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Cory Ellis & Jerome Exupery

Jerome is the lucky guy to get first dibs on newcomer Cory Ellis in our 1st "freshmen' edition for 2021. Cory seems a little shellshocked at the beginning of the scene, but as soon as he forgets about Kevin and the camera he starts to relax and we get to glimpse what a great performer he may become. What little hesitation is left by the end of the blowjob totally disappears by the time they get to the fucking part. What do you think? Is Cory a keeper?

Jerome Exupery
Cory Ellis
A******* - 05/05/2024 9:31:08 PM

It’s too bad super cute Cory only did this one scene, but maybe he’s not comfortable in front of the camera. Or there could be a number of other reasons. He said he was sexually active & liked sex everyday, so that wasn’t the issue. And he stayed hard throughout the scene. Anyway it’s our loss. Jerome was his usual sexy & playful self. A very beautiful scene indeed.

u***** - 04/26/2024 7:31:34 AM

Jerome is such a brilliant, passionate, erotic and caring seducer. Beautiful scene! The mere thought of getting rid of Jerome is nothing short ludicrousness.

M********* - 12/03/2023 9:51:46 PM

That was it? Only one szene? Cory is super sexy. Where is he?

m****** - 04/12/2022 6:02:20 AM

Cory Ellis is sexy as sin!!! I can't wait to see more of him!

D************* - 11/20/2021 12:25:15 PM

Cory Ellis is cute. Sign Jerome up to be a circus clown.

S****** - 05/06/2021 7:39:40 AM

Keep Cory, and get rid of Jerome.

l********** - 04/08/2021 9:56:16 PM

I really hope to see that CORY ELLIS again, before he matures and gains more muscles. Very cute.

s************* - 01/17/2021 5:41:44 AM

I’m a big fan of Jerome. However, he’d be so much cuter if he did something with his hair! Like softer curls or something, but something needs to be done! Oh! The scene! Very hot (loved the kissing) & I thought Cory did an excellent job for his 1st time...hope to see more of him.....

V************ - 01/16/2021 12:39:23 AM

Not a fan of Jerome. Cory didn't show much pleasure. Was kind of like a rag doll being fucked. Fast forwarded through a lot of it. 3 stars at best.

m********* - 01/14/2021 2:53:31 AM

Jerome so much better in front of camera than holding one when so annoying.. love the tongue work and very erotic when slower. Great new addition

R************ - 01/10/2021 5:39:18 PM

Ragazzi fatti apposta per ricevere pompini!!

c********** - 01/10/2021 1:31:55 PM

Cory is definitely a keeper, he is extremely cute and sexy

s****** - 01/10/2021 2:17:51 AM

Cory is very cute! Definitely keep him around.

J******* - 01/09/2021 4:33:02 PM

AWESOME (except for Jerome)--had to watch fuck-pup Cory in this again!!! Jerome could have continued fucking still-hard (oh, youth!) Cory who was on the verge of another orgasm, but Old Man Jerome stopped (asking if the boy was tired when it looked like he was the one who was), and contented himself with an easy would have been wonderful to see the cock-hungry Cory cum again with a dick in his ass! Another beautifully hot boy-bottom like John Lennox and John Leto! Pair them with uber-manly Bruce Querrelle or Riff Dornan, or other hot boys like Cristiano Cruzo, Elio Chalamet, Sammy Poulain, Pascal Mauri, or Giulio Pasolini!

r********** - 01/09/2021 1:36:15 PM

Sexy newcomer Cory and I am sure he can get better with time, more confident, so yessss keep him please!

D******* - 01/08/2021 4:08:27 PM

Normally i don‘t like Jerome but here he is doing his best but Cory is absolutely not in the mood. What an awful Session, in real i would stop and search for Another Partner. Poor Jerome.

R***** - 01/08/2021 1:47:40 PM

Adorable cutie Cory looks so sexy being kissed and stripped naked by lean, long legged Jerome; as he licks the newbies stiffening cock. I'm also pleased that Jerome paid so much attention to Cory's balls - kissing, licking & sucking each cum filled orb. I'm always disappointed when a cock gets all the attention and the beautiful balls are negleted. Cory then looks so sexy on all fours; with Jerome spreading his butt cheeks to reveal his tasty asshole; which Jerome expertly licks with his long tongue. Shy Cory looks adorable sucking Jerome's big, stiff cock; before getting back on all fours to to be fucked. I love seeing Cory's cute face flush red as he feels Jerome's big cock ease in to his tight asshole and then fuck him gently but firmly; then thrusting faster. As Cory starts to relax; I loved seeing him thrust his ass backwards; to fuck himself with Jerome's dick. Cory's own cock was wonderfully stiff; as it proudly jutted out. It was hot seeing Cory cum too soon as Jerome fucked him; with Jerome not finished with him and fucking him in another position. As Jerome spurted him cum over Cory's face; I loved the thick strand of spunk hanging down from Cory's cheek; before Cory sucked Jerome's cum smeared cock. A lovely first performance from cute Cory; with his first on camera fuck from experienced stud Jerome.

