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Callum Dean & Oscar Kraus

Never leave our boys on their own. That is the golden rule that Jerome forgot today. Callum Dean, our hugely popular newcomer from last year is being secretly observed by Oscar Kraus as he plays with his hard dick. Once the „spy“ is uncovered, Callum convinces Oscar to join him. Oscar kneels down to put Callum’s cock in his mouth before Callum returns the favour. The two rascals have been nicely pleasing each other until now, but there is so much more to come, especially from Oscar. Callum flips his admirer over and rims his ass before sticking his hard dick inside him. Doggy style, reverse cowboy and missionary positions bring our couple right to the edge. Callum shoots a nice creamy cum over his partner’s well-fucked hole after Oscar cums first over his stomach.

Callum Dean
Oscar Kraus
M*************** - 05/06/2024 3:09:21 PM

I'm not a solid fan of Oscar Krause who has a lot of history as well prior to joining BA which means nothing. Today is the only day. Callum provided Oscar with a sensational erotic encounter leaving them both satiated and the rest of us with hard cocks. And goodness me I think thats the main intent. Dark Hedges what..

w****** - 02/04/2024 10:54:59 PM

I had never expected to see a picture of the dark hedges on the wall of a Belami studio.

M********* - 01/25/2024 7:30:12 PM

What a ride! Callum is a very good top and Oscar an fantastic bottom. I like both performers very much. Of course the foreplay is so enjoyable as the finale, when both explore their load out.

t****** - 01/24/2024 4:50:51 AM

Such cute couple! I enjoyed their scene were much.

a***** - 01/23/2024 6:39:41 PM

I'm so excited to go watch Oscar on his knees, sucking Callum's cock while looking at him in the eyes, then have his ass licked and fucked. And definitely love the extended fuck that leads to Oscar blowing that white juice! Lovely

V************ - 01/23/2024 5:28:52 PM

Very nice scene with two very hot boys! Liked it a lot!

g******* - 01/23/2024 5:01:46 PM

Total yum.

B***** - 01/23/2024 4:13:47 PM

Very nice!

M****** - 01/23/2024 2:47:25 PM

I'm so glad you recruited Callum. He's gorgeous with such expressive eyes. His embarassment at being caught wanking was charming, and he looked so hot standing nude, trying to hide his boner behind his laptop. The sex was fine -- kind of tentative and gentle. The riding segment was tepid. I love a missionary finale, but wish they'd moved to the floor or the arm of the sofa to allow Callum more freedom of movement and a more powerful finish. Camerawork and lighting were solid but I'd have enjoyed more overhead shots and shots showing Callum's ass while he fucked Oscar.

v******** - 01/23/2024 1:40:31 PM

Oscar has a lot of potential. Would love to see him with Oscar Scholz.

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