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Christian Lundgren & KinkyAngels part 1

The following scene was originally filmed for the new african reality series which we are, at this very moment, finishing in Cape Town.  In the end we decided to take it out and give it to you here as a 2 part New Year’s Eve special.  The 4 KAs are arguing rather jealously about testing out the new Freshmen star and pointing out that he does not have the same chance to be a star that they had.  Their jealousy is well acted as we all know that their places in the porn pantheon are safe, but Christian has the same burning ambition that Kevin himself once had to be a porn star and he has all the right qualities to get himself there as well.  Enjoy this great  scene and we wish you all a very happy New Year for 2017.

Jack Harrer
Andre Boleyn
Adam Archuleta
Kevin Warhol
Christian Lundgren
p****** - 01/01/2023 9:23:23 PM

Why is kinkyangels content with Dolph Lambert not available? I was specifically looking for Kevin Warhol and Dolph fucking. Ugh :(

t********* - 12/06/2020 12:13:48 PM

Lucky cute Christian - so much dick and so much cum to enjoy.

J***** - 09/13/2019 4:14:57 PM

These are young gods of iron and my eyes are magnets. I could stare for a thousand years.

R************ - 06/26/2019 6:24:11 PM

Stupendi ragazzi..vorrei sentirli tutti dentro di me!!!

C************** - 03/22/2019 9:43:23 AM

Unbelievable. Magnificent.

f********** - 02/22/2019 6:02:18 AM

Mmmm, makes me want a cum bath so I can wear some jizz to work!

w****** - 03/25/2018 7:08:49 PM

absolutely fabulous. can't stop watching.

c********* - 01/27/2017 11:15:49 PM

Another terrific reminder of how great the original KAs have been. Christian is more than worthy of all their generosity and enthusiasm, and he clearly adores Jack's wonderful cock almost as much as Kevin does. They're all winners and prove the ancient arithmetical principle: 4 Angels + 1 Christian = 5 stars.

J********* - 01/18/2017 4:10:49 AM

What incredible cumshots. Bravo!!!

g******* - 01/05/2017 12:08:25 AM

What a scene and lucky Christian! He deserves it - he's a great bottom and has a classic beauty. The KAs sure gave him a wonderful cum bath.

s******** - 01/03/2017 7:13:51 AM


x******* - 01/03/2017 5:35:11 AM

Wonderful scene...with such a beautiful cast!

o****** - 12/31/2016 11:59:18 AM

A very well choreographed sexual ballet! 4 stars and 1 future star or rather 4 confirmed stars and 1 new star... A bunch of hot beauties! Christian's great fuck & cum feast! Spectacular Jack's cum fountain and Adam's cum rocket!

g********* - 12/30/2016 4:14:13 PM

With these five stellar performers, age is irrelevant. Beautiful Christian is surely the outstanding bottom of his generation, and was having a wonderful time - coming while being pounded and being re-entered by Adam and fucked some more.

B****** - 12/30/2016 5:07:54 AM

Christian is the one i preferred in that scene. He is really now in the stars group.

k******** - 12/30/2016 1:50:22 AM

I can never get enough of Adam, Kevin or Kris. They are what make this all worthwhile. They are an instant turn on for me

r***** - 12/29/2016 9:50:55 PM

We have worn out the superlatives for this semi-gang bang! It is the -est of -ests! My eyes and ears were sated, but my mouth, nose, and hands were left to yearn for the company of this superest hot fivesome!

t************* - 12/29/2016 7:38:55 PM

Lot of sperm - great!

g********* - 12/29/2016 4:39:27 AM

Christian has become a clear favorite for me! Jack and Kevin are over-exposed. But, remarkable: André never stops to inspire me!

M******** - 12/29/2016 2:26:07 AM

In the end, I want to see the boys when they walk to the shower together!

p******** - 12/28/2016 6:40:26 PM

The "old" Kinky Angels, Christian? LOL I think they showed him otherwise! Christian really is a treasure. :)

h******** - 12/28/2016 6:37:11 PM

Excellent little "gang bang"; loved it!

x****** - 12/27/2016 7:57:07 PM

I can only dream of being lucky Christian, getting all this loving attention from our Angels! Such a delight, four times over. And then to receive all those loads of cum erupting onto your body! Heaven.

8********** - 12/27/2016 4:13:35 PM

I enjoy very much the large groups, and this one is excellent. Thanks.

S******** - 12/27/2016 4:10:47 PM

Seeing Jack's fat and succulent cock has made my day.

H***** - 12/27/2016 3:37:58 PM

Not my cup of tea.

S******* - 12/27/2016 3:32:28 PM

Well, I don't know why cutting such a diamond classics of a carousel scene in two parts, regarding the fact that its main idea is one boy bottoming bravely for several tops, one after another, - but it's my only complain to this absolute masterpiece of gay porn, hot, sexy, funny and charming. Yes, Christian, that's exactly how young performers are turning into superstars!..

s******* - 12/27/2016 12:50:27 PM

Everything with out beloved 4 KA original stars is a precious gem. Thanks GD fo this wonderful Christmas gift!

a********* - 12/27/2016 11:35:31 AM

I do not like large groups, make holidays too noisy.

s***** - 12/27/2016 11:22:28 AM

A humorous intro of the freshmen Christian teasing the ‘old’ KinkyAngels, though I think they managed to prove why they’re so famous. A really good scene with nice cumshots and a great topping from Adam. I think Christian has changed his mind about the KinkyAngels ;-).

b***** - 12/27/2016 10:42:25 AM

The original four are doing what they do best and Christian is having a ball. The plot is very funny and was bound to lead to lots of jerking, sucking, rimming and fucking. It is a joy to see Christian covered in so much cum, he really is the plaything for the original four and enjoyed that. Christian is a god, Andre by far the cutest in this company though.

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