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Bruce Querelle & Kirk Gauguin part 1

The striking Bruce Querelle doesn't need much time to seduce his partner Kirk Gauguin, displaying his seductive looks to full effect. Kirk quickly drops his pants and starts enjoying an intense and deep blowjob from his partner before returning the favour. Bruce then offers up his asshole and Kirk needs all his skills to prepare him for the deep penetration that is to follow. When Kirk slides his cock into Bruce, the sexual tension builds uncontrollably until they both shoot warm thick loads.

Kirk Gauguin
Bruce Querelle
r*********** - 03/24/2023 10:13:35 AM

All that sexy sexy cock and ass hair. Fuck! That's nice.

s******* - 08/18/2022 1:53:12 AM

2 sexy guys.

B***** - 12/31/2021 6:59:33 PM


a***** - 11/01/2021 4:57:57 AM

I still haven't had time to get down and write, but I realy gotta there's so much to like about this scene, Bruce's attempt to seduce Kirk at the beginning, quite sexy, it's always a joy watching my boy on his knees giving service. Each transition is smooth, not hard cut. Bruce smiles throughout giving and receiving service. Kirk doen't moan too much, and there's quite a good amount of talking. I got plenty of Bruce's face while watching him drilled. Bruce's cumshot is great, soft transition, lengthy pre- shooting, focus on his sweet face, smile, and him looking at Kirk, all the great things. But after, it's a bit confusing and I know the scene is from a while ago, but still. Bruce on the side, getting the drilling would hav been nice with some cum on his body, if he could take it of course. And I like talking during sex, showing , some chemistry. The switch to closeup, with his legs open, jerking quite hard, tyring to get out another load? with Kirk holding Bruce's head is sweet, but then it went to back to the original Bruce on the side? before Kirk finally cum. If that's the case when shooting, smoother transition would've helped, but I think it's confusing to see it, it makes me feel like it goes back and forth. Talking after is fun and connect to the second part of the scene, which is sexy. But all in all, I gotta say, it's probably me who waited away from Bruce, so I don't feel I enjoy Bruce as much as I could've. But I'm thrilled to watch the next part, the intro without talking is kinda fine, but I would have love it much more, if instead of seeing Nikk lose his jeans from behind, I see him walk towards me, and see his cute face, and see him strip each piece of his clothes for me. haha Felt weird with the ending, and I feel Bruce less than I used to, but overall great scene! Thank =)

l********** - 10/28/2021 12:26:06 PM

Bruce the Seducer. Very sexy acting! To apply a saying of Mr GDuroy: "May the erection always be with you" :-) Easy when handsome Bruce does his charms.

g******* - 10/27/2021 1:00:08 AM

Loved that scene. Kirk is a star top and the manly Bruce with his chest, crotch and leg hair is simply handsome. Loved watching him beat his cock and I loved the obvious physical attraction between the two.

W****** - 10/27/2021 12:08:11 AM

Great to see two of my favourites together. Shame it wasn’t a flip-flop.

w****** - 10/26/2021 9:25:50 PM

I love the chemistry between Kirk and Bruce here. Lots of love to both.

d******* - 10/26/2021 2:37:48 PM

Bruce goes for Kirk's nice thick titi which he enjoys so much. He has invited Nik to help in part 2.

l******* - 10/26/2021 9:37:39 AM

I Love Bruce so much. Fuck handsome Bruce in doggie style! At first I feel Bruce like bottom-on-top. always being fucking , the penis is getting erection with excitement. Bruce behavior and tone are all seduce His desire for Krik and his hunger for penis,. All came out of his own body, Bruce has turned into the bottom of lewdness, really likes. By why 2 top idol why not in filp flop?

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