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Crhistian & Derek

No, our spell check is not broken. That’s how Crhistian spells his name. This scene was filmed for us by Eliot during his initial scouting trip to Columbia. The two boys got in contact with us while we were there so we thought we’d experiment with some local talent.

We experimented further in having Eliot direct the scene. While Eliot is our primary still photographer, he rarely films hardcore content. However, we felt that his years of working with Bel Ami, coupled with his skills as a still photographer would lend themselves well to video work. We hope you agree.

M****** - 03/16/2019 10:22:10 PM

These two smolder with chemistry, lust, desire. Attractive, too. Elliot really brought out the best of these two. Rimming was noteworthy, as was kissing. I really felt like I was watching true lovers connecting in private bliss.

S******* - 02/06/2019 3:54:45 AM

Beautiful scene ! You can't fake real passion like this! These guys are both gorgeous!

b******** - 01/07/2019 5:42:36 AM

I love the Columbian series, since I love Latin men. Bel Ami is one of the best companies in the industry, and if you could incorporate more Latins into your already great models, it would be fantastic!

B******* - 12/02/2018 8:46:05 AM

an amazing scene...these boys were making love in what seemed real...or they deserve an acting award..thank you for this experience

M*********** - 11/30/2018 7:38:24 PM

One of the best scenes ever. Please more of these two.

g******* - 11/29/2018 11:31:23 PM

Love the butt images during the fucking. There didn't seem to be much affection despite their often working together.

p***** - 11/29/2018 1:13:17 PM

Eliot's efforts here are excellent! Bravo. I would have found Derek to be more attractive without all of the body shaving

T***** - 11/29/2018 10:23:46 AM

The performance of these two manages to be both very polished and very arousing. Very well filmed too.

o****** - 11/29/2018 5:46:25 AM

Crhistian and Derek know the "music"! Acrobatic Sex!!! Burning! Great complicity! Like Crhistian'sexy intact body hair! Derek gets a beautiful body but too smooth and shaved! Nevertheless stunning hot cumshots! Good idea to shoot 2 Local Flavor Colombians together only! Great work Eliot thanks!

o***** - 11/28/2018 9:46:17 PM

woow surprised..i enjoy many Time this 2 on Webcamsite….allways hot Show and real Gaysex

R********* - 11/28/2018 8:20:30 PM

This scene is unbelievable and ,incredible hot .This is the best gay love at FM. These two boys makes 100´% gay love.I love our BA and KA/FM boys very ,very much,but some of them can take a lesson by these two splendid columbians.;Please much more of this excotic beauties.

t********* - 11/28/2018 2:46:58 AM

Derek’s nipples and beautiful ass are fricking awesome. The choppy editing probably is a sign of Eliot’s inexperience filming. I would have liked to have seen more nipple play and I would have shaved Crhistian’s chest to give it better definition. The biggest error, however, was focusing on Crhistian’s cumshot (which, admittedly, was very hot) and totally flagging or missing Derek’s cumshot! It would have been fine if Eliot had Crhistian keep fucking until Derek came first and then film Crhistian cumming across Derek’s abs up toward Derek’s face. Crhistian’s cumshot looked far enough that I think it would have hit exactly and been very erotic.

H***** - 11/27/2018 11:17:09 PM

A hot scene BA! What a cuties!

V************ - 11/27/2018 10:56:54 PM

Needless to say, these two really no how to please one another and it is clear why they are so popular in Columbia. Would be wonderful to see more of them on BA. Or perhaps BA needs to establish Columbia office. You can call it B.A. Columbia!

J******** - 11/27/2018 8:52:47 PM

I love to see those bulging briefs and sucking these and the moment he unpacks. Quite spectacular this 69 whlst he holds his partner, eine echte Zirkusnummer, auftrittsreif!

D****** - 11/27/2018 7:55:53 PM

Why did you miss the second cum SHOT?!

c******* - 11/27/2018 6:48:38 PM

Love this such a hot couple!! Would like to see more of these two hot men perhaps Crhistian could top Marcel...please.

m********** - 11/27/2018 4:21:55 PM

So incredibly hot. Amazing beautiful boys and fabulous sex.

r********** - 11/27/2018 2:36:52 PM

So nice, so sexy, so naturally hot... Please bring us more with these two boys and with Eliot as a director!

f********** - 11/27/2018 2:25:37 PM

Wow ! Kudos Eliot. You need to direct more often.

a********* - 11/27/2018 1:00:04 PM

Curious experiment of aesthetic research of sculptural poses quite pleasant, made possible also by the drastic wretched shaving of the bodies that makes the subject ethereal and intangible.

a***** - 11/27/2018 11:17:26 AM

OMG 😳 that was sexy💕💕💕

d****** - 11/27/2018 9:56:43 AM

What a perfect couple, such a horny exciting scene, love to see them in a 3 or 4 way with the Bel Ami boys.

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