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Dallas White & Oscar Kraus

Oscar Kraus makes his way over to Prague to meet his long-distance friend with benefits, Dallas White. When he texts him from the train station, Dallas is nicely surprised and starts to get ready to meet his friend. As soon as Dallas opens the door they start kissing and touching each other. When Dallas‘ towel drops, Oscar kneels down and sucks his cock. It is obvious that Dallas‘ dick is too big for Oscar’s mouth but Dallas seems to enjoy it and soon returns the favour. After some rimming, it is time to introduce Oscar’s dick to Dallas‘ hole. Oscar starts slowly but his friend begs for more. After they move to the bedroom, it only takes a few minutes till they both climax.

As full disclosure, this scene was filmed by Robert Boggs as a co-produced scene. We chose it here as Dallas'Freshmen scene as all others we have with him are with unreleased models.  As soon as we have another, we'll give you a bonus update to make up for the fact that this is a shared scene.

Dallas White
Oscar Kraus
A******* - 05/05/2024 9:56:43 PM

I agree totally with Georgep2 & jaytonuk62.. ignore the negative comments. Both hot & sexy guys did great A good scene for sure. It was explained that the scene wasn’t an original Bel Ami scene. As for merging Freshmen & BA, they do have separate identities & content, but there’s always been some crossover. I’m glad I have a subscription to both.

u***** - 04/03/2024 2:16:02 AM

Wow! Dallas: handsome, tall, lanky, hung and hairy. Too bad you couldn't get an exclusive!

d***** - 10/05/2023 4:04:09 PM

Dallas is so beautiful ! I love watching his every move. Tall, skinny guys like that are so attractive. The other guy is pretty too. Nice hairy bush (something I really like). Dallas has such nice hairy legs. Can we see more of Dallas? Soon?!!!

j********* - 09/09/2023 10:49:22 PM

Not too keen on the chest hair, but the giant cock helps make up for that! Oscar is a a cutie with the second nice cock in this scene. These two put on a really good scene that was hot and deliciously cummy. I agree with @georgep2 and hope that neither of these lads gets disheartened by the outright negativity from some on this page.

N***** - 08/24/2023 12:48:14 PM

Very nice couple to watch! Oscar is a beautiful fucker!!

z****** - 08/21/2023 10:06:59 AM

Love both guys! Good chemistry between them, it was a hot scene! :)

t****** - 08/19/2023 6:33:01 PM

Hopefully Oscar will find better partners soon..

g******* - 08/19/2023 8:07:25 AM

Hooray! Freshmen puts on two (relatively) fresh guys. There's a nice love story and some enthusiastic sex finishing with two strong cum shots. I find Oscar handsome and clearly he appreciates guys. Dallas tall, lanky, a bit thin but with some nice chest hair, a long cock, beautiful nipples and a love for guys. I hope they don't feel too discouraged, or insulted, by some of the negativity.

m*********** - 08/17/2023 3:59:31 AM

No chemistry for me !

d******* - 08/16/2023 10:37:50 PM

Dallas and Oscar very nice with lots of kissing and fucking. 😎😎😎😎

s******* - 08/16/2023 11:51:09 AM

YES. I love Dallas, he's very cute and a great performer both as a bottom and as a top. Said that, I think he deserves a better partner (Oscar is cute as well, but his kisses are really unwatchable, in spite of Dallas' efforts), and surely he would stand out better in a total BA production. I hope there'll be something in the vault, but I doubt about it :(

t****** - 08/15/2023 11:38:12 PM

I agree with capello and it was worthwhile to watch this scene.

g******** - 08/15/2023 9:54:39 PM

I agree with some previous comments. Love Dallas. A bit skinny yes, but with a pretty face, huge cock and long hairy sexy legs. And, above all, a sincere appetite for dicks. I saw him in otherplaces too (not a drama for me) but I'm sure BA can bring us the best of him, as usual. And I appreciate Oscar, too.

h******* - 08/15/2023 8:47:04 PM

So glad to see Dallas here! He has a beautiful unique body and gorgeous body hair, plus a wonderful cock. Please let him keep his wonderful body hair. Great addition to Belami!!!!!

c****** - 08/15/2023 7:46:36 PM

IMO! both of these guys are obviously BA worthy. They are hot and awesome performers. They are not new models for me. I saw them in a lot of other studios. So what? Watching them with the BA touch would be amazing!

c********** - 08/15/2023 3:40:40 PM

This lacklustre scene perfectly illustrates the point I made recently on the Forum. These guys are not BelAmi quality much less what anyone might consider "Freshmen". The whole point of Freshmen as a separate site with an additional subscription is missed if it is used for such second rate stuff. If there are problems producing enough high quality material for the second site just merge it into the main site. I can see a clear pattern emerging where what I would consider Freshmen material is uploaded every second week with dross like this put up in the other week. Really not good enough!

J****** - 08/15/2023 2:31:32 PM

I like this scene, two sexy guys with a hot performance.

J****** - 08/15/2023 2:14:21 PM

Absolument délicieux, magnifique scène et quel beauté Oscar!

d******* - 08/15/2023 9:44:49 AM

Sorry trex13, there is no deception intended. I have extended the description to be clear as to why this scene is here.

t***** - 08/15/2023 9:13:26 AM

Again, althou I like both of these models and hope Bel Ami will film scenes with them, really surprised and disappointed Bel Ami is trying to pass off this Ayor Studios release from last March as a Bel Ami production.

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