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Damian Chapelle & Andy McAllister

Our exotic beauty, Damien Chapelle, wants to be a top tier porn-star. He is willing to take all the advice he can get to achieve this goal. Until now, Kevin has been his only trainer. So today he is reaching out to another experienced performer- Andy McCallister. From Andy, Damien desires a fresh perspective on the essentials of being a Bel Ami star. Andy’s dick up his ass and a great fuck is just a nice bonus!

Andy McAllister
Damian Chapelle
s************* - 02/16/2020 8:59:51 AM

I’m late to the party & watching this video for the very first time. Question. Why isn’t this scene on dvd? It’s sooooo hot! Damian and Andy have NEVER been better! The sexual sexcapades and energy wore me out, by the end! Both young men were so adorable & cute...just can’t say enough about what I just watched; all I can say is this was breathtaking spectacular!

V************ - 07/22/2019 9:15:34 PM

An ok fuck scene with two reasonably cute boys. Very disappointing cum shot in mouth for me at the end. Didn't really get any in the mouth. Shot past and than dripped on chin. At least both boys took the wet cock of their partner in their mouth. Overall 4 stars.

R************ - 06/21/2019 9:12:28 PM

Very good cum in mouth.

b****** - 04/23/2019 7:38:33 AM

Two beautiful boys having a great time results in a wonderful scene.

P******** - 05/31/2018 2:51:47 PM

Damien is just wonderful, beautiful and a personality that shines. To see him paired with Tony Conrad would make dreams come true!!

0****** - 05/31/2018 12:35:58 AM

Hooray! An episode with two cuties! Have always enjoyed Andy and just love, LOVE Damian.

b***** - 05/30/2018 10:42:20 AM

Damian with his stylish body is very handsome and a sexual gem. Andy is more like the cute boy next door (wouldn’t mind having him for a next door neighbour though). Add to that both guy’s pleasant and playful demeanour and you have an episode well worth rewatching.

g******* - 05/30/2018 2:20:54 AM

Hooray! Let's have tea and not the infernal shower. Imagine them continuing to caress over tea and still with a dash of crème on the neck.

m***** - 05/29/2018 9:48:49 PM

Well, I have seen better scenes.

m******* - 05/29/2018 7:13:43 PM

Damian and Andy are two gems, Damian has a skinny and sexy body with an ass just as skinny but hard with an extraordinarily exciting little hole, very nice when Andy, very underrated in Belami, licks him with passion, and then real passionate kisses with the tongue and the great cumshot in Damian's mouth, great quality, great sex and intimacy among these guys, Belami always guarantees something more than the other sites do not have, congratulations, then I am amazed that there are no negative opinions (legitimate, is not 'a criticism) of muscle lovers, you want to see that these two jewels, thin but of a pleasant thinness, like them too?

t********* - 05/29/2018 2:31:47 PM

Fully agree with Otrebot: ignore Damian’s nipples is sexual spite of that the Video is good. But please do paír Damian with a vicious and expert nipple sucker, chewer , lickable, biteable boy who will make he moans while his jewels are teased, cherished and serviced. It will be an instant born Classic

L*********** - 05/29/2018 12:41:35 PM

I fully agree with "otrebor" - a wonderful FM scene also with a camera work in the best way. It would be great to have another part with changed roles of this both sexy guys.

J******* - 05/29/2018 11:15:05 AM

Andy & Damian's boyishness is a great delight! Seeing them fuck is extra-special. And Otrebor is perfectly right about Damian's hot nipples being jewels---they are far more delicious-looking and to-lust-for lustier than his cock! I could come just playing with them!

o****** - 05/29/2018 10:09:41 AM

A greediness! Cute little rascal Andy and Egyptian Prince Damian are hot pair in BelAmi Sky! Great sucking, rimming, kissing, fucking peaculiarly the riding! Damian's nipples are two jewels! A pity Andy doesn't play with them. Great eating and kissing at the end! 5* of course

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