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Bruce Harrelson

We are excited to introduce a new sexy addition to our team, the youthful Bruce Harrelson. Bruce started working for us last year and since then has gained some experience in front of the camera, shot hardcore videos, and flirted with you through the webcam on BelAmiChat. We hope you'll enjoy his nice body which you'll be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

Little side note: these photos were taken by Scott Hannah who wanted to have a try behind the camera.

2***** - 10/26/2022 11:58:48 PM

Bruce is the hottest guy ever! So sweet, and so masculine. Can‘t wait to see him top other guys at Belami!

R***** - 08/03/2022 2:58:46 PM

A very sexy hunk.

w****** - 07/27/2022 10:18:03 PM

I think he goes by Bobby Orel for other studios. He's very sexy & very straight but does gay for pay! I like him a lot & would love to see him perform with guys for Belami!

S****** - 04/30/2022 6:19:04 PM

Absolutely gorgeous super sexy hot stud !!! Love him !!!!!!!!!

g******* - 04/23/2022 4:21:27 AM

Hot s. Love his eyes, his body, his nipples and that lovely upturned cock. He really engages with the eyes and is not afraid to show off his love hole. Well done Mr Hannah!

M********* - 04/22/2022 7:52:51 PM

This guy is beautyful with clothes and naturely without them. The first photo while he is sitting and spreed his legs wide open having his jeans on! wow! and then when he is naked! Sexy, sexy sexy!

G******* - 04/22/2022 12:36:27 PM

Gorgeous guy, nice body art. Particularly enjoy the one with his dick dripping precum... Looking forward to seeing him fuck and get fucked.

t********* - 04/21/2022 3:40:44 AM

SO DEEPLY, IRRETRIEVABLY MESMERIZED by this dudes absolutely KILLER NIPPLES!!! I would suck and lick on those ALL NIGHT LONG as I fucked that awesome ass!!! A deeper tan and he would be PERFECTION!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🍑🍑🍑🍑💪💪💪💪💦💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥🔥😘🙏🌹💘

b********* - 04/19/2022 9:56:29 PM

What a lovely pair of blue peepers (and balls)! Hopefully, we get to watch him relieve himself of the blue balls soon. ; )

s******* - 04/19/2022 9:19:00 PM

Good looking guy, but with the same facial expression in all the photos. I hope Bel Ami do a miracle, as did many times, and turn Bruce into a passionate lover, since in other scenes for other companies he looks boring at all. But I trust Bel Ami.

k************ - 04/19/2022 6:54:03 PM

Sexy stud!!! I hope we get to see him in hard-core action soon!

J******** - 04/19/2022 5:17:45 PM

Bild 8: Ich stell mir einfach vor es ist pre-cum - oh doch bitte - yam yam - sweet boy honey, schleimig süß und fädenziehend - wer mag es nicht!

a***** - 04/19/2022 4:46:46 PM

Bruce too is sweet! I don't know why but when I saw him I immediately think of Jens, whom I like quite a bit. I hope he did well for you guys. There's a camera who's willing to go all out? If he passes the BelAmi model standard, give him the Viggo experience that he'll never forget!😘 And please don't forget to share with us his story!

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