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Camillo Beischel & Ashton Montana

As this is the first issue of 2024, we decided to give you something special to kick the new year off in style: the first hardcore scene of long-awaited newcomer Camillo Beischel.

Camillo and Ashton Montana meet in the garden where our new boy is playing with his rock-hard cock. Ashton, who is well-known for his bottomless appetite for sex, soon convinces Camillo to join him in the bedroom. Camillo is very sexy and every boy in our team can appreciate his divine body. Today though Ashton has him for himself and is determined to make the most of it. After a blowjob and rimjob, Ashton offers his ass to Camillo, who happily fucks his new friend from behind. Camillo is keen to show us that he is more than just a sculpted body and so fucks Ashton in all kinds of positions before eventually bringing our bottom boy to climax. After he cums, Ashton proves his oral skills by bringing Camillo to orgasm.

Ashton Montana
Camillo Beischel
b******* - 03/01/2024 8:09:10 AM

Camillo ist ein Zucht-Stier. Er fickt wie ein junger Gott: hart, gnadenlos und richtig tief. Ich würde mich den ganzen Tag über von ihm bespringen lassen, bis seine Hoden leer sind. Einfach geil!!!

A******* - 02/12/2024 9:51:32 PM

Great scene. Both guys are hot & Ashton never disappoints.

g******* - 01/26/2024 8:44:56 AM

Great sex.

w****** - 01/11/2024 11:43:58 PM

A great scene but I would love to have seen Ashton drill Camillo with his lovely big cock. Lots of love to both.

M*************** - 01/07/2024 10:44:00 AM

This scene was fresh and sexy. Our new model is a welcome addition to BA and I look forward to seeing more of him. Ashton looks wonderful is every aspect and I love his hairstyle. Ive often thought Ashton deserves a more sophisticated look and more sophisticated styling in his scenes. Tattoo haters I'm sorry. On 2 visits to Prague this year I have never seen more tattoos on Grandmothers to teenagers alike in all my travels. Its a personal expression.

M****** - 01/06/2024 8:42:08 PM

I liked the rendesvouz at the garden bench, but I thank you for moving this scene indoors -- allows for more comfortable sex and better lighting. Camillo makes a good first impression. I'm eager to see more from him; we know that models' experience over time with many partners and directors can make a big difference in their performances. Re: body hair, tattoos -- you'll never please everyone, so continue mixing things up.

F******* - 01/05/2024 12:55:43 PM

Sexy actors and superb scene. Congrats young men !

J******* - 01/03/2024 11:55:53 AM

Cute guys. Lots of ink. No thanks!

0****** - 01/03/2024 10:21:03 AM

Ashton war wieder sexy wie ich ihn liebe und Camillo kannte ich bisher nicht. Es war eine sehr schöne Scene und das zählt für mich. Es wird immer etwas geben was einem nicht gefällt, aber das ist nun mal so, die Geschmäcker sind verschieden. Ich mag es zum Beispiel wenn die Darsteller unrasiert nicht zu dünn sind und Tattoos nicht so in den Vordergrund stehen. Jeder der sich tätowieren lest hat sich etwas dabei gedacht oder einen Grund dafür. Last uns doch die Filme so sehen als was sie sind, wunderschöne Darstellungen schöner Männer.

b****** - 01/02/2024 10:38:44 PM

This is actually the first time that I ever comment on anything on this site., after subscripting to BA for many years....: First, I fully agree with Michael999! Camillo is super-sexy and has a great body. Second- and more importantly: It seems that a number of BA subscribers have become dinosaur-like relicts that don't understand that times and fashions continue to change: Younger attractive males -both gay and straight- have tattoos, and yes, most of them shave they pubes (and even their ass). I admit that not all tattoos are 'tasteful', but this does not take away a great body. It would be a shame if BA were to exclude this new generation of sexy models, just to placate the 'dinosaurs'.....

M********* - 01/02/2024 7:57:08 PM

Long awaited by myself for example. Iff you don't like a model it's ok, but don't speak for other customers and show a little bit respect please for those guys getting naked for you! I don't care about tattoos and find that Camillo is very sexy and I love to see how he moves his hipps while fucking Ashton, he is not only fucking, he is "dancing". Ashton is horny every time and sexy as ever. Thank you guys!

u***** - 01/02/2024 7:43:18 PM

Always a pleasure to see Ashton and Camillo does a good job pairing with him. Would have preferred seeing Ashton top Camillo.

t****** - 01/02/2024 9:57:06 AM

Lucky Camillo! Ashton was very caring of young costar. A very good start of 2024 at FM.

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