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Dan Hilfiger & John Leto

Dan Hilfiger and John Leto are paired today for Marty Stevens‘ and Viggo Sorensen’s camera. Dan and John step out of the shower, wearing nothing more than towels around their waists. They start kissing and the towels drop. Sexual tension crackles in the room and soon the action begins. After intense mutual blowjobs, Dan rims John’s hole before slowly penetrating it. Dan’s cock seems a little too big for John, but after a short „introduction“, the action speeds up and both boys enjoy the action in different positions. Dan shoots a thick creamy load over John’s well-fucked hole before offering his face for John’s happy ending.

John Leto
Dan Hilfiger
r******* - 06/24/2024 6:19:07 PM

John has a very sexy hole. It looks like it gets rimmed and fucked a great deal. Yummy!

M********* - 11/26/2023 6:11:55 PM

Amazing sex and the chemistry between both models is very hot. Loveley rimming and fucking. The highlight for me is that John seraching for the maximal contact to Dan's dick, means he take his hole sword. So both have a good time and we enjoy it very much. Only one critism: I'm not understand, why the models shave their beautyful pube- and other hair. John have so nice dark hair, that maybee a contrast to his body.

R***** - 09/23/2023 1:07:18 PM

No silly story line just sex great .

g******* - 09/20/2023 1:47:51 AM

Lovely view of John's hole as Dan shot his load.

J****** - 09/20/2023 1:28:11 AM

It's always a pleasure to watch a new scene with John Leto. But I've to agree with fialk87sz, a passionate kissing with tongue ist mutch more erotic to watch. I also agree with pancho and williec comments and also have to criticize the shaving of the pubes from both guys . This topic has been discussed for many years now and I cannot understand why this wish of a large group of members is not being heeded.

w****** - 09/19/2023 9:09:41 PM

Who cares about kissing? I for one don't watch these videos to watch kissing.. My only criticism:- The excessive trimming of both sets of pubes. Lots of love to both.

P****** - 09/19/2023 2:59:40 PM

Dan is lovely, but nothing about skinny John Leto appeals to me. I do not care about his tongue, but maybe a tan would help, and a more flattering hair style might offset that long, thin face. But the sight of Viggo at the start is a welcome addition.

p***** - 09/19/2023 12:32:33 PM

This is all mechanics (??) Has kissing during sex at FM been banned? What happened to John's nice bush? Ditch those razors, guys

f******** - 09/19/2023 9:57:22 AM

That's true. John never uses his tongue. I love him, but he needs to use his tongue for a more exciting performance.

L******* - 09/19/2023 9:10:00 AM

I do not understand why during kiss John never use tongue, this is not good!

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