes at Belami and apparently he is so hot that the top always cums first without giving Ryan a chance, leaving us with the weaktit jerk off. PLEaSE !!! A scene where Ryan bottoms for Adam or Rhys or Antony and RYAN gets to cum before the top AS the top he still fucking him, PLEaSE!!

f****** - 01/25/2019 3:22:09 AM

Both cute; Danny is spectacular. But in this scene they both look put out, sad to be there and wish it would just get over with. I didn't even care to watch the whole thing. If they can't even ACT like they have some passion for each other, find another line of work.

g******* - 01/24/2019 11:04:03 PM

Danny is one of the hottest and I wish we can see him more often. Two amazing cumshots and loved it when Ryan rubbed his oozing cock all over Danny's face.

m******** - 01/23/2019 12:51:01 AM

Adoro Ryan ! Kisses Ryan !!! Je te dour ! Amo-te !

b***** - 01/22/2019 10:35:23 PM

Both Danny and Ryan are so cute, such a pleasure to look at and this scene gives us plenty of opportunity to admire their bodies and equipment. I could rate this episode 5 stars for these reasons alone, and that is what I did.

J******** - 01/22/2019 7:45:36 PM

Ryan has that supple foreskin which unveals its cockhead with such delight and the semen spurts are wonderful. Ryan hat diese samtene Vorhaut welche die Eichel in solcher Freude freilegt und der Samenauswurf ist wunderbar.

u*********** - 01/22/2019 6:04:18 PM

More of DANNY !!! Please!!

L*********** - 01/22/2019 2:11:42 PM

They very different but highly interesting duo makes the standard action nevertheless exciting. A few but first-class close-ups. Ryan is far too rare to see, please more of Ryan.

a********* - 01/22/2019 10:18:55 AM

Cute guys, unsatisfactory and controversial filmmaking.... it is perceptible that the director is tired and bored, devoid of enthusiasm.

o****** - 01/22/2019 9:36:01 AM

Nice pairing so different they are! Danny is pretty and sexy! Ryan is a strapping and charming fellow! Good foreplays with hot sucking, great rimming and a little bit nippleplay! Classic fucking but energetic! Sometimes Ryan fucks himself. I would prefer he comes while fucked but his shoot on Danny 's face is hot! One day want to see Danny fucked… Nice kissing with tongues!

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