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Callum Dean

Callum Dean is no longer a new face - we have published several of his hardcore videos already. This fully versatile model has proved his sexual skills to us all. But today we are going to see a different side to him. Callum removes his clothes and sits naked in front of GD to answer his questions. He might appear shy but the truth is, Callum is quite open, his energy and sex appeal radiating throughout the video as he touches his soft cock and shows off his bubble butt. We promise to bring you the solo video that followed this interview soon. For now, enjoy this naked interview with our stunning blond Czech boy.

Callum Dean
g******* - 05/14/2024 4:29:27 PM

Callum is very nice looking. I like how he plays withe his dick while he was being interviewed. Erotic

M*************** - 05/06/2024 1:26:01 PM

Callum is very handsome, a little shy for now and has a very well mannered and pleasant air about him. While some work in the gym or pool will quickly take care or the few extra pounds, his ass is one of the finest I've seen in quite some time. I didn't notice a tattoo and really wish some of us could just let go and give that subject a rest. Callum I would suggest is more on the straight side yet open minded and highly arousing to watch in action. I'm thrilled he's joined the BA family. He's really such a hot stud. Yum. Thank you Callum.

l********** - 05/01/2024 10:02:19 PM

Sorry but he belongs in the triple "NO" box like Tony Zuko and Jamie Eliot. What have they to do with Freshmen?

g******* - 04/30/2024 11:16:56 PM

Callum is a sexy, polite, charming guy who has been a star in a lot of great scenes across a couple of studios.

n***** - 04/30/2024 9:35:51 PM

George, a very nice interview. Callum is one hot dude, you have a good eye for finding these guys with hot bods. However George, when you said you like the shorts he was wearing I nearly chocked. George your studs should be wearing NOTHING but speedos(addicted brand) to show off their perfect bods and more importantly, the most important part of their bods the love making tool.

d***** - 04/30/2024 6:57:54 PM

A very likeable young man, charming manner. Look forward to seeing him in action.

J******** - 04/30/2024 2:02:38 PM

Mag seine lange Vorhaut und mit ihr spielen, zurückziehen, Eichel frei legen etc.

e****** - 04/30/2024 1:49:00 PM

I think he is rather average both when it comes to both body and face. His hair cut is not good. So not really BA-material in my opinion. Would be fun to see if his younger brother is more good looking 😉 About the interview -I like Mr. Duroy’s sense of humour very much. And many interviews are very good. But this one was rather disorganized. No red thread, instead it was jumping between very diffrerent subjects.

J********** - 04/30/2024 11:01:33 AM

He is perfect!!!

U****** - 04/30/2024 9:50:26 AM

Nothing wrong with that tiny tattoo. I mean, seriously!

J******* - 04/30/2024 9:32:36 AM

He would be the definition of perfection if he were to wash off the tattoo. Such a bummer.

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