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Christmas - Part 2

It is Christmas day and Jamie Eliot wakes up to a beautiful morning with a huge surprise. Just like a little boy, he jumps out of bed and tears off the wrapping paper to discover what or who is hidden inside. Then the best possible present for Jamie jumps out of the box… and it's Pierce Harrington with a hard-on.

Jamie is so excited, he immediately starts to make out with this special boy which soon leads to some hot sex. Jamie bottoms for our newbie and it's clear from their faces, moans and giant final cumshots, that it's a hugely erotic experience for them both. 

The only question remaining is … just who was the secret Santa that brought this special Christmas present from us to you all?

Pierce Harrington
Jamie Eliot
M****** - 01/01/2024 2:01:36 AM

I loved the moment Jamie went to his back, eager to receive Pierce in the missionary position. It's a turn-on to see a cock-hungry bottom take the initiative and show the top how he'd like to be fucked next. That moment before the finale could be made more intense by showing the bottom displaying his hole, imploring the top to get back inside.

b******* - 01/24/2023 12:12:14 AM

Simply spectacular!

A******* - 01/16/2023 2:01:24 AM

Hot scene. They’re both hot & energetic. It’s good to see Pierce back after his last scene in 2020, when he bottoms for Viggo Sorensen.

w****** - 01/04/2023 9:29:42 PM

Quite an impressive little cameo from Lukas. To hoist that huge box containing some 70kg of Pierce onto his shoulder and then place it gently on the floor by the tree is no mean feat.

M********* - 12/30/2022 6:10:35 PM

Very nice and sexy christmasgift, who want to say no to such a horny guy?

g******* - 12/30/2022 7:08:29 AM

The boys had a great time together. I hope they don't have to wait until next Christmas to do it again.

C*********** - 12/29/2022 5:46:36 AM

I can’t get enough of these two studs! I love their dicks, their beautiful balls, their hot passion.

a********* - 12/27/2022 7:36:53 PM

Just adore Ginger Jamie Eliot... YUMMMY... !

J****** - 12/27/2022 3:35:43 PM

Finally a new scene with Pierce I've been waiting for a long time, and it's especiallt hot to see him as top. I really hope to see mutch more scenes with Pierce in future.

l********** - 12/27/2022 2:24:26 PM

It's Jamie Eliot I dislike.

O******* - 12/27/2022 12:31:15 PM

Its nice

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