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Bruce Querelle

Today it is Bruce’s turn in front of the camera to face the questioning of GD. There’s no need to go into detail as the interview is quite comprehensive. You’ll see more than Bruce’s flesh. He uncoves his loves, desires and dreams for the future as well.

Bruce Querelle
A******** - 05/01/2020 1:57:01 AM

A very handsome guy with a great body - and Belami covers it up with subtitles. There's plenty of space off to the side. The naked interviews are a great idea. Now, let us enjoy ogling the beauties you recruit.

V************ - 04/05/2019 3:07:21 PM

One of your best looking models with a great personality and smile.

e****** - 04/02/2019 1:22:21 AM

Excellent interview-really good!

p************ - 03/29/2019 1:46:19 PM

Great Face, nice fuzzy body

b***** - 03/28/2019 3:26:54 PM

Nice interview with a nice guy, he has a killer smile.

R********* - 03/27/2019 9:24:00 AM

When i see and hear Bruce:, i conclude: The perfect man exsist

j******** - 03/26/2019 8:39:33 PM

For a hot, sexy male porn star, Bruce has shown us that there is quite more to him than his infectious smile and stunning blue eyes! I am sure that he will register 100% on his sexual abilities scale as well. However, as appealing as hot sex is to me, I also like to know (like Bruce exhibits) that a guy has a fabulous personality and could be someone who could easily be a life mate capable of being a loyal mate to someone with lots of love to give the right person,. He handled himself as a humble and sincere young man in his interview with a maturity level well above his age. Since actually meeting him in person is unlikely, I am anxious to see more of this Adonis at BelAmi.

s******** - 03/26/2019 10:52:38 AM

Bruce has a smoldering fire hotness SuperStudliness) would be excellent to have some scenes built around soldiers having sex on a beach in the heat of battle or in a tent fucking while wearing only their boots and one wears only a shirt. He conveys an underlying gentleness and would be excellent boyfriend and loyal partner material.

o****** - 03/26/2019 10:27:09 AM

What such delicious and sexy Bruce is! And clever, nice personality! Good interview, I miss just the solo… But his photosession by Luke is coming...

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