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Danny Defoe & Fabian Jacq

An interpreter was lacking for this scene between Danny, our heavenly Hungarian and Fabien, our charming Czech. This shortage resulted in the rare pleasure of having this scene introduced by George himself.

After the introduction, George dispatches the boys to the bedroom for interactions that are not language based. This is one of the earliest scenes of Fabien, but it is the last scene we filmed with Danny. The many Danny-philes watching shouldn’t worry as we still have some scenes in our vaults.

Danny Defoe
Fabien Jacq
e*********** - 06/29/2019 12:47:23 AM

Too hot

J****** - 04/22/2019 5:58:22 PM

Malgré que vous avez encore des scènes avec Danny, je ne peu pas croire que vous l'ayez laisser partir. Danny est discret mais ne passe pas inaperçu, il est un très bon interprète et un amour.

s******* - 04/22/2019 5:40:38 PM

Fabian is just simply perfect! A gay man’s dream. Lean body! Super hot ass!

V************ - 04/22/2019 3:54:43 PM

Fabian is really cute but a bit thin. Still, he has a sweet little ass for fucking. Overall a decent scene. Wish BA would do a better job of recognizing that when there is a bright window in the background when a model shoots his wad it is lost/washed out in the bright light. Since that is a scene's climax it seems to that you would want to have maximum clarity. Fabian had a nice cum shot but it was washed out to the point that it was barely visible. This happens often in BA scenes. Lighting and background need to be put on a check list for every scene. Those filming need to think more critically about how the lighting or lack of it affect the overall quality of the scene., especially the climax. I also felt that many of the shots were too close when filming them in the sitting position. Close is ok but we also need some a foot or so away and we had little to none of that in this scene. Overall 4 stars.

T*********** - 04/18/2019 5:44:57 AM

Fabian looks like he has just finished chemo. Get him on a good diet and into the gym.

t***** - 04/17/2019 7:39:17 PM

There is something extra special about Fabien.

w******* - 04/17/2019 1:50:59 PM

Fabien is fabulous the consummate bottom and danny while obviously gaining some weight still is a cutie

s************* - 04/17/2019 8:53:20 AM

What??? Danny is done filming with BA? This makes me so sad, I still haven't gotten over Liam Efron's departure. Sigh. Seems lately, all my favorite boys are leaving, such a bummer! As far as this scene? It's superb! I mean, Danny AND Fabian are in it, how could it fail? The lovemaking is simply beautiful.....

g******* - 04/17/2019 12:59:37 AM

So sad that Danny has finished with BA. Just one of the loveliest. 10 of his scenes are lost because they were in KA including that memorable one with JL and Nino. Other sites keep their scenes, why not BA?????

z********* - 04/17/2019 12:18:15 AM

Fabian beautiful, Danny wonderful, they have everthing that is beautiful, well filmed, Fabian's eyes are beautiful!!!

b***** - 04/16/2019 11:53:11 PM

Wonderful scene, the pairing of Danny (older and even cuter) and Fabien (very handsome and appealing) works very well. I must disagree however with the opinion that you don’t need language during sex. This week’s episode with Justin and Benoit shows that talking before, during and after sex adds to the playfulness and intimacy of a scene and makes it so much more interesting to watch. This is not to say anything negative about Danny and Fabien, they made a difficult situation work and transformed it into a feast for the eye, I bet they enjoyed it too!

m******* - 04/16/2019 7:31:08 PM

what a beautiful twink week, 10 star Danny, 10 star Fabian, really delicious

s********** - 04/16/2019 5:22:06 PM

poor interview - nice guys

a******* - 04/16/2019 1:13:31 PM

Danny is one of the Best!! More of Danny Defoe !!

o****** - 04/16/2019 9:28:17 AM

Sweet scene! Danny and Fabian do a delicious lean pairing! Great shoots and kisses! Love Fabian's body hair, peculiarly his crack! Just I prefer him with another haircut...

r*********** - 04/16/2019 9:13:08 AM

Danny is growing so nicely. And when he gets into Fabien there is a world of sex heaven - from Fabien’s gorgeously dimpled chin and pretty face to his fabulously veined cock which just has sex attitude in heaps, this is another wonderful offering from the Freshmen studio.

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