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Daley Anholt & Kian O'Connor

Today we fulfill our promise made in issue 301 and present new boy Daley Anholt in his first hardcore video. Daley is a very talented young boy whose passion for sex is obvious. The lucky newbie is paired with the amazing Kian O’Connor who uses his broad experience and thick cock to satisfy his partner’s desires. This introductory scene was shot by Jerome Exupery and Claude Sorel and all the participants did an amazing job.

Kian O'Connor
Daley Anholt
V******** - 04/27/2023 6:16:07 AM

Really liked this scene. Could not take my eyes off Daley. Very handsome and so flexible. Wish there was a bit more of him with other guys. He looks like he'd be fun in real life.

g********* - 04/20/2023 7:19:06 PM

Why cancel comments whic you don't like? boys too shaved they look like children! this is not good!! Kian and Daley beautiful!

f******************* - 02/16/2023 10:04:52 AM

Daley looks good! liked that he wore glasses for part of it

C********** - 02/16/2023 4:29:26 AM

JB was young stud my age. He and my brother were pals. My brother and JB shared exploits with young women, then brother would share JB stories with me, all about their fucking of these girls. If these tales could be believed, JB was a rapacious stud. JB looked remarkedly like Kian. I never got to see JB’s dick. God, how I lusted for him. I would gladly have sucked his balls dry, and his big cock could have slid deep within me and discharged a huge load of sperm. My fantasy was never fulfilled. JB was straight as an arrow, so far as I knew. Kian O’Connor brings JB back to me; what a luscious stud.

r******** - 12/31/2022 12:39:22 AM

Amazing scene. Two beautiful models. As far as anyone walking into a shower wearing glasses, anyone who is not nearsighted, would not fully understand. Without glasses, some very nearsighted people can't easily find a doorway without their glasses. Also many people who wear glasses, have tried contacts and find them either a bother or irritating on their eyes. In any case, I love guys who wear glasses and are not afraid to wear them in public or when having sex.

m******* - 09/25/2022 7:25:57 PM

Kian looks absolutely amazing and seems to have such a good time being swallowed to the balls. Daley is some cocksucker. I went back and looked at an earlier Kian and he has put in some hard work on that glorious body since then. Love the haircut, his body, his attitude and his wonderful presence in all his scenes.

S****** - 09/19/2022 3:30:58 AM

Daley's deep throat of Kian's cock at the end was AWESOME, especially when Kian slammed his throat on the cum-soaked cockhead. Finally, some cum on lips action. Please bring back more cum in mouth action. TOTALLY HOT.

s******* - 09/13/2022 5:23:49 PM

tattoo is a distraction

g******* - 09/10/2022 9:04:02 AM

For me, this was exceptional. Daley sure likes to be fucked and how pretty he is. Kian is so much more assured now - beefed up with his cock seemingly even bigger. I loved it that they kissed in public and couldn't keep their hands off each other during the fuck which was wonderfully filmed and with great shots of their whole beautiful bodies during the action. More of both please!

S********** - 09/09/2022 9:27:39 PM

Just THANK YOU everyone involved!! I worship Kian religiously and Daley is of course another dreamboy. GREAT1

r********* - 09/08/2022 6:02:03 PM

5+ Best scene in a long time. Kian, great to see him again. We need many more scenes like this.

w****** - 09/06/2022 11:44:47 PM

Daley looks good in glasses but it was a bit bizarre putting them on to join Kian in the shower. A very enjoyable scene. Many thanks and lots of love to both. As for greater definition, when you can easily see each bit of stubble on a model's ass what more do you need?

n***** - 09/06/2022 6:50:40 PM

Great scene. A better conclusion than the cum in the mouth would have been Kai breeding cum into Dailey's hole.

s******* - 09/06/2022 4:51:12 PM

Let's get 1920 x 1080 full HD going on this site too like you just added on BA. While you're at it, how about a button to save the stills or caps? Looks like a good video (haven't watched yet).

B***** - 09/06/2022 4:25:19 PM

A bit stupid ...... who wears their glasses in the shower!?????!!!!!!!

J******** - 09/06/2022 2:06:01 PM

Kian's fette Eichel fand ich schon immer so geil!

a***** - 09/06/2022 10:49:20 AM

Sweet, I'll have to make time to watch soon. One shot that attracts me bad though is Kian's shaved up butt hole. I know it's not related but still, it makes Kian more attracting to me. But anyway I'll maintain the policy of not looking at top-only models. Daley though 😍

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