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Bruce Querelle & Christian Lundgren

Bruce has many fine attributes: a handsome face, a hot body and a big dick. Unfortunately, he seems to lack the gift of figurative language as he likens Christian’s ass to “two cloves of garlic”. Fortunately, Christian is horny and far more interested in how Ethan will satisfy his ass than how he describes it.

It’s apparent from the start that the boys are treating this scene as a private lovemaking session ignoring the presence of cameramen. Luke senses the sexual energy and eroticism the two boys share and wisely lets them “direct” themselves. Their passion is plentiful throughout culminating in explosive cumshots. Is Christian on the verge of snatching Marcel’s title of “Bottom of the Decade” away?  What do you think?

Christian Lundgren
Bruce Querelle
t********* - 01/22/2021 9:08:07 PM

cute couple, great sex

m******* - 08/13/2019 7:42:18 PM

Well Bruce. You have proved your sexual abilities and the end result is that many of us have fallen head over heels for your beautifulface, body, and all other attractions. Bro you are a star! And thanks for giving beautiful and talented Christian a good deep plowing. Isn't he remarkable?

1****** - 06/12/2019 4:51:44 PM

Hot and Hot and Hot..all the way IN Always.s...

V************ - 05/31/2019 8:16:39 PM

It is always a pleasure to see Christian and Bruce is not bad looking himself. Unfortuantely neither one of them are very big cummers. Still it was enoyable watchin gthe in this very tender way.

g******* - 05/27/2019 12:33:29 PM


C************** - 05/24/2019 6:49:50 PM

Great scene. Christian is gorgeous in every way.

B********* - 05/24/2019 4:05:14 AM

Commenters always talk about porn scenes as though their "hotness" were totally dependent on the 2 (or more) porn stars involved. That's not true at all. A "hot' scene requires a good director, good cameramen (who can work booms), good lighting men, good, well-matched porn stars, and a good postproduction editor. By the these standards, I'd say Christian's best bottoming scene is his Kinky Angels 33 cover scene with Jerome Exupery, directed by George himself. The title of “Best BA Bottom,” though, should go to Claude Sorel in his Kinky 31 cover scene with Jack Harrer, also directed by George, where Jack cums more than any man I've ever seen in film or life. Sadly, ALL 45 EDITIONS OF KINKY ANGELS HAVE NOW BEEN DELETED. What we get, instead, are scenes like this one—where Christian’s open hole is never once shown straight-on. To me that analphobic, erotophobic, and homophobic.

j***** - 05/22/2019 9:30:32 PM

A sweet scene with two very hot guys.

s************* - 05/22/2019 8:57:06 PM

Anything Christian! Love the young man....he can do, no wrong!!!

w****** - 05/22/2019 12:35:31 PM

An outstanding scene and excellent pairing of two super-sexy young men. Thank you all.

b***** - 05/21/2019 11:30:17 PM

As always it is a joy to watch Christian having sex, he can be such a greedy lover. Bruce is pleasant to look at and his smile makes you melt, sexually however I find him inadequate and unable to fulfil Christian’s needs. Christian keeps trying and should be commended for it, but Bruce is way too mechanical to really pleasure his bottom. Outside of the sex Bruce seems rather keen on Christian and actually sweet, so I don’t understand why the sex in this episode is not up to par. Nevertheless the scene deserves five stars for the pleasure it gives me to be able to watch Christian, at the lower end of a five star rating maybe but five stars it is.

J****** - 05/21/2019 10:15:19 PM

Agree with some of the other comments: Christian is a absolute Favorite with his sexy face an perfect athletic body. In this scene we ca see the big difference between the two: Bruce's body is far to strong, far to little defined (for my taste of course).

x****** - 05/21/2019 7:20:36 PM

I agree with NuSound85...let's see Christian & Marcel together, taking on two of the biggest, loving cocks at BelAmi. Then let the orgasmic fireworks begin!

M********* - 05/21/2019 6:52:20 PM

I think, Christian is really the bottom of the decade, his very erotical sexplay with Bruce is amazing to see. I like when Christian spreed his legs how much wide as he can. By the way he have very beautiful feets. And to see how powerful Bruce pounds his partner turns me on. I like his body-hair and his big dick. Very enjoyable. Thank you Guys!

a********* - 05/21/2019 11:28:25 AM

💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤️

N******** - 05/21/2019 11:24:13 AM

In order to decide between Marcel and Christian we need to have a "bottom off" competition - let's see the two of them side by side riding some of the biggest boys at BA!

o****** - 05/21/2019 9:52:06 AM

A little bit mechanica! Christian is a great greedy bottom as ever but Bruce doesn't seem very at ease! Both need a little tan...

P************ - 05/21/2019 9:36:50 AM

No doubt Christian is the best Bottom in the history of Belami, he is fantastic. Bruce however, although he has everything physically being one of the most beautiful boys, he still needs to have a lot more passion in

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