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Daan Jeffries with Jeff & Kevin

The 2nd of this weeks blonds is Daan Jeffries, where we also have the same questions for you as with Christopher. He came to us in an age where he still suffers repeated skin issues, which of course disappear during the sunnier months.
He is at first very shy, but what convinced us was that he had previous private experience with other boys so we thought that we would give him a try.
Today’s scene originally consisted of 2 separate parts that we combined here for you today. In your evaluation please keep in mind that he is still in his very early stages and that we think that he will turn out to be a very good performer.
Kevin Warhol
Jeff Mirren
Daan Jeffries
p********** - 02/28/2017 8:43:13 AM

Daan is perfect, I'd like to see more videos of him

g******* - 02/12/2017 1:56:48 AM

Daan has a nice face and a good, thick cock. Unassuming but fine. It is so good to be seeing more of the super sexy Jeff. He hasn't always (unfairly, I think) had a good press but he is really coming into his own now. Let's see a lot more of him: he has a great cock but a beautiful body and an ass to die for.

N******** - 02/06/2017 5:46:15 PM

I really like the look of Daan, who should have been showcased more here rather than providing yet another outing for Kevin. Given the opportunity I'm sure Daan will develop into a great performer. I don't want to see any more of Jeff though who just isn't BA standard, despite having a good body..

x******* - 02/03/2017 4:24:04 PM

Very nice!! Threesomes are always fun....and with a stud like Jeff to start it off, who'd wanna wait?! :)

A******** - 01/29/2017 7:14:37 PM

In response to George’s request for comments on the new eight, I might offer that Daan is a little different in physical characteristics (e.g., hair color) and it’s good to have a variety. I have noticed with many new-guy introductory scenes that the experienced ones, the trainers, are showcased, whereas I would rather see much more of the new guy.

c********** - 01/29/2017 4:45:39 PM

Jeff has grown on me mucho.....he is sulty and sexual and has a great ability to bring out the best in Daan his partner today....I think Daan is a true BA boy...he is truly as has been mentioned "the boy next door"....when he gets more relaxed which you see glimces now...he will a star....and of course our Kevin knows how to bring both Jeff and Daan into the fold....more please...

j***** - 01/29/2017 3:20:00 PM

For me, Kevin was not needed in this scene. I would have been perfectly happy with Daan and Jeff alone. I know I belong to a minority, but from the start Kevin has never done anything for me. GD wishes Jack to retire, I wish Kevin to retire.

n******* - 01/29/2017 11:32:32 AM

Really loved Jeff's cumshot when he was getting rimmed. Loved the sweat on his body. Gave the scene alot of heat.

m********* - 01/29/2017 4:13:34 AM

Love the boy next door Daan.....shame he's not my neighbour!!!

b****** - 01/28/2017 10:49:58 PM

Sorry, have to say a definite NO to Daan.

o****** - 01/28/2017 6:27:38 AM

Not a fan of Daan... He did not conviced me! He is too bland and very different of his profile image! Sorry! "Jeff's sweat and cum are a delightful mixture." yes Josef0001

j********** - 01/26/2017 4:06:10 AM

Jeff is not a GG model but the hunky stud who lives next door and drives you nuts with desire when he comes glistening after two hours of fussball and needs a little sexual relief.

n******** - 01/26/2017 1:52:11 AM

Bad shooting angles - really could not see the newbie!

t****** - 01/25/2017 7:03:01 PM

well done Jeffy!

J****** - 01/25/2017 6:52:25 PM

In the opening shower scene, Daan is a perfect example of the 18 year old "boy next door". Lovely slender body without having to slave in the gym. Slightly above average penis (not everyone can be like Joel). Just the type of boy you would invite in for a shower after he had gotten sweaty mowing your lawn. Let's see more of him in the near future. Jeff's hunger for a climax while being rimmed was a real plus for me, since I've always enjoyed rimming a sweet young ass for its own sake, with it not necessarily being a prelude to anal sex.

p***** - 01/25/2017 12:56:11 PM

Jeff was "da man" for me in this scene. He looks wonderful, he appeared really turned on & his cum shot while being rimmed was fabulous. Dean is fine. He seemed a bit of an afterthought in the company of two of BA's hottest trainers, who are definitely into each other. . I like his natural body hair and he obviously knows his way around another boy's body. He needs to show more engagement & pleasure in his facial expressions.. I'm optimistic that he will improve in time.

g********* - 01/24/2017 8:46:09 PM

Dean seemed a little overwhelmed by the loving attentions of Jeff and Kevin in tandem, but coped manfully, although I didn't get the same sense of mutual enjoyment I found in Antony's coupling with Christopher..

m***** - 01/24/2017 8:00:57 PM

Jeff is my personal highlight in this scene, but please go on with Daan!

J****** - 01/24/2017 7:55:18 PM

Tout simplement magnifique,Jeff est sublime, il est a inscrire sur le livre des records de BelAmi pour son impressionnant tir de sperme. Daan Jeffries est mignon et épatant.Kevin n'est pas sans reste aussi!

J******** - 01/24/2017 5:24:40 PM

No sweat! Jeff's sweat and cum are a delightful mixture.

H***** - 01/24/2017 3:32:24 PM

Daan and Jeff are so hot. I like them a lot. Who is beautifull is very personal. Both are adoreble for me. If only Daan had a bit less hair on his groch would be much hotter. Loved the scen with good chemistry from all three. Thanks guys!

d******* - 01/24/2017 1:25:15 PM

I think with these newbies it is not so much a matter of technical ability but willingness and engagement. On that front Daan does well in my opinion. I think he is a nice looking boy, particularly after he has had a shower and sitting on the bed in anticipation. The fact that he has previous experience with boys means that he is into the sex and he has two very good partners to get him going. Jeff is always hot and sweaty and his glistening, golden body at the end of his blow job with Daan is a joy to behold. Yes a good bunch of initiations on Freshmen, with this, Anthony and Chris and looking at Hoyt's session next week, we are in for another one. Keep 'em cumming, Freshmen.

S******* - 01/24/2017 10:54:47 AM

Well, Daan isn't a beauty, - so what? Jeff isn't a beauty, too, - which doesn't make him any less liked by everyone, including sincerely yours. After all, he have so many striking, unbelievable beauties in this generation that an appealong, sex-loving boy next door like Daan would be just a nice variety. ;))))))))

s***** - 01/24/2017 10:50:09 AM

I do not like Daan one bit.

D******* - 01/24/2017 9:52:20 AM

Love Jeff ! Let's see more of him please.

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