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Dan Hilfiger

Please give your warmest welcome to handsome masseur Dan Hilfiger. This „first look“ gallery gives us a great indication of what Dan can offer. Besides a stunning body that is scarcely ever out of the gym, he possesses a thick juicy dick that will be pleasing quite a few butts in future videos. Yes, you got it right! Dan Hilfiger is not just one of those „come and go“ models, he's going to be around for a while and shoot a lot of videos. One further bit of good news today - his first hardcore video will be released before the end of this year.

m******* - 10/17/2023 11:53:52 PM

Gorgeous. Instant hard-on..

m******* - 03/24/2023 6:13:30 PM

I am a follower and admirer of good looking Dan Hilfiger. Was love at 1st sight. This guy has a body every man could dream off. His male body, smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his huge uncut banana dick and balls are so massive Dan Hilfiger, is 1 of my favorite man at Freshman and Belami. He like man to man encounters and know how to fuck other man really hard bareback and sucking big cock too. Hope to see Dan Hilfiger soon back on stage at Freshman.

d***** - 12/04/2022 5:58:49 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! I love Dan! Agree with a previous comment that the photography leaves a lot to be desired, but even with that limitation, Dan's super hot attractiveness is evident. Hope to see much more of him.

I*************** - 11/05/2022 12:49:07 PM

Bel Ami strikes gold again!

m********* - 11/03/2022 12:52:44 PM

Sexy, masculine face, nice athletic bod, pleasingly chunky junk, AND utterly luscious beefy thighs! (PLEASE can we have more guys with beefy thighs?). Defiinitely a 10. Can't wait to see this hunk in action!

J******* - 10/19/2022 8:37:19 PM

Hallelujah!!!!!! An incredible model who we are actually going to see frequently, not just once or twice!!!!!!!

M********* - 10/07/2022 7:02:45 PM

What a cute and sexy guy, Dan's eyes playes with everyone who look at this grandious photos. I'm waiting for the videos filmed with him.

R***** - 10/06/2022 4:20:57 PM

Another gorgeous, sexy, hunky Bel Ami stud. A fantastic ass; especially when he spreads his butt cheeks to reveal his furry hole - and a great dick. I especially love the photo of Dan sticking out his tongue; sexy pits on display; his skimpy underwear down around his magnificent hunky thighs; and his stiff cock proudly jutting out above his balls. I'm looking forward to seeing Dan in action soon.

t********* - 10/05/2022 11:14:10 PM

Nice butt and legs. Like the tan and lack of much body hair. He could grow his hair on his head out more though. Looks like he has great topping equipment, although I welcome his bottoming videos.

J******* - 10/05/2022 10:32:40 PM

Hot guy but could've been a better photo set.

s******* - 10/05/2022 5:02:52 PM

The young man is beautiful, but I would appear to be in the minority in thinking that BelAmi's photography is going downhill. Not a good photo set.

a***** - 10/05/2022 1:34:16 PM

The butt shots just look amazing! I can't wait to see how he enjoys talking it up there ­čśŹ

d******* - 10/05/2022 1:00:30 AM

Very handsome young man.

b******** - 10/04/2022 11:47:06 PM

very handsome

b********* - 10/04/2022 7:09:06 PM

Lovely young man. Let's hope he gets a photo session video as well.

t*********** - 10/04/2022 6:16:39 PM

Dan's a very sexy guy, and I have a special weakness for gingers (and blonds, and brunettes, and...) Very much looking forward to his upcumming scene! Is it just me, or does anyone else get a "Timothy Blue's older brother" vibe from Dan?

B***** - 10/04/2022 4:58:59 PM

Beautiful, confident fella! Bring on the videos, please.

S******* - 10/04/2022 4:57:28 PM

He's left chatting ... wondered where he had gone!

G******* - 10/04/2022 2:38:02 PM

Awesome looking guy, shame there's no close up of his hard cock....

P****** - 10/04/2022 2:06:38 PM


w********* - 10/04/2022 1:51:56 PM

He's fantastically amazing!

b********** - 10/04/2022 12:22:10 PM

Looks quite promising! Not too skinny, just the right amount of muscles. nice cock. I can't wait to see more of him :-)

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