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Dan Hilfiger & Kristian Bresson part 1

The young and unchained Kristian Bresson has been sorely missed whilst he's been gone. Here we are happy to bring him back for a pair of videos with handsome Dan Hilfiger. Both Dan and Kristian are fully versatile so it made sense to put them together so that they both get to try everything and explore their desires to the fullest. After Dan seduces his friend, everything happens so naturally and they put on a truly sensuous show. Dan sucks Kristian’s cock first before they switch positions. Some very intense rimming is soon followed by deep anal fucking. The bottom boy knows exactly what he likes and is not afraid to take the lead and use Dan‘s cock just the way he wants. This very energetic encounter climaxes as Kristian is being fucked from behind, Dan landing his creamy load all over his butt before bringing Kristian off with his mouth.

Kristian Bresson
Dan Hilfiger
G********* - 06/08/2024 12:43:48 PM

You bring back Kristian only to cut his beautiful face out of the frame RIGHT when he comes????? Sheer idiocy ... this is why I will soon quit both Freshmen and Bel Ami. Fed up.

u***** - 04/07/2024 2:42:43 PM

Dan is certainly a star in the BA stable, and Kristian is on his way there too. He's cute and handsome at the same time - luscious lips, the mop of hair on top, the pubic bush and the hairy ass and legs, and that wonderful sultry look he gives Dan after Dan comes.

g******* - 02/12/2024 11:29:24 PM

We have had a feast of Dan lately which is wonderful. Kristian is so handsome and he looked really hot in those reading glasses.

g******* - 02/11/2024 12:35:39 PM

Great to see Kristian again! I just hope, we will see him more often in the future!

M*************** - 02/07/2024 9:07:50 AM

I wholeheartedly agree with Pancho, Kristian has hit the DNA winners elite club. It's almost impossible to look so hot and without a lot of primping. Just shower and fuck really. Dan Hilfiger is a fantasy stud, someone you imagine involved in all sorts of hotness because he's got the gift of fantastic looks, sexual prowess...he could well ..suck the chrome off a tail pipe, his blow jobs are superb, but I digress, his real gift is he could be the perfect chameleon, his clean cut handsome appearance is like a canvas ready to be painted to play it just about anyway possible. Hmmmm. Only thing, would have like more position variety during fucking. A little staid in my opinion.

b********* - 02/06/2024 8:31:17 PM

How sweet of Dan to bring his studious buddy breakfast in bed. ­čą░ Love Kristian's expressive eyes, silky brown mop of hair, and all the matching fur below his waist and decorating his long, long legs!

J******** - 02/06/2024 3:15:00 PM

When, like at 17 20 you get your lover's jizz in your nostril you are drunk by this fresh chestnutty smell you inhale it like a joint, gives you virtually the same kick

p***** - 02/06/2024 12:31:10 PM

Kristian Bresson is just ridiculously sexy ­čśś

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