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Damian Chapelle & Nino Valens

For this week’s issue, we selected Nino Valens and Damien Chapelle as your cover boys.  This role reversal is surprising even for us. In this instance, Damien, the superior top, is bottoming, and Nino the higher-caliber bottom- is topping. Regardless of positions, they are a beautiful couple and this month’s second Christmas present.

Nino Valens
Damian Chapelle
a******* - 07/27/2022 11:22:10 AM

So lovely and sweet, but has Damien ever topped? I cannot find a video at all

d******* - 11/15/2020 10:09:59 AM

Nino so hot and sexy with sweet kissable lips, lovely eyes, great body too. Damian a doll.with gorgeous body nice cock too.

V************ - 11/02/2019 4:39:38 PM

Nice scene. Nino is so cute and just to listen to him speak English is so sexy in itself. Damian is also reasonable handsome and though both are a bit thin for my tastes they are a good match and still very enjoyable to watch. My only problem with Nino is he doesn't really kiss well and he only dabbles at eating ass which makes me think he is really straight. He seems to enjoy getting sucked and fucking and puts on a fairly good show but that is all it is, just a show. Still his good looks and sexy voice makes his scenes somewhat interesting. I thought the views of him standing fucking Derek were very will done and a good view.

m******* - 01/08/2018 9:55:38 PM

Nino Valens is so hot, love his sexy smooth body, his man nipples and man piece (cock) are so sexy hot too... Nino you are my all favorite man... Damian a very hot cocksucker too, love to see him sucking off Nino Valens huge cock...Wow its so hot this video !!

A********** - 05/01/2017 12:14:05 AM

Wonderful : both very handsome, sexy, nice cocks, both very hot, showing to love each other. PERFECT !! 1 thousand stars !!

s********* - 12/27/2016 7:27:39 PM

Looks like Nino gained some weight, muscles I mean. I can see it on his cheek, getting a bit chubby, good for him. He's growing up so fast!!

s****** - 12/25/2016 5:30:17 AM

Adorable twinks!

t****** - 12/18/2016 3:06:53 PM

Incredibly beautiful guys! And both have gorgeous hands! Don't care who fucks whom next time, but I wanna see hot cum dripping from the bottom's asshole! We all have our preferences, and that's mine. Can they be talked into that?

x******* - 12/15/2016 10:04:06 AM

Intense and beautiful...all at once!! Loved it!!

f****** - 12/14/2016 11:45:22 PM

Why aren't the stills of the session available for downloading?

p***** - 12/14/2016 1:27:46 PM

These two are wonderful together. I hope we will get to see them reverse their roles one day. Meanwhile, I'd be delighted to see more of both boys.

J****** - 12/14/2016 12:56:12 PM

Magnifique Damian et Nino. Toutes les vidéos avec Nino sont à déguster sans modération.

o****** - 12/14/2016 11:09:45 AM

A great Christmas gift! What such a pleasure to watch this beautiful couple into their adolescent lovemaking! A little bit clumsy perhaps but so fresh, and Damian has not forget his sucking lessons by Claude and Kevin... Love my "Niño" and his so gorgeous peculiar face but I think the charmer Damian burst the screen here! A pity Nino doesn't play with his wonderful nipples. His dark-haired intact body is awesome too! Nice cum shots and eating, Damian'ones while fucked! Great cameras!

t********* - 12/14/2016 4:00:37 AM

Nino and Damian are two gorgeous dark hair young guys with long lean bodies. I really like the last fuck scene and the final cum shot in Damian mouth. By the way, Nino has very sexy feet and toes (he's often seen wiggling them at the beginning of scenes). I would love to see a scene of some lucky guy giving Nino's toes some attention.

b***** - 12/13/2016 11:42:36 PM

Nino is very eager when it comes to sex, and even more so when it comes to kissing. Damian sure seems to enjoy that! Wonderfiul scene!

g********* - 12/13/2016 10:56:15 PM

I have only seen Damian bottom (for Claude and Nino); if he's even better as a top, that's a treat to come. I agree with the previous comments about this scene and these delicious young men. .

m******* - 12/13/2016 9:39:26 PM

Nino and Damian two stars bright in Belami's firmament, a perfect couple in love, more and more of this boys

r***** - 12/13/2016 8:53:32 PM

first class clip! Models look much younger than they are and act like much older and experienced guys. Especially Nino is my dreamboy. An amazing developement lies behind him since his first casting and I'm sure a great future lies before him. Breath taking is his ever hard and up standing boner...and his eyes and his smile and his kissing, licking, sucking fucking skills and...

m*********** - 12/13/2016 8:13:46 PM

Just wow

s***** - 12/13/2016 4:46:32 PM

Nino is excellent, such a stunning young man. I really like Damian as well, he’s comely. Hope to see more of both. The ‘inane’ talk was nice. If somebody doesn’t like it, they can always skip over it.

r*********** - 12/13/2016 1:34:35 PM

Damian Chapelle. Nino Valens. Affection and sincere enjoyment. What's not to love (the inane talk again - can't you lose that BA?) I'll see them in CT this weekend for sure. Abduct them hehe. They epitomise what I so love about BA - these dark-haired guys.

N********* - 12/13/2016 12:11:55 PM

The beginning of the video was cute they barely understood one another. It was funny to watch them try have a conversation. However in the end the boys understood one thing for sure. Sex. Great scene hope to see more of Damien and Nino.

S******* - 12/13/2016 10:24:32 AM

Oh my, what an unbelievably beautiful couple, - I couldn't get enough of their exotic faces and long dark eyes framed by gorgeous eyelashes, of their endless legs, lean but muscular youthful bodies, silken, flawless skin! Ancient Egypt meets Gaugin's Tahiti - such a marvel you can see only at BA. The sex itself was charming too, - not especially exquisite, but honestly passionate and irresistibly affectionate. A palpable chemistry, an obvious mutual attraction, pleasure and joy, - more of Damie and Nino together, please! :))))))))))))))))))

a********* - 12/13/2016 10:06:12 AM

Aesthetically two very nice guys. A little less attractive sexually... Chapelle hairy balls are a delicious rarity for my male desire.

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