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Daniele Garcia

Daniele Garcia is here to brighten up your day with his youth and innocence. Daniele began work in our webcam studio but didn't object to having a few photos taken as well. He is not afraid to take off his clothes so, after a few clicks of the camera, we get to see what he's hiding in his pants. Daniele is so young and sexy, you won't be able to resist him.

Some of you might think Daniele is a female name. However, to make things clear, the name has Italian origins, where "Daniele" is an unisex name.

R***** - 10/02/2023 5:03:19 PM

Daniele is a gorgeous, sexy, Twunk; with a hot body; a beautiful silky smooth, shaved cock and Fat balls; and a wonderful fuckable ass.

l********** - 09/11/2023 7:58:06 PM

He will hardly brighten my day if he gives me those death cold stares, but fabulous ass and well sculptured body.

e********* - 09/07/2023 3:21:40 PM

Daniele is a gorgeous guy, love his butt and cock pics (soft & hard!). I prefer unshaven but even so he is sexy and hope to see more.

J******* - 09/03/2023 5:29:28 AM

If someone is competing in bodybuilding contests, total shaving is a necessity as the posing suits are cut so low that they barely cover the base of the dick.

c******* - 09/02/2023 2:24:40 PM

No, most viewers are not complaining about shaving. Rather, a small number of viewers complain constantly. Most viewers really don't care.

d***** - 08/30/2023 6:20:47 PM

Takes my breath away. So beautiful. And whether shaved or unshaven has never been important to me. I'm fine either way.

J****** - 08/30/2023 12:56:03 AM

Wonderful hot and sexy new Guy with perfect body and face. Really hope that we get more of him in action with the other boys !!!

b********* - 08/29/2023 8:37:54 PM

I think Daniele is quite attractive and has potential but have to agree about the awful shave & pluck job.

P****** - 08/29/2023 2:30:45 PM

Hair can always grow back, so no big deal. But when you're giving us possibly the most beautiful Freshman model in months, why just pics and no video?

J******** - 08/29/2023 1:31:21 PM

Yeh, a thick bush of pubes makes a man a man.

H***** - 08/29/2023 12:57:18 PM

Why fed up. I think it's sexy and above all very sensitive that way. So, no hair , at least not in the pubes and crease/ around the buttpussy. That's where I'm fed up with..

w******** - 08/29/2023 12:09:59 PM

He is beautiful but I agree on the shaving. Ruins it

r***** - 08/29/2023 11:42:21 AM

Oh, no, another shaved model. His body is great, but the shaved body takes all his sexiness away. I don't understand that, most viewers keep complaining about shaved crotches and bodies, and yet...

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