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Camillo Beischel & Gene Allen

Camillo Beischel only recently starred in  his first hardcore video with Ashton Montana and here already comes his second which hopefully will make you fall in love with this sexy youngster even more.

Camillo and Gene Allen are sitting next to each other during a grill party and the sexual tension between them is all too clear. Camillo decides to get away from the crowd and goes to take a shower. Gene reads the signs and follows his friend who is waiting for him in the steamy shower with his hard cock in his hand. Gene joins his dream boy and starts sucking his dick right away. After moving to the bedroom, Camillo intensly rims Gene’s hole and then slides his manhood inside. Gene enjoys every inch of Camillo’s nice uncut dick inside him. Camillo continues fucking Gene’s hole but before the end also offers his mouth to make Gene crave for more. The action becomes ever more intense as Camillo fucks his friend deep until the very end. Two sticky cumshots splatter Gene’s body before they kiss again.

Gene Allen
Camillo Beischel
M******* - 02/24/2024 9:23:06 PM

Camillo is a master at dancing his cock into a lambada of ass fucking that never fails to leave loads of cum everywhere! He's gorgeous to look at solo as well. That body gets better everytime I see it! Release more Camillo!

b******* - 02/19/2024 9:12:26 AM

Camillo ist ein Zucht-Stier mit einem harten Schwanz und prallen Eiern. Geil!!

g******* - 02/04/2024 12:49:05 AM

Gene is a sweetie and Cameron is a great hunk of a man whose tatt actually seems to suit him.

v******* - 02/02/2024 11:39:16 AM

Wow, great!

J******* - 02/01/2024 10:47:02 AM

Gene is very cute. Camillo is another hott guy with a body messed up with tatts. They did a nice scene together, but won't bother watching again, can't deal with the ink.

M*************** - 01/31/2024 11:49:26 PM

beautiful boys and connection. Just don't like shower or bath tub scenes which I'm sure puts me in the very small minority.

J******** - 01/31/2024 6:46:28 AM

Doch, Camillos warme Soße hätte ich auch gerne auf meinem Hara.

M********* - 01/30/2024 7:04:48 PM

The really turn on is the combination between sensitive kissing and licking and the wilder moments. Both guys are beautyful and very sexy and what the point: they hungry for each other. Gene and Camillo so horny for another that is no wonder for this mystic chemistry that ended in explosion of feelings and cum. I hope to see much moore of both actors and please your two: keep your wonderful nice pubes!

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