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Charlie Musk & Tom Houston

Charlie Musk is finally back on our website for the first time since his photo set was published in November 2023. We are skipping forward to his very first bottoming video. This very well-hung boy is eager to get penetrated today and Tom Houston is here to help. Tom quickly undresses Charlie and then gives him a sensual blowjob. Charlie offers up his butt for rimming before Tom introduces his rock-hard cock. Tom fucks Charlie in several positions before cumming all over his ass. Tom makes his way back to Charlie’s dick and receives a nice creamy cumshot in his mouth in return.

Tom Houston
Charlie Musk
r***** - 06/10/2024 6:36:23 AM

So hot! I hope Charlie keeps coming for more scenes and I love the tattoos on him!!

D********* - 04/20/2024 6:22:16 AM

Hot scene of 2 beautiful boys. I always find such a combination between a tall boy and a smaller, slimmer boy very exciting. Tom is beautiful and sexy as always, Charlie promising, more of him please..

B***** - 04/16/2024 3:44:50 PM

Two handsome guys!

r****** - 03/31/2024 11:09:15 PM

Tom is one of the most handsome guys ever to be seen on BA/FM. I never will get enough of him. Charlie is a good match. I hope to see more of him too.

b******* - 03/30/2024 1:28:22 AM

Very sexy except for the tattoos

u***** - 03/29/2024 12:38:51 AM

Very good scene: Tom, his usual beautiful self, with a fantastic new find. I hope to see more of Charlie - a gorgeous young man with an enviable cock. I hope he stops clipping short the beautiful pubic bush he could have. The tattoo is subtle, doesn't bother me at all on that handsome young man.

b********** - 03/27/2024 7:36:39 PM

Another great scene with the beautiful TOM. I could watch him all day long. I hope there are lot more scenes with him in the archieve. Charlie is a great find too. What a cock... A little minus is the tattoo...

J******* - 03/27/2024 9:50:36 AM

Ink on beautiful boys grosses me out. I won't be watching this scene. What a dissapointment.

g******* - 03/26/2024 11:36:48 PM

I get so turned on when they are making out with their hands all over each other's thighs and cocks.

e*********** - 03/26/2024 8:50:58 PM

Charlie is very handsome.

s********* - 03/26/2024 8:22:55 PM

WOW!!! Charlie and Shane in the same weekly update. I guess it's true that there can't be too much of a good thing. I'll be smiling for the next several days...

j******* - 03/26/2024 7:09:49 PM

Agree Charlie Musk is an amazing new handsome find

b******* - 03/26/2024 2:13:37 PM

Charlie Musk would look great with Freddy

C***** - 03/26/2024 10:29:00 AM

This is an interesting pairing. I'm always happy when I can see Tom. Unfortunately, in this scene, Tom doesn't shine as he usually does. His load of sperm makes everything better at the end. Charlie Musk looks good and has a great ass that Tom can let off steam in. 4 stars from me.

a***** - 03/26/2024 10:07:28 AM

Very Sexy

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