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Dan Hilfiger & Tommy Clapton

Tommy Clapton meets Dan Hilfiger naked in the bathtub and pretty quickly things get hot and steamy. Dan is expecting a massage but Tommy has other ideas. Dan’s hard cock shows just how much he wants Tommy and he doesn’t have to wait long for his new partner to make a move. Tommy gives Dan a nice intense blowjob but expects something in return. Dan is one of the most unselfish lovers we have around at the moment and does his very best to meet all of Tommy’s needs. The couple fuck on the bathroom floor and against the wall in an incredibly sexy display. After Tommy cums while riding Dan’s dick, he makes sure that his partner produces a nice creamy load as well. It might seem a little uncomfortable to fuck on a tiled floor but who cares when you have a nice bubble butt to penetrate or a thick cock to ride. We are sure you all agree.

Dan Hilfiger
Tommy Clapton
F******* - 05/10/2024 9:53:06 AM

Dan is really a superb model, equally at ease when he's being penetrated and when he's fucking his mate. Very nice cock, very nice ball sack. And beautiful ejaculation. Congrats Men.

D********* - 05/01/2024 6:28:27 AM

Hot scene, but also a lot of nice guys on the couch. My eye immediately fell on the blond boy in the middle. Who is this hottie?

J******* - 03/25/2024 8:56:04 AM

Big big wowzer! What a perfect scene! Tommy is looking cute as ever and that butt is sticking out nicely. Dan, holy mother Mary! You grow your hair out a little and hit the weights a few times and BAM, you're a hunk! Please marry me! I will give you a Porche, all my credit cards and everything to you in my will. You can even fuck around with other guys all you want! And kudos to both of you for not screwing up your beautiful bodies with ink injections aka "tattoos".

g******* - 03/22/2024 2:33:23 AM

Sensational and all those hunks back in the living room..

g****************** - 03/20/2024 10:20:48 PM

Thank you Bel Ami for not making a cut in the ass to mouth switch!

C*********** - 03/19/2024 4:49:22 PM

Very hot scene to me!!! Even with ATM, incredible, please more of it!!!

B***** - 03/19/2024 2:54:34 PM

Dan and Tommy are two of my favorites. I would love to see them both together again in a more romantic setting. There bodies are beautiful not too muscular and nicely toned. Thank you.

K***** - 03/19/2024 12:40:29 PM

Who are the two blonds ? 🇺🇦

H***** - 03/19/2024 11:18:23 AM

Hot couple, Tommy has a hot butt!! Just to muscle overtoned for me. Is a downer to be honest. A little less is better, but that's a problem at BA and with a lot of customers.. Each his own, but niot for me. Despite a hot scene guys!

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