s******** - 01/07/2021 8:03:17 AM

Awesome scene- CORY IS A TOTAL SUPERCUTE SEXPOT and Jerome, the Prince, knows how to royally initiate a man into the aristocratic world of Bel Ami Kinky Angels Freshmen proud preening pulsating prick pleasuredom. Looing forward to a lot more of cory with all the other new hotties and old legends.

g****** - 01/06/2021 8:36:22 PM

I like the boy. Keep him. Keep Jerome, too. As far as I'm concerned he's The Aces!

a***** - 01/06/2021 5:47:21 AM

Nice, I love nervous horny inexperienced boys! And it's lovely that Jerome is giving him all kinda of stimulation, at his nipple, his love muscle, then the entrance to his love canal, sweet, the rimming with jerking and talking is sexy, I wish I could see clearly where Cory shakes, his muscles jerk, his skins has goosebump. He's still shy and not responsive verbally but hope that changes, I hope he's not what you call flirting with porn. That kissing in doggie is super, so is midway cumshot, so Cory does enjoy the stimulation and the sensation overload, lovely! I hope he's back for a lot more, tell us! And is there a homevideo prior to this, will we get to see it?

g******* - 01/06/2021 2:15:32 AM

Cory is sexy and has a lovely long dick. He came early - and that's good because it' clear he was enjoying the stimulation. As he gains confidence, he could be a long stayer.

w****** - 01/05/2021 9:43:34 PM

He looks a bit raw and overwhelmed by the situation here but I find Cory very sexy and hope to see him develop as a performer. The fact he still maintained his erection after his premature cum shot suggests he has potential.

b****** - 01/05/2021 7:13:14 PM

I like them both. I was under the impression Euros were better cock suckers than Americans. Not true deep throating fare more common on top guy sites in USA. A good scene. I hope you can keep Cory

t****** - 01/05/2021 6:26:57 PM

Deliciously awkward but horny, he needs pratice and perhaps a new haircut, full of promises in any case.

F******* - 01/05/2021 5:55:12 PM

Cory is a very sexy boy I hope we get to see a lot of!!! He obviously loves getting fucked!

h********* - 01/05/2021 4:27:21 PM

This was a poor way to introduce newbie Corey. The ultra bright light doesn’t flatter anyone. And then he is paired with Jerome. Corey isn’t a Giulio or Kirk, but could be an ok FM model.

t******** - 01/05/2021 3:23:29 PM

Cory has great potential. After all this was only his first scene. Hope we see more of him.

m******* - 01/05/2021 2:56:01 PM

Cory needs to shave or at least trim his bush and ass. Looks very messy.

P****** - 01/05/2021 2:12:58 PM

Cory has a cute face and ass, but the body is sorely lacking. Jerome is - well, Jerome. Jeromophiles will delight, but Jeromophobes like me will wish they were anywhere else.

p***** - 01/05/2021 12:32:33 PM

Cory is cute enough but he does appear a bit "shell shocked" by the whole process. It's only at the end that we see something of his personality. With some more seasoning he may blossom.

c***** - 01/05/2021 11:40:52 AM

Well, I'll say this, I really like Cory and would like to see more of him with a different top. Two thumbs up for Cory!

a********* - 01/05/2021 11:06:17 AM

In the whole Issue 222 good newcomers, bad veterans ... in this video the whole told in scene irritates me.

d******* - 01/05/2021 10:08:55 AM

Yes, with more shots of having a dick up his ass he is keeper as it is hard to cum at the precise moment, so slim and trim and gets Jerome's dick up his young ass but he will fine and Kevin has no need to worry as Cory really enjoys himself. Just relax and stay calm as you R a keeper and forget about any criticism from other viewers as what do they know? Cory you have nice lips to kiss and a nice body too so slim and trim. Jerome U R so lucky.

a******** - 01/05/2021 9:50:42 AM

Yup, a definite keeper! Cory is a great newcummer....

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