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Charlie Musk & Jamie Eliot

Charlie Musk, our newcomer from issue 390, is back this week to prove his skills as a top. After bottoming for Tom Houston, we have prepared another wild boy for him to test, Jamie Eliot. Jamie always gives his best and today is no exception. After being introduced to the new boy, he loses no time in undressing him and sucking his big rock-hard cock. Charlie is happy to swap roles, offering his mouth for a face fuck. Jamie, always a lover of big cocks, moves things on, inviting Charlie to rim his hole before encouraging him to slide his massive cock inside. In this first official video (excluding the training sessions with Jim Durden), Charlie shows a natural talent for pleasing men. His big dick nicely stimulates Jamie’s prostate from behind and in the missionary position before Jamie rides him and cums while being fucked. He then offers his face to for Charlie's climax. Jamie and Charlie seem like a great match and we'll hopefully see them in reverse positions next time.

Jamie Eliot
Charlie Musk
C*********** - 05/04/2024 12:44:44 AM

Hot scene, Jamie is hot as hell, bottoming or fucking, Charlie gives good rim job...ATM before cum is so hot!!! More please

R***** - 04/29/2024 9:24:33 PM

Charlie & Jamie look great together. I love Jamie kissing, licking and slurping Charlies' smooth, fat balls; before being fucked. Jamie looks very sexy with Charlies cum splattered over his mouth & chin; before he sucks the cum smeared cock and shares a creamy kiss.

g******* - 04/29/2024 6:32:57 AM

Charlie has a lot little body and a sweet face. He was a little tentative at first but Jamie jigged him up. Boy, what a cock and cum lover Jamie is.

u***** - 04/25/2024 12:10:57 AM

In my comment on the previous scene I threw accolades to Freddie, Joiik, John Letto, and Timothie Blue. I should have included Sammy and PIp. I also acknowledged the incredible contribution of Helmat and Jerome. Sadly, I forgot the place Jim Burden Justin Sarandon so expertly fill. Then there's Kevin, eternally youthful, affable, and always so highly sexually charged who so passionately leads the brigade. 5 stars to all of you!

J****** - 04/24/2024 2:54:42 AM

Wonderful hot scene with a sexy newcomer - please more of him !!! Let us watch his training sessions :-))))

D********* - 04/23/2024 6:08:25 PM

Charlie is a cute boy and seems promising. Can only get better. Totally agree with HetLoo, I'd also love to see his butthole as he fucks Jamie in the ass. Is really an added value.

B***** - 04/23/2024 4:21:20 PM

Charlie is so sexy and good looking ..... no more tats please ...... and keep hair style the same. Jamie is nice; however, does not turn me on!

H******* - 04/23/2024 3:27:46 PM

This is a beautiful fucking. I love Charlie.

l********** - 04/23/2024 12:15:31 PM

No and no. Total turn off for me.

H***** - 04/23/2024 11:58:47 AM

Charlie is a hot addition, just love to see more of his butthole while fucking, but that's a big problem on Freshmen and BA the last couple of years.!!!

J******* - 04/23/2024 11:21:11 AM

Charlie would be better if you wash the tatts off of before using him in another show. Jamie is always an adoreable, welcome sight to see.

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